Day Or Night Chart: Why You Don't Feel Like Your Zodiac Sign

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Day Or Night Chart: Why You Don't Feel Like Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes people don't feel like their zodiac sign, but ever wonder why?

When we first think of astrology we usually tend to look up horoscopes for our Sun Sign, but there’s actually a whole chart that makes up who we are.

Depending on what we’re looking for, oftentimes our Moon Sign matters more, sometimes it’s our Venus if we’re looking for answers for love and if we’re trying to figure out how we communicate it might be Mercury.

Why don't you feel like your zodiac sign? It has to do with whether or not you have a day or night chart.

But the point is that there is a whole lot going on in our natal charts, and in our lives that go beyond just what our Sun Sign is.

In fact, many of us as we get older identify less with our Sun Sign but have you ever heard of having a night or day natal chart?

It’s not just about whether you were born during the day or evening but where your Sun falls in your chart.

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This practice is based on a lesser-known traditional astrological practice of dividing the natal chart into two sects.

The first is called Diurnal, which is a day chart, and the second is Nocturnal, representing the nighttime chart.

Depending on where your Sun and planets fall it makes a difference in how the aspects of your chart work together, which means it also affects what signs you most identify as and why it never seemed your Sun Sign fit.

How To Tell If You Have A Diurnal or Nocturnal Chart

The first thing that you need to do is to use a free calculator to find out your natal chart which means where all the planets were at the time of your birth

Once you’ve done that find the horizontal line on your ASC (ascending sign) to see which side your Sun is on or even easier look to see which house your Sun shows up in. If your Sun is above the horizontal (or horizon) line or in Houses 7-12, then you have a Diurnal (Day) Chart!

But if your Sun is below the horizon line or in Houses 1-6, then you have a Nocturnal Chart. It's that easy!

Those individuals that are on a Diurnal Chart tend to be more outgoing and action-orientated while if you have a nocturnal chart then you’re more likely to use your intuition and emotions to guide you regardless of the Sun Sign.

What’s also interesting is depending on the Diurnal or Nocturnal Chart, the planets and signs can show up a bit differently, sometimes just stronger and in other cases with different characteristics altogether.

This is especially important in relationships as we often find that those where one partner has a Diurnal Chart while the other has a Nocturnal oftentimes are able to find greater success and longevity in the relationship along with a more passionate feel.

The reason this comes up is that it’s the balance of night and day that often creates that same balance in relationships; we never need someone just like us, but instead someone who is everything that we’re not so we can complement one another.

If You Have A Diurnal Chart:

You tend to relate more to your Sun Sign and even take it to the extreme at times, especially if you were born under a fire sign such as Aries. You tend to be more action-orientated and physically expressive in life.

Usually always on the go or the life of the party, there isn’t much that can slow you down. You enjoy being the center of attention but can take it a bit too far sometimes. You have an uncanny zest for life that attracts others to you.

If You Have a Nocturnal Chart:

You likely resonate more with your Moon Sign and can feel things even more deeply, especially if you are a water sign. You tend to be quieter and a bit more withdrawn, think introverted.

You observe others and life quite a bit before making any sudden decisions and lead with your heart and your feelings, which may not always turn out as planned. You have a mysterious side to your zodiac sign that draws others in as if under a spell.

Here's why you don't feel like your zodiac sign and what having a day or night chart has to do with it, according to astrology:

The Diurnal (Day) Chart:

Sun: more ambitious, charismatic, and outgoing.

Jupiter: action-orientated, a do-er.

Saturn: take-charge attitude, multi-tasker, short on patience.

Mercury: (but only if it appears before the Sun), speaks loudly, enjoys the public eye, more I think than I feel.

Zodiac signs in a Diurnal Chart:

Aries is focused, driven, blunt.

Gemini is directed, colder, less likely to care about what others think.

Leo is all about the spotlight, self-orientated, risk-taker.

Libra is a perfectionist, doesn’t listen well, goal and success-focused.

Sagittarius is self-orientated, changes their mind often, and turns people off and on at will.

Aquarius is changing the world, martyr, and doesn’t need anyone (or it looks that way).

Houses & Their Lessons in a Diurnal Chart:

7th House: Relationships, compromise, and taking your time.

8th House: Change & Transformation, embracing what’s happening instead of trying to direct it.

9th House: Spirituality, allowing your belief system to change with lessons learned.

10th House: Ambition, balance in work, home, and family life.

11th House: Friendship, learning to give as much as you want to receive.

12th House: Secrets, trusting those around you to relax as your real self.

Nocturnal (Night) Chart:

Moon: dreamier, can get stuck in their head more frequently, emotionally.

Venus: highly romantic, serious, and loyal in love.

Mars: less dominant and more passive, quieter, procrastinator.

Mercury: (only if after the Sun), leads with inner feelings and intuition.

Zodiac signs in a Nocturnal Chart:

Taurus is less stubborn, submissive, quiet.

Cancer is the healer, wishy-washy at times, overwhelmed with emotions.

Virgo gets overwhelmed more easily, hard on themselves, distracted by ideas.

Scorpio prefers the even darker side of life, keeps secrets to the extreme, and lives in their own world.

Capricorn has difficulty believing in themselves, possible addition issues, doesn’t know when to move on

Pisces is disorganized, lost in their fantasy world, has trouble with honesty.

Houses & Their Lessons in a Nocturnal Chart:

1st House: Self

You are learning to stand up for yourself.

2nd House: Value and Worth

You learn. to say what you need and want, especially in relationships.

3rd House: Communication

You allow yourself to speak your full truth, not just what you think someone wants to hear.

4th House: Home and Family

You are learning to allow others to care for you, receiving love.

5th House: Pleasure

You are seeing beyond life is always a hard mantra and able to enjoy the great moments just as much.

6th House: Health and Well

You are being, being conscious of health routines and addictive substances (and people).

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