Why Are Virgos So Difficult?

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One of the most practical zodiac signs, Virgos - born between August 23 and September 22 — tend to seem difficult to other people. Perhaps it’s because of their hardworking and perfectionist personalities, or maybe it has something to do with their stubbornness.

Regardless, each Virgo is difficult in their own way (just as all zodiac signs have their own negative traits!) and the qualities that make Virgos so difficult are also wonderful, affirming qualities when examined from another perspective.

To help you out, we've compiled a list of ideas and examples of why Virgos are so difficult. 

As you read it, be sure to remind yourself that their down-to-earth and cautious demeanor also makes them thoughtful and deeply caring — and we can look at examples of celebrity Virgos to see why.

So, why are Virgos so difficult?

Sometimes characterized as being uptight, Virgos are known for putting work first. They take things very seriously and do whatever it takes to give their best effort. 

Virgo Lea Michele is similar to her character on Glee, Rachel Berry, who never wavered in her passion for achieving her goals. On more than one occasion, she was considered to be too difficult. 

However, this is how the Virgo wants to live their life — on their own terms, the way they know to be best. Rachel Berry knew what she needed and went for it, even if it was unpopular or made her seem uncool.

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Since Virgos are high-strung on motivation, they often fall short on setting aside time for themselves. The brilliant comedian and actress Melissa McCarthy, another Virgo, has admitted that she wasn't getting enough sleep.

It’s difficult to convince a Virgo to practice self-care because they are caught up in the bigger picture, not the here and now. As a result, Virgos may experience burnout and not know how to deal with stress.

To solve the problem, Melissa got really practical (go Virgo!) and gave herself a 7:30pm bedtime, admitting that it sort of ruins the fun but was worth it. She gets up early to have that coveted alone time and take care of her own needs. She's a truly evolved Virgo!

In a 2018 interview with People, Virgo Lili Reinhart opened up about her struggles with anxiety and depression. Fortunately, after her worst bout of depression, she dove into therapy and found her way back inito balance. 

She explained that she gets “easily overwhelmed and stressed out.” With overwhelming feelings at the forefront, a Virgo might act out aggressively further adding to their difficulty. But, as she proves, it doesn't have to be that way.

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Virgos may seem difficult because they are so independent. 

Some Virgos, like Cameron Diaz, they feel better going about their life without the help of others. 

Sometimes known for being overly independent, Virgos trust that they can rely on themselves but find it hard to accept the support of others. 

One of the main reasons Diaz quit her acting career was to become more self-sufficient and take back control of her life. What a truly Virgo thinig to do. 

She understands that actors are always given what they need, but it was time to do it herself. This desire for independence can be perceived as Virgos being difficult. However, in reality they just feel more comfortable doing things for themselves. 

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Virgos don’t actively try to be difficult. 

The strengths and weaknesses that make a Virgo difficult are not brought to life on purpose. Like all the other zodiac signs, they have attributes that come with the territory. They are critical of things that they don’t agree with and aren’t afraid to speak out against injustices. 

For instance, Virgo Beyoncé showed support for transgender youth after Trump’s 2017 decision to withdraw federal protection for transgender students. As a way to raise her voice, she posted a link to the 100 Days of Kindness campaign. 

Not adhering to the norm can be seen as being difficult. But it's a powerful Virgo trait. 

Queen Bey has no room for a president who strives to further silence the people who are already oppressed.  

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Many Virgos also experience overthinking which may cause them to be difficult to handle at times.

Shameless actress, Virgo Emmy Rossum, is a perfect example of how a Virgo will go their own way and do what they think is right — even if it makes them seem difficult. For Rossum, that meant fighting for equal pay on Shameless, reportedly asking to be paid as much as her co-star, William H. Macy. 

Historically, women have been paid less than men for equal work — even on movie and TV sets. There's no doubt the show's producers saw Rossum as being difficult, but there's also no doubt that she is a big part of making change toward equal pay in Hollywood. 

There are many reasons why Virgos seem so difficult. 

It’s undeniable that their way of doing things is different than most people’s. They work, react, and love differently, but in the end, that’s what makes Virgos great. 

Although they can be difficult because of their immense dedication, profound independence, and desire to keep emotions bottled up, Virgos are admirable signs who have a lot of love to give, and are dedicated friends. 

Ultiimately, all zodiac signs have negative traits, but loving a Virgo makes you very lucky in the end. Just remember to communicate with them and respect their independence, and you'll be fine.

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