Monthly Aquarius Tarot Card Reading

March 2021

Tarot Card: King of Cups, reversed

Someone is not who they seem to be. Now that really does sound like a bad fortune cookie, alas, it's your truth for the month of March.

There is someone in your life that you've come to trust, however, they are not telling you the whole truth. What's good is that when they eventually do let it all out, it won't be that bad.

What's infuriating is that they are way too fearful of telling their truth so they keep it in, and this, in turn, sets your imagination on fire. What could they be up to? What is their secret? What kind of insanity did I get myself into?

You'll ask so many questions this month that you'll drive yourself crazy. The big lesson of the month is about communication.

Speak the truth, live in the truth. If you live in the truth, you'll never have to keep an account of your lies - like that person in your life has to.

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