Yearly Virgo Love Horoscope


Best Love Day: Thursday, January 4
Practice Caution On: Friday, January 12

While there is a seriousness and commitment to the year, it's also mainly about pursuing what makes you happy. Happiness is something that you've set an intention to create more of in your life. By moving through the lessons that you have, you'll now be in the place to start reaping it. Mars, the planet of action and passion, shifts into Capricorn, ruler of your sector of joy and commitment. This inspires you to start the year off focusing on what you want to commit to, whether it's an existing relationship or getting out there and meeting someone new.

Asteroid Juno begins its retrograde journey in Virgo, signifying that you will need to review and reflect on the agreements that you've made in your life. As you focus more on your happiness and what you want to commit your energy to, you may have to rethink some previous agreements, including those in a relationship. While you should feel inspired to honor your truth, you also want to make sure that you aren't just want to move forward at all costs.

Best Love Day: Sunday, February 18
Practice Caution On: Tuesday, February 6

February will shape up to be a beautiful month of love as the Pisces energy starts filtering into your life. Pisces is your opposing zodiac sign, and because of that, it rules over all matters of love and relationships. With the Sun shifting into this water sign, take advantage of the energy and use this to focus on what you want to create in your relationship. This may be more romantic moments or attracting someone who you feel aligns with the dreams you've had for your life. Honor this part of you and lean into making more time for love.

Asteroid Pallas shifts into Sagittarius, activating your home and sense of domestic intimacy. Sagittarius wants you to try new things, honor your inner truth, and discover the greater meaning and purpose of your relationship. Pallas helps you gain more understanding and purpose of your relationship, which will not only help you make more time for love but will also serve to deepen your connection — as long as you don't let any frustrations get the best of you.

Best Love Day: Sunday, March 10
Practice Caution On: Saturday, March 9

The beautiful aura of love continues into Mars as the New Moon in Pisces rises. This is absolutely the perfect time for new beginnings in your romantic life. If there have been any challenges recently, allow this energy to create a space of resolution and focus on what you want to grow within your relationship.

This lunation can also bring some beautiful moments for a new love to enter your life too. The most important thing to remember is to honor the importance of love in your life. Sometimes, other aspects can arise that can distract or take you away from it, but by honoring its importance, you are sure to embrace every opportunity.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will shift into Aries, inspiring conversations about changes that you want to implement within your life. This may tie in with the New Moon in Pisces, as you're looking to improve now. While Aries Energy always rules these themes for you, it can be a sign that makes it difficult to truly hear your partner and hold space, so be sure to do this to receive the most benefit from this energy.

Best Love Day: Tuesday, April 30
Practice Caution On: Tuesday, April 1

April begins with Mercury retrograde in Aries, halting any forward progression and bringing up themes from March for more discussion and clarity. Be mindful of exes or past issues coming back into your life around this time. If something is truly behind you, it's a chapter that doesn't need to be opened again. Instead, use this to create more productive conversations about the life you want to share with your partner, whether starting a business or looking into relocating together.

The most positive aspect for you is that while Mercury will be inspiring some deeper reflection and conversations, Mars will shift into Aries as well, creating a determined energy. Determination is necessary to create your dreams, but you must be mindful of taking everything onto yourself. A relationship is also supposed to act as a partnership; make sure you are both working together to plan the upcoming phase of your life.

Best Love Day: Thursday, May 23
Practice Caution On: Wednesday, May 15

The Ful Moon in Sagittarius brings a hopeful, spontaneous energy as you decide to take off on a weekend trip — or elope. Sagittarius energy brings greater meaning into your life, but it also is what governs your area of home and family. As long as you remain mindful of what it is you've learned you need and are putting in the work required to create a solid foundation, it's safe to trust whatever direction your heart is leading you in.

Ceres, the asteroid that rules motherhood, nurturing and family, shifts retrograde in Capricorn, bringing in a dose of greater commitment. The area that Capricorn rules is also the one that rules children, so if you are trying to start a family, this would be a beneficial time for that, and if not, then it's something to remain mindful of as well. There may also be some conversations around changing previous plans as you allow yourself to tend to what most matters during this time.

Best Love Day: Friday, June 21
Practice Caution On: Saturday, June 29

June begins the back-to-back Capricorn Full Moons, which will mark a significant moment in your life this year. Capricorn energy not only rules happiness, commitment and children, but it also governs over all that pleases you in your life. If you are thinking about getting married or expanding your family, June will offer one of the best months for that. With the Full Moon in this area of your life, it is going to be bringing something to fruition, so whatever you've been setting an intention for is about to come true.

Saturn, in Pisces, begins its retrograde journey, which may serve as a pause in a lot of forward momentum but also gives you the space to focus on your internal self. Saturn rules boundaries and karmic lessons and encourages you to do things just and fair way in whatever area of your life it's affecting. For you, this is all about your romantic relationships, and while you've come far in building what you have always wanted, this is just a phase to serve as one to let your emotions and heart catch up with what your mind already knows.

Best Love Day: Sunday, July 21
Practice Caution On: Tuesday, July 2

July brings the second Capricorn Full Moon and the closing of that Capricorn energy portal. With that now behind you, it's important to reflect on whether you were able to manifest what you had hoped and, if not, to readjust your plans. As much as Saturn has been encouraging you to do the work necessary to set up a solid foundation, it's not just about security but a genuinely happy, joy-filled life. Take an opportunity to journal what brings you the most happiness, and then prioritize time with your partner this month, especially as Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces.

Neptune rules unconditional love, dreams and hope. When it stations retrograde in Pisces, there can be a bit of jarring energy as you suddenly see everything that needs to be handled as the rose-colored glasses of this planet are removed. Give yourself time to adjust, become focused by writing a list of what you need to tend to or what feels off, and then consciously create moments of happiness and love with your partner to help confirm your confidence in the relationship.

Best Love Day: Monday, August 26
Practice Caution On: Thursday, August 22

August is filled with growth and will help bring you closer to your dreams. Asteroid Ceres in Capricorn stations direct, so if you have been talking about getting married or having children, then trust that now things can start moving in forward momentum. This will also deepen your connection with one another as you can be more nurturing and loving with your partner.

Virgo Season begins at the end of the month, and while it's your solar return and a lucky time for you, you should be mindful of seeing things from only one perspective. Virgo Season represents your solar return, and so while it can be lucky, with the Sun and other planets shifting into this earth sign, you can often lack the ability to see them in a broader way. Remain mindful of that and become conscious about including others, especially your partner, in any discussions or decisions.

Best Love Day: Tuesday, September 17
Practice Caution On: Sunday, September 1

September brings the first eclipse on the Pisces and Virgo axis, which asks you to pay attention to whatever arises because there will be hints about what is to come in future years. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse peaks in Pisces, ruler of your romantic relationships, and where Saturn and Neptune are both retrograde. You may not feel like you have the full story of what you are trying to create, but you are making progress. Let yourself acknowledge the efforts of both you and your partner around this time, as it can help you to remain more open to the signs of the universe.

Pluto shifts back into Capricorn as part of its retrograde phase, which means it will once again draw on themes of the sense of joy and commitment you feel in your relationship. This is not a long phase of Pluto in Capricorn and will only occur for two months before shifting permanently into Aquarius. Be mindful of past themes coming up, as they will, but the test for you is to respond differently, which will make all the difference.

Best Love Day: Thursday, October 17
Practice Caution On: Wednesday, October 16

October will be an incredible month of growth and positive changes within your relationship. The energy of Sagittarius and Aries will help you transform your life in the way necessary to make room for more love, whether through the sharing of space or purchasing a home together. This may also give you more time to emotionally process everything together, which will help to strengthen your connection and provide confirmation you are creating a future together.

There aren't truly any negative aspects to this month, though Venus shifting into Sagittarius will encourage a desire for newness, depth and connection. By being aware of those internal desires, you can focus your energy on creating that with your partner rather than succumbing to doing things on your own, which will create separation. Remember, the more you lean in and include your partner, the better the relationship will be that you create.

Best Love Day: Monday, November 11
Practice Caution On: Monday, November 25

Venus shifts into Capricorn, ruler of the fifth house of commitment and joy, on November 11, representing angel number 1111 and helping bring about new beginnings and divine synchronicity. This is your chance to feel as if the past is lifting as Pluto moves through its last days in this earth sign, and you start to feel more confident in the future. In your relationship, try to open up to fully receive the connection, while if you're single, practice affirmations on what you're fully releasing as you make more space for a new love in your life.

Mercury will begin its retrograde in Sagittarius, so while it's important to remain mindful of exes during this time, it will be more about themes involving your home, relationship and plans. This isn't a setback, so try not to see it like that, but a chance to firm up plans, talk about things in more detail and entertain some new ideas.

Best Love Day: Saturday, December 7
Practice Caution On: Monday, December 30

Neptune stations direct in Pisces at the beginning of December, which helps you feel more hopeful about your relationship. Everything does happen in perfect timing, and as you move through the final month of the year, it's time to reflect on what you've been able to grow during this time. You are meant to create a new foundation based on deeper understanding and true compassion. As you feel the positive shift Neptune in Pisces brings, allow yourself to focus more on what you were able to accomplish than anything that still feels left to do.

The Capricorn New Moon ends your year on a positive note as you will feel lighter, more hopeful and renewed for all that is to come. Not only have you worked to create more stability and joy in your life this year, but you are also moving beyond an old chapter in your life where you were more focused on how things looked rather than how they felt to you. Let yourself find peace with all that has occurred, and smile, as you know that what you're putting your energy into is real and may just turn out to be the love that really does last a lifetime.

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