Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

July 2021

Lucky July. That's what you'll be saying midway through the month, and luck is exactly what you're going to get.

Presently, you haven't really done much to change your life; the beginning of 2021 was a throwaway, a phone-in; you weren't really ready to start taking life seriously, and in feeling that way, you lost a few sweet opportunities.

Well, July isn't having any of that attitude and is about to sweep you off your feet (thanks to Mars) and plunge your eyeball deep into action and activity. It's time to get back to the living: hit the gym, start a healthful diet (go vegan!) and take time for yourself.

Dance beneath the July Full Moon on the 23rd and reclaim all that you believe you've lost. It's Aquarius time - let's rock this.

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