Monthly Aquarius Tarot Card Reading

July 2021

Tarot Card: The Fool, reversed

When we receive The Fool as our chosen card, we pause to consider just how awkward that might make us feel. Are we The Fool? Are we that blatantly foolish that we've picked this as our representative? Might be - but what if we pick that card in reverse?

The Fool, reversed is a double whammy of chaotic foolishness and the way that works is like this: you think you're doing the right thing and you end up fighting very hard to protect the rightness of this thing...until you realize you've been protecting the wrong thing all this time.

And that is what's going down in July for you, Aquarius. You are going to show the world that you believe in something, while that which you believe in is going to show the world that it doesn't believe in you.

Watch your back in love and romance - you are looking at painful vulnerability. It is advised for you to open your eyes and look at the truth.

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