Monthly Taurus Tarot Card Reading

July 2021

Tarot Card: Five of Swords, reversed

It's back to work you go, and in this case - it's back to the drudgery of routine.

What you don't realize is that routine is good, and it's something that keeps you in check; you're way too lazy a soul to not have a strict routine to abide by, and without discipline and order in your life, you're just the kind of person who could let it all go - and end up regretting it tremendously.

What July is about is getting used to a situation, more than likely a work situation. This isn't the time for rebellion, and you know it - which is probably why you want to rebel even more.

But those days are over, Taurus; you have to take your life seriously now - and that means show up on time, complete your tasks as ordered, and do the right thing for both you and those who are paying you to do so.

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