Best Emotional Compatibility For Each Zodiac Sign

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There are many small details that go into making people completely compatible. 

While sexual compatibility is important, it's not going to support a completely fulfilling relationship. On the other hand, you need more than strong friendship compatibility to have a romantic relationship.

One of the biggest factors that contribute to long-term happiness and fulfillment in any relationship is emotional compatibility.

After all, what is love but the greatest emotion of them all?

When you get this crucial ingredient right, you can pretty much guarantee a stress-free time with your significant other without constantly being at loggerheads with each other.

But the most impressive thing about emotional compatibility is how it seems to bring out all sorts of other compatibilities as well.

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Best emotional compatibility for each zodiac sign

Aries and Sagittarius

Aries is not the baby of astrology. It's the pioneer. The headstrong, ambitious, go-getter who never lets people and their opinions faze them from their path.

And to an Aries, emotions are not an ocean. They are a fireball of excitement and fun times. Which makes Sagittarius perfect for this ram.

Sagittarius is the eternal wild child of the zodiac, going wherever the mood takes them and making dozens of friends along the way.

They are relaxed and laidback, but incredibly passionate. And emotions to a Sagittarius are something to be felt with their whole heart.

When these two zodiac signs come together, sparks fly. They just get each other! And it's more fun times than not.

In fact, given their temperament, they can't even stay mad at each other for too long. Both are quick to forgive and move on.

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Taurus and Cancer

Emotions are like fine wine to a Taurus — to be relished and enjoyed but never allowed to become an inconvenience or a bad taste in the mouth.

Taureans are generous with their time, energy, and resources, and love to shower their mate with the best of whatever they have got. In fact, Taurus can give Leo a serious run for its money when it comes to being the most romantic zodiac sign ever.

Now mix this with Cancer, a zodiac sign that cannot seem to break free from its reputation of being overly emotional (which is not entirely true), and you get a pairing that actually works!

Why? Because Cancer is sensitive, charming, and emotionally intelligent. Once they let someone into their heart, there's no going back.

Both of these zodiac signs value longevity, emotional compatibility (so there's peace in the house), and commitment. And that's why they are a great match!

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Gemini and Libra

Emotions come in a wide range of flavors. And with a Gemini, some days you get child-like wonder that brings out the best in you, and other days you get the whole town's gossip relayed to you in the most entertaining manner possible!

Libra, on the other hand, likes to express their emotions in a more balanced and mature way. But with a Libra, you always know there's a party right around the corner if you say and do all the right things. They aren't too picky either... until they are. Libra knows how to keep you on your toes in the best manner possible.

When Gemini and Libra come together, they blend together in the most fascinating ways possible, with some days a blur of expressive hands and never-shutting mouths, and other days... well, there are too many things to express and do when it comes to this pair.

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Leo and Aquarius

You wouldn't expect opposite signs to be the most compatible when it comes to emotions (sex, maybe, but not emotions), but that's where you are wrong when it comes to Leo and Aquarius.

Leo likes to love big. And a paltry romance just won't cut it for this big-hearted, king/queen of the zodiac.

Cue: Aquarius. The zodiac sign that dreams so big and distant that they leave people scratching their heads sometimes unsure whether they are in the presence of a maverick futurist or a crazy person who is not in touch with reality at all!

How can these two not like each other eventually? Their emotions and expressions are a little too much sometimes for others, but never for them.

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Virgo and Scorpio

Virgo likes it when everything is orderly, neat, and well-understood in their personal sphere. Their emotions are mild as long as that is the case.

But as soon as things go a little out of the plan, a very different side of them comes to the surface.

Scorpio, on the other hand, gets in deep right from the get-go. They aren't shy about how strongly they feel about things and people... but they won't tell you about it unless you are part of their inner circle.

Strong emotions are almost drug-like to a Scorpio.

When Virgo and Scorpio come together, something odd happens. They develop a mutual obsession with each other.

Eventually, though, the obsession mellows down a bit and something more lasting and solid takes its place.

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Capricorn and Pisces

This pair is like a perfect earth-water match, but not in the stereotypical astrology way.

Capricorn does not do emotions. They get in the way of their goals. Plus, the world frowns upon unpredictable emotionality the higher you climb the ladder of success.

Pisces is different. They live and breathe through their emotions, pouring their soul into their art and life and everything in between.

But the reason why this pair just works is because neither Capricorn nor Pisces are big on putting themselves on display in an outrageous, attention-grabbing way and both can respect the other's boundaries (although Pisces is a bit better at it than Capricorn).

Pisces never forces Capricorn to behave in an uncharacteristic manner and this gives Capricorn enough space to eventually be more open and emotional when it's just the two of them.

Capricorn enjoys watching Pisces express their creative authority and admires how Pisces remains true to themself regardless of who says what, even though they are quiet and introverted.

It's the perfect earth-water pair. 

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