Monthly Taurus Tarot Card Reading

February 2024

Past: Wheel of Fortune

A long time ago, you made a point about getting yourself on the right track, which means a healthy mind for the physical body, the financial state you're living in, and the way you see love. You simply decided to refuse the negative its place, and it really works for you.

Present: Queen of Cups

With all that in mind, you are truly the person you want to become, and you are starting to see that your presence alone seems to bring other people joy and happiness. You are happy to be this person, as well, as it is genuine. You are generous and caring, and your efforts are well appreciated.

Future: The World

You see nothing but positivity ahead, as you've trained yourself to always look to the bright side of everything. Nothing you foresee is an obstacle, even if it is an obstacle. You are brave and strong and can conquer the world with the power of your love and self-esteem.

Thoughts and keywords: absolute optimism, loving nature, generosity of spirit, positive vibe, manifestation skills.

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