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How Zodiac Signs Reveal Sexual Attitudes

How Zodiac Signs Reveal Sexual Attitudes

How Zodiac Signs Reveal Sexual Attitudes
Randall Curtis

A sign is one of the twelve energy fields of the zodiac which reveals human attitudes. Each energy field, or sign, is very different from the other. You can learn all about the signs by going to this location.

If a man's Venus is found in the sign of Taurus, he is attracted to a woman who also has planets in Taurus. She has the kind of chemistry and attitudes that ignite him emotionally and sexually.

Likewise, if a woman was born when Mars was in Taurus she is attracted to the man who has planets in Taurus. He has the chemistry and attitudes that ignite her emotionally and sexually. This is the kind of energy that is present when these two people come in contact with each other. The Venus and Mars connections between potential lovers determine their sexual chemistry. By learning just a few tools you can read the sexual chemistry between you and another person.

You need to do two things to find this out.

Get a free astrology printout of your birthchart from You will need to provide them with your date, time and place of birth. I can also provide you with a printout of your chart, if you enroll in any of my online classes. If you have studied your free astrology lesson, you will be able to look at the chart and locate the sign positions of your Venus and Mars. Obviously you would need to get the same information for your partner or potential mate.

Once you know how to locate the sign positions of your Venus and Mars, you will need to compare them with the Venus and Mars of your partner. You can use almost any astrological textbook to look up this information, or you can consider visiting



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