5 Astrology Placements That Mean You Have An Easy, Comforting Energy

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Some birth chart placements are more comforting than others in a time of crisis. Do you have a placement that results in easy, uplifting and comforting energy? Let’s take a look at the rising and moon signs that create this kind of energy.

Astrology placements that mean you have an approachable, comforting energy

1. Pisces rising or moon sign

“Your energy just gives comfy energy," astrologer Maryaam Lewis-Herbert said in a TikTok video. "There’s something about your energy that just makes people feel like they can confide in you and just, like, you know, trust you," she added. 



Pisces are known for being able to tune into another person’s feelings. Some of the best psychics are often born under the sign of Pisces or have a Pisces moon.

"I also appreciate how empathetic you guys are," Lewis-Herbert continued. "You guys really know how to make others feel, you know, acknowledged and heard, especially when they are going through something.”

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2. Cancer rising or Cancer moon

“You guys are the definition of comforting," she continued. "Cancer rising and moons have a gift for making people feel loved.”

Next to Pisces, Cancer is considered one of the most empathetic signs of the zodiac. While not all Cancers choose to become mothers, Cancer is sometimes called ‘the Mother of the zodiac,’ and if childless, they often surround themselves with pets and extended family members.

3. Taurus rising or Taurus moon

“You guys are the definition of laid back and chill," Lewis-Herbert said. "Any time you're having a stressful day," she continued, "just reach out to someone that has Taurus placements, they’ll make you feel better."

Taurus is one of the signs ruled by Venus and is considered the most laid-back of the zodiac. As Lewis-Herbert explained, "Taurus risings and Taurus moons just have like a very down-to-earth, grounded kind of energy that just makes you feel like everything is just going to be ok.”

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4. Libra rising or Libra moon

“If you have a Libra rising or Libra moon, you guys just know how to make people feel at peace, baby," she continued. Libra is known as the ‘peacemaker’ of the zodiac. They cannot stand fighting, quarreling or dramatic sordid scenes and are often known as the ‘peacemakers’ of the zodiac. "Your energy is just so calming," Lewis-Herbert said.

5. Virgo rising or Virgo moon

Virgo rising or Virgo moon has a calm sense of practicality that can be the best if you are feeling frustrated or upset. While they are often considered critical, they are generally ‘critical thinkers’ who can come up with solutions to problems when others cannot. Their calm and insightful way of viewing things can often take an emotional individual off the ledge.

Virgo energy is typically warm and healing. Virgo is also associated with the sixth house of the zodiac or healing, along with Pisces.

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