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What It's Really Like To Have Sex With A Taurus

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The Taurean tug-of-war with change and their need for sameness explains their legendary lack of spontaneity in the bedroom. Although the Taurus mate's personality traits make them adept at lovemaking, they also like to be prepared, to be "ready." And sometimes, lovin' just don't play that way.

Taurus men and women, born between April 20 and May 21, like advance warning before a romantic liaison so they can take a shower, shave, and put on something nice to get in the mood.

If you want to know how to have great sex with one of these "bulls" and can deal with making an appointment for sex, then you're in for an enjoyable evening ... just so long as you arrive at the designated time.

Some might call erotic encounters with a Taurus "vanilla," but it's the best, most delicious brand of vanilla in your grocery store's freezer section.

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Taureans are highly physical partners with a very distinct idea of what sex should be.

For example, Taurus is most comfortable when bedroom bombastics have a defined beginning, middle and end.

And they don't take kindly to, say, skipping foreplay for impromptu sex in the laundry room. Most Taureans just can't get their heads around the concept of a quickie. However, if you can handle pre-planned sex, you're likely to find them to be satisfying in bed.

But for anyone whose zodiac sign is Taurus, sex is no-frills and down to business all the way.

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Although their' ruling planet is Venus, Taurus is not unabashedly erotic in the same way as Libra, who's also ruled by Venus. With Taurus, you have a potential hottie, but a hottie who is always reigning themselves in.

Taureans do let themselves go, but only so far.

Good matches are Scorpio, the sometimes fussy Virgo, and the equally-steadfast Capricorn.

One-night-stands also aren't in the Taurus vocabulary. These are far too random for their liking.

As you might expect, this Sun Sign does best with regular sex partners. That's when they can let down their guards as much as this is possible for a Taurus to do.

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Abstinence is especially difficult for Taureans, again, because it disturbs the regular flow of the way things should be.

In a Taurus lover, you get someone who is faithful and true but also really jealous, often irrationally so. It's not unusual for them to smell their husband's Johnson for evidence of infidelity when the unsuspecting gent comes home late from work.

And then they're completely satisfied when they get a clean reading, as though they never heard of soap and water to erase any sign of philandering.

The neck and throat are major erogenous zones for the benevolent bull.

A deep tissue neck rub will make them yours forever. They just melt for kisses up and down their throats, including playful nibbles and deep love bites — sometimes hard enough to leave marks. Taureans wear hickies proudly, like jewelry.

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Males born under this zodiac sign have lots of erotic endurance and can go on forever, like a good breeding bull.

Taurus ladies are often multi-orgasmic, but very pragmatic and systematic about how they get to an orgasm.

For example, you have to move your tongue or hips just so, no deviation from the theme. Touch and smell are extremely important to the Taurean's ultimate pleasure. And yours!

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