Yearly Capricorn Love Horoscope


Best Love Day: Saturday, January 27
Practice Caution On: Saturday, January 20

The year begins with a focus more on yourself and the changes that you've been dreaming of beginning. One of the significant influences this year is Pluto shifting finally into Aquarius after two years of stepping in and out of newness. In January, Pluto reenters Aquarius and fills you with a deep purpose and almost urgency to create something new. This area of your life centers around you focusing more on building what is in alignment with what you deserve, along with investing more into what you find of value.

Uranus stations direct in Taurus, which will bring some unexpected moments but all of which are about helping to bring greater happiness and commitment into your life. Create time with your partner in January to reflect on the past year and plan for what you both hope to improve in the year ahead so that you can begin on the right foot. Balance isn't just about time invested, holding space and honoring your partner as deeply as you do your truth. If you're starting the year single, know that the universe is set on bringing in a deeply committed relationship, so take care of any loose ends that may still be lingering in your energy.

Best Love Day: Saturday, February 17
Practice Caution On: Monday, February 19

There is an auspicious connection between the North Node and Chiron in Aries, which signifies that there is a moment of healing you must pass through before being able to seize your fate. Aries energy rules over your home, family and healing, which makes this transit especially powerful, given that this is also one of the areas that the eclipse energy will be focusing on in the next year. Try to create time to reflect on what it feels like healing needs to be brought to so that you can build more of what you want.

The First Quarter Moon in Taurus is a beacon of hope, encouraging you to honor your healing but also setting an intention for what positive changes you hope to grow in the months ahead. This energy is one that you can use to develop a higher level of commitment in an existing relationship or even call in a new love. Just make sure that you are being mindful of what needs to be different to make your relationship the healthiest it can be.

Best Love Day: Friday, March 22
Practice Caution On: Monday, March 25

Mars shifts into Aries, drawing all your energy into your personal life while the Libra Lunar Eclipse tries to steal it away from your career. Be mindful, as this is one of the first opportunities to test that new sense of balance you are being guided to achieve in your life. Instead of feeling like it must be all or nothing, try to incorporate unconventional methods or ideas to create a better sense of balance. For instance, it might pay to leave the office early and catch up on emails after your partner or children have gone to bed. Or even how getting up an hour earlier can give you the time to fit in with all that is important to you.

The energy of Mars isn't just directed but focused on implementing changes or a new plan of action. You may feel as if there is something that needs your attention at home, whether it is related or you're being drawn to reflect on moving. Remember that the balance you're trying to create in your life will only be reflective of the balance you've first built within yourself.

Best Love Day: Friday, April 19
Practice Caution On: Monday, April 1

Taurus Season brings lighter energy into your life as you are called to create more moments of joy and happiness in your life. While Taurus energy brings commitment, you're more likely to see this manifest in a proposal or engagement rather than directed toward your professional life. Who you choose to partner with often determines more where you end up than anything else, so try to see your romantic relationship also as the greatest benefit for your career and life plan.

Mercury does station retrograde in Aries at the start of April, which brings in deeper reflection, review and conversations about your home and family. You may have to revisit an aspect of your inner child healing that has been limiting what you've been able to create or even negative self-beliefs about love versus career. This retrograde likely won't bring the chance of exes returning a lot or problems with your relationship. Still, you do need to remain mindful of continuing to have open communication with your partner.

Best Love Day: Tuesday, May 7
Practice Caution On: Thursday, May 2

The New Moon in Taurus dawns and helps you be able to create a new beginning in your life. Because of the fertile nature of the New Moon, this is a time that you would be more likely to become pregnant or even consider adoption. If you're not looking to start a family right now, then it's something else that will be birthed that helps you enjoy more of your life in the ways that you are hoping to.

While there is so much beautiful energy of new beginnings around you, Pluto does station retrograde in Aquarius, slowing down your forward momentum. This is the last retrograde of Pluto. It will eventually shift back into Capricorn, but it's still something to be mindful of, as past beliefs may resurface or old fears as you're challenged to embrace your relationship with the continued perspective of healing.

Best Love Day: Monday, June 17
Practice Caution On: Friday, June 28

It may just be the summer of love for you as Venus, the planet of love, shifts into Cancer. Cancer is your opposing zodiac sign and the one that rules over all matters of love and relationships. Alongside the unique experience of having two Capricorn full Moons in June and July, it means you are being given to finally forgive and reach a new level of understanding within yourself that will allow you to embrace more of the love you desire. It's not always that you need a new relationship, but that you need to learn how to receive what you are being offered fully.

The Last Quarter Moon in Aries will remind you of this fact as you continue to process and reflect on what you need to release in terms of your healing. This is an opportunity to see yourself more clearly than you have in a while and to be able to consciously choose not only the life you want to live — but the person you want to become.

Best Love Day: Friday, July 5
Practice Caution On: Tuesday, July 2

Mercury shifts into Leo, inspiring new and dynamic conversations alongside the New Moon in Cancer, which will help you focus your energy on embracing the current Venus phase. Mercury wants to encourage communication, conversations and even your internal processing. You'll be more open to change thanks to the Leo energy, but with the New Moon in Cancer, you will want to put that into your relationship.

Allow yourself to embrace the new beginning that you want to instill within your relationship, but make sure that with Mercury in its pre-shadow phase, it's best to focus on those matters you won't mind reviewing again in the future. Because of that, engagements and weddings are not favored during this time as there is more likelihood that they will encounter challenges earlier.

Best Love Day: Sunday, August 4
Practice Caution On: Wednesday, August 14

August hosts an influx of Leo energy, which will turn your focus on the positive transformations possible. This is part of an ongoing story in which you are learning that when you heal within, you will automatically be able to change your life in all the ways you desire. This year is about creating a place of balance where you can feel at ease and encouraged to keep growing.

The New Moon rises in Leo along with Mercury entering this fire sign as part of its retrograde journey. Use this to set an intention for a new beginning in your relationship, especially if you need to make changes, like moving to be closer to one another or even purchasing a larger home to accommodate your family plans. If you're single, this is one of the best times to set an intention for a new aligned relationship, as you'll be more likely to understand what needs to shift to have a connection that aligns with your growth.

Best Love Day: Wednesday, September 4
Practice Caution On: Sunday, September 1

Mars will shift into Cancer, helping you to take what came up over the summer months and invest it in your relationship. While this phase of your life is largely about balance, it feels more like it has been your personal life that you haven't been giving enough energy to, so it's more about redistributing it. Next month will bring more positive developments in your professional life, but for now, it's enough to let the person you love most in the world know it. Consider surprising them with a romantic evening out or even a weekend getaway, as you will both benefit from the reconnection and time together.

Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus, slowing down external events as you're asked to reflect on what you've created and whether it feels genuinely fulfilling. You will always be given opportunities to make the changes you're seeking, but by checking in with yourself and becoming more conscious of how you spend your time, you can ensure that you are making the most of each opportunity.

Best Love Day: Thursday, October 17
Practice Caution On: Friday, October 11

October may bring some moments of doubt or heaviness that you hadn't expected as Pluto stations direct in Capricorn. Try to remember there is only about a month of this energy, and it should be more about finalizing loose ends, taking care of details, and affirming how far you've come. Nothing that arises right now is meant to deter you from your path but, instead, give you the commitment to continue to honor what you have already begun building.

The Aries Full Moon helps with this, as it brings an important moment to fruition with your home, family and healing. You may finally realize that what you've been struggling with most is to genuinely believe you deserve this happiness and love you've been through. Try to lean into self-validation, and if you need something in particular from your partner, don't hesitate to advocate for that — it's what makes all the difference in healthy relationships.

Best Love Day: Sunday, November 3
Practice Caution On: Tuesday, November 19

Pluto finally shifts into Aquarius, which is where it will remain for the next twenty years. This is a valuable time in your life as it represents the shift from yourself into one of what is of the greatest value to you in your life. You should feel some encouragement in terms of your self-worth and being able to advocate more clearly for what it is you deserve. This also will serve to make your journey of creating balance all the easier, as knowing what matters most to you is the key.

Mars, the planet of passion and ambition, shifts into Leo, marking an important time. Now that you feel more confident in what you are worth, you can finally start making the positive changes necessary for your relationship. Whether it's an engagement or saying yes to that person who has kept asking you out, this is the time to do it. Things genuinely are different, and now you feel encouraged to put your full energy into embracing whatever positive changes the universe has in store for you.

Best Love Day: Sunday, December 29
Practice Caution On: Friday, December 6

Asteroid Chiron stations direct in Aries in December and help you reflect on your process for advocating for yourself and those closest to you. This is a journey that began in 2019 and will wrap up in 2027, so you are entering the final stages of this healing phase and should feel some marked improvements in learning how to heal yourself so you can be of greater benefit to those you love. Inner healing isn't just a cliché, but the moment when you are finally able to be the person you genuinely are, which allows you to love those you value most with greater certainty and confidence.

Mars does begin its retrograde in Leo, which means that during this time, outward change may pause as you are called to enjoy what it is you have created. Don't worry if you don't move mountains in the final weeks of 2024; you have come so far and deserve to sit back and enjoy it. Remember that the balance you create in your life is the one that honors what is of most importance to you. Others don't need to agree with it, and it's something that is allowed to shift depending on what is going on. Still, by setting an intention for balance, you are ensuring you are open to change — which also means you're finally open to receiving the love you've always deserved.

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