2014 Horoscopes: What's In Store For YOU?

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Already planning for next year? Don't discount astrology.

It always starts right about now — the end of the year: the emails and inquiries on social media about what everyone can expect, from an astrological and planetary perspective, during this upcoming New Year. Some ask merely out of curiosity, while others are planning ahead and trying to get a jump on what to expect and when. And, then, there are those who simply want to be told that things are getting better, particularly after all the sudden and dramatic changes we've all been through since 2008. In fact, that's really the overriding and overwhelming question I get asked the most: when will things get better?

I think that the idea that astrology predicts and then predicates events that happen in each one of our lives negates the fact that we each have a stronger personal power than all the stars in the sky combined; that we can use that power to create every outcome we experience in life. We have free will and can choose our reactions to situations and circumstance or we can get truly proactive and take empowering steps to ward off potentially negative vibes, while also taking action to attract purely positive ones. That's the premise behind my yearly and monthly "Shuistrology" reports. I wanted to add some empowerment to what the stars have in store. I mean, it's great to get an overview of what astrology says will happen during certain periods of our lives, but, then, what can you do with that knowledge that makes it work for you? In this case, you could learnsome potent and powerful Feng Shui that promises to banish the bad stuff while, at same time, calling in the good. So, you see, Feng Shui + Astrology = Shuistrology. I will besprinkling a few empowering actions steps with this yearly astrological assessment too so that we can all live in health, happiness and prosperity in 2014 and beyond.

Now, what about 2014? What do that planets predict will happen on a global basis during this upcoming year? Let's take a closer look now.

In 2014 the taskmaster planet, Saturn, will continues its trek through passionate and fiery Scorpio. This sober planet in that secretive and serious sign could suggest that individuals and companies who have been building tons of debt will find that a time of reckoning has arrived and something's just got to give. Financial energies of all kinds will hang heavy in the air with the global economy as a whole still shaking, rattling and rolling during these next 365 days, too. If you are experiencing any financial fiascos or fears, this would be a great year to explore your inner mindset and see what thoughts and beliefs you hold around money. Ask yourself what your financial "story" is, and then recreate a new one that is motivating and inspirational. I always advise clients who are going through a rough financial path to engage in an exercise that I call "Beginning At The End — Your Five Year Plan." Take a journal and just start writing down what you want your life to look like five years from now. Who are you with? Where do you live? What do you do for your living? Use your imagination and also use details, details, details. Literally try to smell the smells and taste the tastes that will be in your life then, and, needless to say, dream big! At this point in time you don't need to believe one bit of what you're writing. It's the act of engaging in the exercise that will restore and return your personal power to you. Obviously, regardless of your current financial state, you will want to imagine a much improved and comfortable one. And be specific with figures too. Exactly how much money do you have in five years (remembering that previous codicil to dream big!)

2014 will be yet another year of transformation and one of great change as well. But these changes, unlike the ones that we may have been experiencing the last few years, will offer opportunity as opposed to obstacle and will bring us closer to our true selves and our life purpose too.

If you are interested in what this next New Year might have in store for you, then see below for each sign at a glance. As always, YOUR year will be what you make it to be. Because you're totally full of it — full of power, potential, purpose and possibility, that is.

ARIES: If you can be a little more flexible this year then you will be a whole lot more comfortable. You have much freedom coming to you in 2014 as well as golden opportunities to focus on important things. If you've been feeling overworked and underappreciated that will change this year too. And you could be going on a wonderful trip too. Ooh la Aries!

TAURUS: More peace of mind. Less bad habits. More mental stability. Less reason to obsess. A better professional future and opportunities to learn from past mistakes. In other words, more good stuff, less bad. Sounds good to me. Should sound great to you!

GEMINI: Even though your life is getting ready to flow this year, that doesn’t mean that you should go diving into any new projects unless or of course you've thoroughly investigated them. Rather, put your energies into your relationships as fortune and luck will come to you from them.

CANCER: Your creativity earns you big recognition and even bigger rewards this year, while your social circle will be expanding as well. New friends and new opportunities will color your world in 2014  just remember while you’re coloring that sometimes silence is golden. Learning to be a better listener is your key phrase next year.

LEO: A hugely productive and sometimes fortunate year for you lies ahead. You will be making important decisions and will also have the time to enjoy the fruits of those labors. You have Jupiter, the Santa Claus of planets, moving in your sign the second half of the year. Woo-hoo! Enough said.

VIRGO: Finally! The clouds are parting and that dark one that's been hanging over your head disperses and then disappears. 2014 will restore your sense of satisfaction while increasing your inner strength. Finally!

LIBRA: Chances to forgive and forget are everywhere — as is money. And freedom too. And you know those two constant companions that have been keeping you company the last two years? Well Trial and Tribulation take a hike too. It's about time, Libra, certainly about time.

SCORPIO: A year filled with the audacity of hope. Ambitions and ideals move forward and peace will prevail. Your reputation rings our far and wide. Don't ask for whom that bell tolls, Scorpio, because in 2014 it'll be clear that it's tolling for you.

SAGITTARIUS: Let the past stay in the past and then you will be both renewed and restored. You will face the world with a rejuvenated vim and vigor while watching long held dreams starting to take shape. Yup, that's 2014 for you.

CAPRICORN: Perfect year to plan an even more perfect vacation. The planets are in cahoots, and, well, let's face it: after the past few years that you've had with relationships dying and dreams ending, no one deserves a holiday more than you do. Like I said, the planets promise to lend a helping hand. Pack your bags.

AQUARIUS: Huge opportunities to get ahead in almost every area of your life lie ahead in 2014 with much success attached. Get out of your head and into the spotlight. You don't have a choice. Dress appropriately.

PISCES: Progress, new ventures and new faces will allow you to exceed your limits in 2014 while harmony and euphoria hang over your love life. And the end of the year promises a boost to your bottom line. Not bad my friend, not bad at all.

Join the EMPOWERED ELITE and KNOW what to expect in your life in 2014 by ordering your own copy now  it truly is the gift that keeps on giving, all through the whole year. Love. Money. Health. Happiness. And more. What does this next year have in store for you? Find out now!

And have a magical holiday season filled with comfort and joy! — XOEllen

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