The Zodiac Sign That Subconsciously Triggers You, According To Astrology

There's a deep-seated reason certain zodiac signs make you upset.

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Certain zodiac signs in the chart can be associated with past lives and karmic situations that may trigger you in a negative way, according to TikTok’s @tarotbybronx.

12th house synastry reveals the zodiac sign that subconsciously triggers you.

According to @tarotbybronx, the signs that are likely to set you off or trigger negative feelings include whatever the sign is that rules the 12th house of your birth chart, as well as the sign that your South Node falls in.




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The zodiac sign that rules your 12th house

As @tarotbybronx states, “Every time I meet someone with these placements [12th house] I know that they are going to subconsciously trigger me somehow, and in some way, they are going to bring up some past traumas, past life inner child trauma stuff, or I know something about that dynamic is very confusing for me."


To know the sign of your 12th house you must know your Rising sign or Ascendant. The 1st house of the chart begins with your rising sign, so the 12th house would be the sign that falls just before your ascendant.

For example, if you are a Libra ascendant, the 12th house would be Virgo.

The 12th house is associated with karma, past lives, endings, the subconscious mind, and things that are secret and hidden. It is considered the realm of the unseen and governs secrets, anxieties, and emotions as well as the amount of time spent alone.

Those born with planets in the 12th house are said to live lives that are karmically connected with their life situations and can be more secretive than others.


"If you meet someone and they have planets in the 12th house or you have planets in their 12th house the relationship is going to be confusing to some degree or there is always going to be this little bit of not always sure what the other person is thinking or feeling but at the same time you have really strong telepathy; it’s just really weird and confusing," explains @tarotbybronx. "There are usually a lot of lessons in that [12th] house.”

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The zodiac sign that’s the same as your South Node

The North and South Nodes are not planets but a point in your chart where the Sun and Moon cross paths.

The South Node is associated with your past and the North Node is associated with your future or current direction and life path. The South Node can represent what you are comfortable with the North Node shows us where we are supposed to be going in this life. Both tell a story of destiny and if we embrace the concept of past lives and both can dictate our future.


The South Node sign of anyone else you meet, according to @tarotbybronx, is the other zodiac sign to be skeptical of. 

“The reason you want to be careful of a South Node person is because the South Node is our comfort zone, it’s also past life, it’s also our karma and therefore when you meet somebody that is the same sign as your South Node it can mean that sometimes this person is going to hold you back in some way or some form,” @tarotbybronx explains.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can compare birth charts to see who exactly this person may have been in your past life.

While @tarotbybronx says that this particular zodiac sign is "going to be like a comfort zone in some way or some form...eventually you are going to have to let them go and you will have to outgrow that person instead of them growing with you.”


On the other hand, "If you meet someone with the same North Node as you or they have North Node placements with you they may help you evolve and push you out of your comfort zone rather than pulling you back," @tarotbybronx explains, while "The South Node people may remind you of past versions of yourself you may have already outgrown and they may keep you stagnant.”

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