How To Wake Up According To Your Rising Sign To Make Each Day Better

Use your Rising sign to wake up easier each morning with a routine that suits you best.

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According to astrology TikTok creator Alyssa Sharpe, rising signs hold the key to developing a routine to start the day.

Sharpe theorizes that the rising sign is associated with "the beginning of your day" because "When you were born, the sign that was rising dictated the beginning of your life," she explained in a TikTok video. Therefore, "Every day that you wake up, you are basically restarting and resetting the clock that was set at the moment of your birth."




Sharpe's theory claims that "waking up according to your rising sign actually makes your entire day better."

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How to wake up easier using your rising sign

Aries rising

“You just need to rise and’re much better when you don’t press snooze and you just blast off.”


Although it makes sense for Mars-ruled Aries to jump-start their day through action, it would also help them to take things slow and to meditate. After all, Aries can be quite impulsive, so before they get into their go-getter selves, just taking in some of the sun, or drinking some coffee can help them relax before they get into warrior mode.

Taurus rising

“You don’t want to blast off, you are slow and methodical you might want to routine or a list to check off.”  

Sharpe says it’s important for Taurus rising to go slow and plan their day through lists. Taurus is a sign that can live in their heads if they do not have some form of structure. Knowing what they can anticipate ahead of time helps them prepare for surprises.

Gemini rising

“...turn on music or read a book or get caffeine to get their brain rolling”


Gemini rising does benefit from communication early in the morning. It also helps them set their routine and can even help with their moods. Writing could be a good way for them to organize their thoughts. As long as they read or listen to something that can keep them motivated throughout the day, they will feel like winners.

Cancer rising

“...go with the flow of their feelings which means no routine unless it stabilizes you. If it gives you anxiety, throw the routine out and go with what is really on your mind right now.”

Cancer rising can also benefit from creating an atmosphere that brings them some calm. If they enjoy cooking or watering their plants, these hobbies can help them feel energized early in the morning. Talking to friends and family can also allow them to stay connected with home.

Leo rising

“Leo risings needs to wake up happy…before you go to sleep think about the things that would make you happy in the morning and try to get those done before you talk to someone else or go to work.”


As a sign that is ruled by a luminary, Leo risings need to focus on their happiness to channel that brilliant energy to them. They are the source of their energy and can bring optimistic vibes into their lives when they feel grounded and connected with what they love.

Virgo rising

“You are the best at doing errands in the morning…so you can just relax the rest of the day.”

Virgo rising needs to feel little victories early on, which allows them to progress and energized, even if there are some minor setbacks. Accomplishing things during the morning also helps them feel prepared to tackle major challenges and puts them in worker bee mode.

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Libra rising

“Libra risings need things to be very harmonious during the morning, that might mean a slow talk to somebody else… allow yourself to feel beautiful and awake before you go out.”

Libra risings want to look good before starting their morning. However, Libras can be a lot more self-conscious. Planning or taking their time in the morning to prep and do what makes them feel happy can change their mood, outlook, and even productivity. When they look good, they feel like they are on top of the world.

Scorpio rising

Scorpio risings need to sit in their own energy… spending time alone in quiet meditation and contemplation”

As a fixed water sign, Scorpio does benefit from taking things slow and starting their day in a way that makes them feel aligned. They do not want surprises, they do not want others to upset them. As long as they can create boundaries and do what makes them happy.


Sagittarius rising

“Need to manifest in the morning. Get themselves in a positive mindset…”

Sagittarius rising needs to get out of their heads early in the morning. Waking up a little earlier to journal, visualize how good their morning will be, and draw or read can help Sagittarius risings feel a lot more confident and view the upcoming day like a new adventure, where they will be inspired by something new and learn.

Capricorn rising

“You just need to have a goal and a routine today…plan your day out, plan your power.”

Earth signs do benefit from having a to-do list or looking at a planner. This allows them to stay ahead and be in the moment. Capricorn risings like to look at what they need to accomplish in the present so that they begin their building blocks for the future. Setting goals is a great idea because it will allow them to get closer and feel like they are on their way to success.


Aquarius rising

“...can get a lot of social networking done when you wake up…. Aquarius risings have the best ideas in the morning, so let your brain think about them.”

Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac and it is a sign that is co-ruled by Uranus in modern astrology, so technology and socializing get them feeling recharged. What better way to combine the best of both worlds than by connecting with others through social media to get them powered up for the morning? Speaking to friends leads to brainstorming and more innovation and inspiration from others.

Pisces rising

“They have to be slow and sloth-like. You do really bad under pressure in the morning and it blocks your creative flow all day. Ignore emails, ignore people, drink your coffee slowly, and daydream”

Being in tune with their imagination and forming a connection to the self early in the morning will help Pisces feel grounded for the rest of the day. Working on a creative project such as writing, or drawing can help Pisces risings get their inspiration going so that they can feel uplifted as the day progresses.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.