Monthly Aquarius Tarot Card Reading

March 2024

Past: Ten of Wands

You've just gone through a lot due to someone else's making, and while it's nothing you need to take with you, you were made quite tired by the whole thing. Family pressures involved you to a degree that almost got the best of you, but it's now safely tucked into the past. You can move freely now, Aquarius.

Present: Seven of Cups, reversed

While you are quite aware of the love in your life, you may feel that it is not the main focus, as you are someone who needs to fine-tune your focus on one thing at a time. You have fingers in many pots, but one finger at a time is how you groove through the world, and you'll be concentrating on creativity rather than romance.

Future: Five of Swords

It appears you'll finish all your work, and then you'll finally have time to reorganize and look back with happiness. The future has you feeling successful and accomplished, which is not something you feel is guaranteed. For the first time in forever, the future is more than just a concept; it's a statement of your work and the victory that comes from it.

Keywords: Putting yourself to work for the first time in a long while, knowing that your work is a labor of love, having a strict schedule, tidying up after others, knowing that you aren't living in a bubble, sharing, playing your part, excelling in creative acts, hunkering down and getting things done, reveling in the power of the mind.

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