Part Of Fortune In The Houses: Astrological Meanings

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Part of Fortune is one of the most famous Arabic points in an astrology chart. It represents how you will achieve worldly success and the areas of life where you naturally excel. The point also reflects the health and well-being of your physical body, so a well-placed Part of Fortune is a good indicator of good health throughout one's life.

Of course, when studying one's Part of Fortune, it's important to check the zodiac sign, house placement, and any significant connections to it to determine the easiest path to success for oneself.

So how do you find your Part of Fortune? Nowadays it's as easy as pulling up your natal chart using a birth chart calculator. But traditionally, the Part of Fortune was calculated by astrologers in one of two ways:

If a person was born during the day, the Part of Fortune was calculated as Ascendant + Moon – Sun. People with a day chart have their Sun in the upper hemisphere of their birth chart in the 7th to 12th houses of the zodiac wheel. If a person was born during the night, the Part of Fortune was calculated as Ascendant + Sun – Moon. People with a night chart have their Sun in the lower hemisphere of their birth chart in the 1st to 6th houses of the zodiac wheel.

Now, let's find out how the house placement of your Part of Fortune can show you the easiest path to success for yourself.

Part of Fortune in the houses

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Part of Fortune in 1st house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the first house of expression and self find it easy to succeed when they lean into their natural charisma, go-getter attitude, and fortune-favors-the-brave nature. Anything they ask for, they get. More so if they also have Mercury in the first house. These natives often find tremendous success in athletics, performance arts, and modeling.

Part of Fortune in 2nd house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the second house of personal value and material possessions are often the wealthiest people on the planet. They are astute investors and intuitively know how to multiply their wealth. The easiest path to success for such natives is to have a solid sense of personal value, never accept less than what they deserve, and trust their natural instincts about people, places, and things. A career in real estate development or management, or anything that deals with high-value items like in banking and jewelry is great for those who have Part of Fortune in the second house.

Part of Fortune in 3rd house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the third house of communication and intelligence are often the smartest people you will meet. But they succeed better when they have partners or a community backing them. These natives often have a great relationship with their siblings and can even start a family business with them. If you have your Part of Fortune in the third house, the easiest way to succeed for you is to tap into your network and expand it so opportunities flow easily your way. Good people skills make such an endeavor even more fruitful.

Part of Fortune in 4th house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the fourth house of family and home are blessed in terms of a solid and supportive family. Even if they were orphaned, they somehow, someway find family wherever they go. People love to take these natives under their wing. Since the fourth house also represents one's mother, if you have your Part of Fortune here, your mother might be very prominent in your community or even extremely wealthy. Weirdly though, people with this placement love to fall in love and build a solid family more than anything else in the world. Often this brings fortune to them through their children who absolutely love them for how supportive they were when the kids were growing up.

Part of Fortune in 5th house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the fifth house of creativity are often the most energetic people on the planet, more so if they also have a Sun/Ascendant/Moon in a fire sign. They are naturally jolly and artistic and find success in life when they lean into their tremendous powers of creativity and natural expression. These natives are powerhouses when they believe in themselves. Since the fifth house is also the house of children, if you have your Part of Fortune here, fortune will flow to you through your children — especially the youngest or the one who looks exactly like you!

Part of Fortune in 6th house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the sixth house of work, health, and wellness draw fortune to themselves when they treat their body like a temple and eat clean. They also find it easy to climb through the ranks in their workplace and are rewarded for being an excellent part of the workforce. But since this is the house of service, having your Part of Fortune here means you will always have a superior to answer to even if you become the CEO of a company.

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Part of Fortune in 7th house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the seventh house of partnerships and justice succeed in life when they work well with others. They are blessed with an innate charm and good looks. Sometimes they even defy established beauty standards and can change it to an image of them once they rise to the top. Successful career paths for a seventh house Part of Fortune native are in law and justice and starting a business with a partner/co-founder. These natives often have wealthy spouses.

Part of Fortune in 8th house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the eighth house of inheritance and power (and also marriage) become successful because of other people they are related to, whether through blood or marriage. They can find tremendous success when they lean into their sexuality and sensual side, especially if they are in careers that tap into this, whether it's acting, dancing, or something else. Sometimes an eighth house Part of Fortune simply reveals that one was born into a wealthy household with no shortage of funds and opportunities in life.

Part of Fortune in 9th house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the ninth house of education and traveling can unlock success when they choose to become lifelong scholars. This can literally mean a career as a teacher, professor or researcher. But it also encompasses vocations that require constant learning throughout one's life, like in medicine, psychology, etc. Of course, if the native chooses not to pursue higher education, success comes to them when they lead an unconventional life. They can end up writing books about their travels or even become a spiritual leader or expert in a more spiritual field like yoga and energy healing. Sometimes these natives find success as a mountain guide who knows how to take people through treacherous trails.

Part of Fortune in 10th house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the 10th house of career and success can easily achieve the pinnacle of success according to society's standards of success. They often go on to become millionaires and billionaires if they set their mind to it. For example, Selena Gomez's astrology chart has this placement and we know how successful she is! Natives with a 10th house Part of Fortune find success in conventional careers. And if they are a businessperson, they can even become the head of a conglomerate.

Part of Fortune in 11th house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the 11th house of humanitarianism, inventions, and community truly have the capacity to change the world. But they usually choose not to blow their own horn and are only known within their community as a person who made the lives of everyone a whole lot easier. Natives who have an 11th house Part of Fortune shy away from shows of grandeur and ostentation, so fortune doesn't come to them in the literal sense but through the community supporting them whenever they are in need. Sometimes they end up collecting a lot of tributes that are by themselves not very valuable but represent the sentiments and gratitude of those who gave them.

Part of Fortune in 12th house

People who have their Part of Fortune in the 12th house of spirituality and the psyche often make the best psychologists, leaving behind a solid legacy in the field. They are blessed with wisdom and the ability to see deeply into things, societies, and people. Unfortunately, fortune doesn't come easily to these natives because 12th house is the house of renouncing materialism. But they never feel a lack in their life and had a solid support system, sometimes in the form of a family and other times in a religious community. A 12th house Part of Fortune can also bring fame posthumously.

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