When You Have The Highest Chances Of Winning The Lottery, According To Astrology

The best time to play the lottery varies from person to person based on different natal chart placements.

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Did you know that astrology can show you the best days for playing the lottery? 

Each day of the week is ruled by a certain planet. Further, the hours of the day are also ruled by planets. This can be calculated by starting with the hour of sunrise, which represents the first hour of the day. The first hour of the day is ruled by the planet that represents that day. After this, you attribute each hour after sunrise to a planet beginning with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. These are the seven traditional planets that are used. After the Moon, you begin again with Saturn and the same order repeats itself.


For example, the first hour of the day on Tuesday would be ruled by Mars, followed by Saturn, then the other six planets in the same order until sunrise the next day. The most fortunate planetary hours in terms of ease and money are, of course, Venus and Jupiter hours.

Gambling and speculation are connected to, or ruled by, the fifth house, so paying attention to your fifth house placements and the days and hours they rule can point you to the times you have the best chances of winning the lottery.

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Best time to play the lottery, according to astrology

According to astrology TikTok creator @ShawtyHerbs, the first step to determining what your luckiest day is involves looking at the fifth house of your natal chart. “It is very important that you pay attention to your fifth house sign and degree," she explains. From there, you'll note the days that your fifth house sign and degree rule.


In her explainer video, @ShawtyHerbs analyzes a chart with a Taurus fifth house at the 13th degree. "This means this person could have more luck playing the lottery on Friday," the day Taurus' ruling planet Venus rules. In addition, the 13th degree is an Aries degree, so this native may also have better chances of winning the lottery on Tuesday, Aries' ruling planet Mars' day.



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@ShawtyHerbs also notes that the Lot of Fortune, or Part of Fortune, can also add a dash of luck. The Part of Fortune is a point in the natal chart that signifies prosperity in one’s life, so noting the Part of Fortune's house placement in your chart and following this strategy can help you find an additional good time to play the lottery.


If you want to increase your luck further using the method in the video, you might consider buying a lottery ticket not only on the day that rules your fifth house but during the planetary hour as well, or during the hours of Jupiter or Venus.

At times, transiting planets can also bring luck with the lottery. Many times, those who win either have "lucky planets" connected to their fifth house or lucky transits that are passing through their chart when they win.

Jupiter conjunct, trine or sextile natal Venus would be the first transiting planet to look for that might increase chances of winning. Jupiter conjunct, trine or sextile the Sun has also been known to be lucky. Jupiter sextile, conjunct, trine or even opposing Uranus can be lucky. In particular, transiting Jupiter opposing Uranus is known as a "gamblers transit." Since this one is an opposition, it can go either way, and you could feel lucky — and then lose.

If you want to increase your luck further try and find a positive Venus transit during the same time you have a Jupiter transit. You could look for Venus aspecting just about any planet but, in particular, it would work well with Jupiter, the Sun, Venus or any planet in your fifth, eighth, or second house.


"Just remember, though, play at your own risk," @ShawtyHerbs warns, "never risk money you're not willing to lose and have fun!"

Good luck!

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