The Age You'll Be When Your Career Takes Off, According To Astrology

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Annual profections can help you identify the major theme of each solar year of your life. This technique uses whole sign astrology, which means each house in your annual profection chart starts at 0 degrees. There are 12 houses to the chart, each representing a different area of life. Annual profections pinpoint an area of your birth chart that is specifically activated each year and at that particular age.

For example, the year you are born becomes a first house year (in annual profection charts); the 2nd year of life becomes a second house year, the 3rd year becomes a third house year, and on through the next twelve years. At the 13th year, the cycle starts all over again and you go back to the first house, and the cycle repeats itself every 12 years.

This technique shows us the house that is important and the ruling planet of the year, which also plays a role. You can use an annual profections calculator to determine the signs and ruling planets of your personal profection years. 

10th house profection year

The 10th house in astrology, known as the house of social status, is associated with the Midheaven sign and represents your career goals, how you network with others, and how you go after your dreams. You enter your 10th house profection year at the ages of 9, 21, 33, 24, 57, 69, and 81.

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Using annual profections, you can see not only the ages you will attract more career success in your life but also the direction your career might take based on your personal profection sign and ruling planet. To understand which years stand out you will need to calculate your profection chart first.

According to TikTok creator @shawtyherbs, “Your 10th house profection year might really highlight your career, and it really might help you to achieve more promotions or success or help you to achieve a career goal that you’ve had in mind.”



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It is also important to pay attention to the sign, planets, and aspects affecting your 10th house. This could help determine how easy or difficult it will be to achieve career success. 

A profection chart will give you both a house and the ruling planet of that house, so it is important to have a basic idea of what the planet rules. For example,

  • The Sun rules the self and the ego. It also rules men.
  • The Moon rules home, the emotional life and women.
  • Venus rules money, beauty and values.
  • Mercury rules the mind, speech and communication as well as children, young people, travel and commerce.
  • Mars rules our actions, the way we approach things, and younger men.
  • Jupiter rules education, gain and advancement, the court systems, education and wisdom
  • Saturn rules responsibilities, work, obstacles, and older men.
  • Uranus rules change, freedom, technology and unexpected events.
  • Neptune rules dreams, creativity, spirituality, psychic abilities, illusion, delusion, lies, drugs and addictions, religion, spirituality and water.
  • Pluto rules power, control, bullies, complete change,  transformation and destruction.

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Now that you understand how an annual perfection chart works, there are several other years that could help with career matters as well. 

Your second house profection year will show a focus on making money. You could achieve a raise at this time, and it will help you determine what you value and how you handle your money.

Your eighth house profection year, on the other hand, has to do with "other people’s money." This house of the chart is sometimes associated with getting a raise or starting new ventures. It can also deal with money from partnerships.

Lastly, the sixth house represents work routines, so a sixth house profection year can relate to service and work matters as well as health. The 6th house shows the kinds of jobs you may have, your approach to work and the work environment you may thrive in. While the 10th house shows your career goals, ambitions, reputation, what you strive for and the approach you take to your profession as well as your lifetime achievements and ultimate status in the world, the 6th house is more about having a job rather than a lifetime career.

Transiting planets to the 10th house will always affect your career for better or worse. Ideally, during a 10th house profection year, there will be some positive transiting aspects. If this is not the case, and there are harder aspects to the 10th house at this time, it does not mean you will fail, but you will have to work harder to achieve what you want. It can, however, result in a great deal of accomplishment either way — but it may be slower and more difficult to come by. If you have squares (or 90-degree angles), you may have to work harder, but squares also bring action and change. If you have oppositions, the obstacles may be presented by other people.

“Do not sleep on annual perfection charts," @shawtyherbs claims, "because they are the secret sauce.”

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