Monthly Capricorn Love Horoscope

April 2024

Best Love Day: Saturday, April 20, Jupiter Uranus conjunct in Taurus in your house of joy

Your romantic relationship should be a source of joy and not just an obligation or the checking off of a box. When you consider why you are with your partner, you should be able to say indefinable ways they add value and happiness to your life — and not simply because you didn't want to be alone or because it was time to settle down. This is something you've been considering recently, but it will reach a pivotal moment with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunct in Taurus.

As Jupiter, the planet of luck, conjuncts Uranus, the great awakener, in Taurus, expect abrupt realizations about yourself, your life, and your romantic relationship. It may be that you suddenly see your partner in a new positive light regarding how they just seem to make life better. It may also be that you are faced with the stark truth that you need to start to focus on your happiness more. Whichever way this shows up in your life, the most important aspect is to be open to the truth because that is the root of any happiness.

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