Monthly Capricorn Love Horoscope

December 2020

As the month starts, be gentle with yourself, Capricorn. The month ahead could feel a little rougher for you than most, thanks to the end of an era in your sign once Saturn and Jupiter enter into Aquarius.

You’ve been asked to learn a lot of lessons — not just in the past year, but in the past three. To say it wasn’t easy would be an understatement, but now you’re here and there are no more excuses; there are only reasons that fuel your personal "why" for the choices you make.

Nothing that is worthwhile will ever just be given, and while working for what we want is always important, knowing what to work on is even more essential. This is a final push to let go of those things, situations, people and beliefs that hold you back, or don’t align with the truth you’ve grown into the past few years.

As this month begins, you know that change is on the horizon, and it’s going to ask for no less than everything from you. Be ready to create space for what you want and what resonates in your life.

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