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How Spiritual Energy Healing Works — And How To Do It Yourself

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Unlike conventional medicine, spiritual energy healing is holistic. It works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to address all aspects of a particular issue or imbalance.

Although most people still associate healing with physical ailments and conditions, conventional medicine now acknowledges how emotional distress and imbalance can actually cause or exacerbate physical issues.

What is energy healing? 

Energy healing is based on a holistic and interconnected concept of human health and well-being. This includes many ancient modalities.

Everything is relevant, even what you can't measure.

Consequently, energy healing can help you address emotional concerns, clarify or shift your current thinking, and better define your vision or purpose.

It can even support you through any personal change. In fact, it's not uncommon for physical issues to be absent from a client's list of intentions for the session.

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How does spiritual energy healing support you through personal change?

First, it's important to clarify what "spiritual" and "spirituality" mean.

This is one of those terms that has many different meanings. Some people think that "spiritual" or "spirituality" implies religion. But, religion and spirituality can be different for different practitioners, so this isn't true for everyone.

Through the eyes of a holistic energy healer, everyone has a spiritual side and every action has a spiritual dimension.

This is true whether one is conscious of it or not. Therefore, people can be spiritual without the backdrop of organized religion.

In ordinary, everyday terms, spirituality is about your relationship with the divine, universal, and all that there is. Maybe that's a higher power to you, and maybe it isn't. 

When you turn toward your higher self or guides for orientation or answers, that's a spiritual journey. The same is true if you're seeking spiritual guidance for non-spiritual decisions like, "Should we buy that new house or not?"

The spiritual side of energy healing

Energy healing modalities work with the entire human energy field or energy bodies. This includes energetic components such as the chakras and meridians.

The power of healing lies in the intention and the lifeforce energy channeled through the crown chakra (or Sahasrara in Sanskrit) to a client.

Acting as an additional healing conduit, the third-eye chakra (or Ajna in Sanskrit) integrates the body and whole chakra system.

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The crown chakra

The crown chakra is the connection to universal consciousness, source, and "all that there is."

It's a window through which one receives spiritual guidance and also the gateway to the subconscious, which includes the embodied mind and emotions.

The third-eye chakra

The third-eye chakra is associated with intuition and perception. It's related to your openness and ability to learn from experience and integrate the ideas of others.

In this way, it’s the center of both conscious and subconscious beliefs.

While these chakras always act in consort with the other five chakras and the entire emotional and spiritual energy system, they are clearly more central to an individual's mission, meaning, spiritual awareness, and guidance.

In fact, they are critical to the formation of beliefs and enlightenment.

Your own healing touch

What most people don't realize is that you can and do channel lifeforce energy. If you didn't, you wouldn't be alive.

The skill of the practitioner lies in their ability to facilitate the flow of energy and rebalance this force. In this sense, the client heals themselves.

Importantly, the healer can also access a broader spectrum of lifeforce frequencies with distinct healing properties to further empower the client to heal.

Spiritual energy healing affects personal change in two ways

First, as one aspect of lifeforce energy and the human energy field that supports and orients the healing or change process.

Second, as an explicit or implicit aspect of the client's intention.

There are countless ways in which energy healing can benefit your life, mental health, and serve as a complementary and alternative medicine source in your wellness practice. Take advantage of this field to establish a deep relaxation and command over whatever life brings you. 

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Patricia Bonnard, Ph.D., ACC is a certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) leadership coach and a certified Martha Beck life coach. For more information, contact her or visit her website.

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