Yearly Capricorn Tarot Card Reading


2020 Tarot reading for Capricorn — The Sun

I am so happy to deliver you with The Sun, Capricorn. If you aren’t aware, you are on the right path.

Sometimes it’s hard for you to step back and see the emotional uplift. You’re practical, and you’re busy chipping away at creating your empire.

The seeds you plant this year or the projects you’re continuing to work away at are going to be successful.

Expect to be able to experience a little freedom this year, a break from your hardworking nature.

Look into finding ways to express yourself in your spare time; change up that wardrobe with the money you’ve been saving, pick up a new hobby you know will bring you peace and joy.

Luck is on your side this year; if you haven’t found it yet start by believing in yourself.

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