Monthly Taurus Love Horoscope

February 2024

Best Love Day: Thursday, February 8, Vesta direct in Gemini, ruler of your house of self-worth

When you know you are worthy of more, the universe conspires to deliver it to you. Self-worth can be messy as others are always telling you what you deserve, or just the fear of the unknown can keep you in situations long after you've outgrown them. As Vesta stations direct in Gemini, you will have a more confident sense of what you are worthy of, which will make a dramatic shift in your relationship.

Asteroid Vesta rules over your internal flame, which is not only part of your authenticity but also power. It allows you to create boundaries and take a stand for what you need. As Vesta stations direct, you will move through a new realization of where you've been selling yourself short in love. This will allow you to start creating a relationship that truly honors yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for the world. After all, you deserve it.

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