The Best Zodiac Sign To Date For A Good Time, Not A Long Time

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When it comes to zodiac compatibility, there are many different facets of it that reveal just how compatible you are with someone else and in what areas of life. For example, you may be intellectually compatible with someone despite not being sexually compatible. Or, you may have strong emotional compatibility despite not being completely compatible in terms of marriage.

That's why is rare that we marry the first person we ever date and important to get to know people before tying the knot. 

So, within the zodiac, who is the best zodiac sign to date before you get married?

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Best zodiac sign for Aries to date: Sagittarius

You need to get in on with a Sagittarius. They’re the only ones who’ll get you, Aries, and even if you don’t want to stay with them — as they probably don’t want to stay with you — you’ll find that your blazing heat is matched by your fellow fire sign lover.

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Best zodiac sign for Taurus to date: Libra

You may want to throw your hot body at a Libra lover, just so that you can say you had the best time of your life before you got married. Something about this coupling says, “more, more, more.” If you’re single and looking, for a good time, call Libra.

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Best zodiac sign for Gemini to date: Leo

You’re probably going to be both attracted and repelled by Leo, so go for it anyway, Gemini. It’s a mixture of love and hate here, and what that can do for sexual relations is just cosmically explosive. Maybe so explosive that you might actually want to marry them.

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Best zodiac sign for Cancer to date: Pisces

Check yourself into the Pisces Hotel and find some bliss. You guys are totally compatible, and not only that, you bring out the best in each other sexually. Fall into each other's arms, stay a while, and then get out before it gets too emotionally unstable, Cancer.

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Best zodiac sign for Leo to date: Aquarius

The best zodiac sign to date for you is Aquarius. There's nothing like opposites attracting, and when you find yourself attracted to that Aquarian hottie, then spring into action, Leo. You crave affection, so this zodiac sign is your choice here for a pre-marital partner.

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Best zodiac sign for Virgo to date: Scorpio

You may never be satisfied, Virgo, so you might as well go with someone who understands this and makes you see the error of your thinking. That would be Scorpio, and you may be able to find yourself in a very cool casual relationship with one — on both of your terms, which is noncommittal and stimulating.

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Best zodiac sign for Libra to date: Sagittarius

Hop on a Sagittarius and then beg them to marry you. After they reject you, consider yourself lucky for having them in your life in whatever manner they choose to give you because you will never forget your Sagittarius lover. This is the person who has the potential of changing your life for the better, Libra.

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Best zodiac sign for Scorpio to date: Capricorn

A funny coupling for you would be with Capricorn, simply because of your differences. This might actually make the Capricorn in your life a very special memory, as you’ll never have a partner like this again. Capricorn will make you think and they may even shake your sense of control. For you, Scorpio, the Capricorn lover is "the one that got away."

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Best zodiac sign for Sagittarius to date: Libra

You will never be completely satisfied in marriage, and that is most especially because you’ll never get your Libra lover out of your mind. Libra and Sagittarius are like nothing else on this planet. You are both kind to each other — if only such a thing could last. You’ll spend your marriage to another obsessed with the Libra partner who is no longer there.

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Best zodiac sign for Capricorn to date: Virgo

Virgo is the choice for you, Capricorn. If there’s going to be someone that you’ve just got to know intimately, it’s that Virgo partner that is going to rock your socks, but socks are all you’ll get as this is not the person to marry. This is the person to compare everyone else to once you’re married.

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Best zodiac sign for Aquarius to date: Cancer

You may be thinking about that person from the past: that Cancer person. Oh yes, it’s going to be that one that you’ll never let go of. You may marry happily and stay monogamous forever, but you’ll never forget that Cancer lover. And if you haven’t met anyone of this sign, you will and it will be a challenge for you, Aquarius... in a good way.

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Best zodiac sign for Pisces to date: Taurus

Run to your Taurus lover... in your mind, because once you’re married to someone else, all you’ll have is your mind for this person’s memory. But do indulge because if anyone needs an indulgent memory, it’s you, Pisces. Taurus is so different from you it hurts, but variety is the spice of life, oui?

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