7 Common Astrological Placements Of Intimidating People

Those with the most intimidating zodiac placements catch others off-guard.

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Many things are out of our control, including how others perceive us. Astrology shows that some of our natal placements, especially planets on the Ascendant, can impact how others feel about or view us. It could also explain why some people can fall in love with us right away and others who we never even met could have disdain towards us.

The first house is quite powerful and planets there can shift how others perceive us. See how certain aspects can make us appear more intimidating to strangers.


Intimidating zodiac placements

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1. Scorpio Rising or Pluto in the first house

A placement filled with mystery, it is not surprising that those with their Rising sign in Scorpio are both alluring and intimidating. Scorpio energy is intense and can be frightening for some people while others may find these folks magnetic. Co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, the native is just too good at reading people, which can make others feel rattled by them. Scorpio can see right through you. 


2. Capricorn Rising or Saturn in the first house 

The perfectionistic nature of the Capricorn or Saturn Rising native makes others think before they speak in their presence. These natives can give off an aura of maturity and complexity which can overwhelm people that do not know them well. The placement can make others feel the coldness and rigidity of Saturn, especially in a work environment. Of course, once people get to know them, they see the other side; the warm and caring nature from their seventh house in Cancer will appear when they make solid friendships.

3. Aries Rising or Mars in the first house

With the planet of war in the first house, the native can come across as combative since they have such intense energy. People may feel the urge to steer clear when they see an Aries Rising at first. Those with this placement enjoy wearing red or black, which can give others the impression that they are not to be messed with. With time, they shall see that they are fun and loving people. The Venusian energy from their seventh house helps others to fall for their personality when they get to know them.

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4. Sun in the eighth house

When the native has the Sun in the eighth house they will be similar to a Scorpio Sun or Rising. The person with this placement is analytical and a tactician. They do not let other people into their world easily and are highly observant. To those who do not know them, it could feel intense speaking to an eighth-house Sun. However, this is because the native wants to know everything about the people around them before inviting them into their circle of friends. When they trust someone, their friends see the caring and kind nature of the eighth-house Sun.


5. Mars in the 10th house

This placement activates a competitive nature to the native when they are in a job they are passionate about. They are not afraid to get to where they want to, which can intimidate their colleagues because the native creates an extremely competitive environment. Those who get in their way will have to be able to handle their energy because Mars in the 10th does not back down. 

6. Saturn in the 10th house

Knowing how to plan to triumph comes naturally for the native with this placement. The 10th house is where Saturn is comfortable, gifting the native with a solid work ethic that can catapult their career. They can be extremely work focused, which can lead to tensions with others, especially if they have employees working under them. Saturn here can be ruthless when the work produced is not at the level they want to. These people can be demanding, impatient, and rigid when they do not get their way. Communication can help them develop better relationships with colleagues and their employees.

7. Pluto in the 10th house

This native wants to dominate and have full control in their field. They simply know how to get to where they want and can be as ruthless as Mars — or worse. The native is someone that holds a lot of mystery and inner power. Their energy levels are more reserved, but when they focus on success, they are intense and others will notice how the native always seems to be a step ahead.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.