Monthly Aquarius Love Horoscope

December 2020

Aquarius, you're on top of the world and aren’t afraid to show it. Not only are we beginning the month with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in a fellow Air sign, but Jupiter and Saturn move into your sign and then form a rare conjunction there.

You're always on the edge of newness and adventure, but now you know that it’s only a matter of time. You’ve worked towards this moment for years, and it’s not just about you, but about how all these lessons will benefit the collective.

The world will be watching you mid-month. You set the tone for the path forward, which means you also need to be aligned with it. The only thing you’ve been working through this year is learning you don’t have to choose between changing the world and having a home to return to.

Sometimes you forget how far you’ve come, but take the first few weeks of this month to remind yourself that the only life that is limited is the one in which we limit our own possibilities. Choose limitless each and every time, and watch how the stars align in your favor.

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