Weekly Taurus Love Horoscope

Feb 26, 2024 - Mar 3, 2024

Best Love Day: Sunday, March 3, Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius in your sector of transformation

The week of February 26 will bring a focus to your social circles with the Pisces Cazimis, but the real magic occurs with the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius energy governs your ability to release what no longer resonates with you so that you can feel a deep sense of renewal and life within your heart. With the Last Quarter Moon here, spend time reflecting on anything that feels heavy or as if you need to bring forgiveness to it.

The secret to long-lasting relationships is to allow yourself to constantly fall in love with the same person, which also means you may need to find acceptance with some rough chapters or embrace forgiveness. Your friends or family may end up being pivotal in your relationship journey this week with pieces of advice or encouragement, so create time to connect with them about anything that's been going on in your love life. Then, as the Last Quarter Moon moves into position, let yourself breathe deep and release anything that's keeping you away from simply loving.

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