Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Week For March 6 - 12, 2023

Luck is hidden within the healing you avoid.

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To find out which day of the week will be your luckiest, starting Monday, March 6, 2023, to Sunday, March 12, 2023, according to astrology, search for your zodiac sign below.

Saturn changes zodiac signs every two to three years and gives you a chance to learn to become the person you were destined to be. 

On March 7, 2023, Saturn, the Lord of time and karma, enters Pisces changing our collective energy aura for the next two years. If the lessons of Saturn continue to pass you by, you will continue to struggle and feel stuck spinning in circles where luck always seems out of reach. However, if you learn the lesson Saturn wants to teach you and face life's challenges head-on, Saturn gifts you a big blessing.  


Saturn's rings are symbolic. They can represent the personal boundaries you must instill with others, and it is also a planet that teaches us the importance of protection. Boundaries are for everyone. They teach us to know where we belong, so no lines are blurry and mixed signals are avoided, but even with boundaries, there is often still a need to protect what is of most value within your life. 

Saturn in Pisces encourages us to embrace luck. It will guide you on a spiritual journey of greater meaning, in which you learn how to protect what is valuable to you, honor what is important and take care of what is given to you — all of which will invite more luck and abundance. The key to receiving more is always to care for what you have; healing is always at the core focus of receiving abundantly.


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Each zodiac sign's luckiest day of the week For March 6 - March 12, 2023 


Luckiest day of the week: Sunday, March 12th 

Jupiter and Chiron work together in Aries this week, allowing you to heal what has prevented you from moving ahead. Since February, you have been enjoying the cosmic alliance, an entire stellium of planets in your zodiac sign, but one of its main objectives is to help you heal.


Everything you want is on the other side of what you have been reluctant to face. Let yourself finally go there this week.

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Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 7th 

Uranus has been in you since 2018, helping you rearrange and eliminate what is no longer working or growing within your life. It rules out any stagnation and makes sure everything that stays is what can keep growing. As it unites with the Sun in Pisces this week, you will boost your reputation, providing fertile results as part of this new chapter.  

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Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 7th 

Saturn, the lord of time and karma, enters Pisces this week, giving you a much-needed focused boost to your career sector. Pisces energy rules this part of your life, meaning it is not just about a job but your purpose for feeling fulfilled.

As Saturn moves through this zodiac sign, you will be encouraged to discover your path and change when it comes to following your deepest passion.  

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Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 7th 

Pisces energy rules all matters of luck for you. As Saturn enters this sign for the next two years, you will be asked to take a leap of faith when trying new things. The more you leave your comfort zone and try new things, the happier and luckier you will feel. Everything that can bring in greater luck and abundance into your life, you will have to take a risk to achieve.  


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Luckiest day of the week: Sunday, March 12th 

The recent Aries stellium has given you a much-needed boost in your luck sector, as this zodiac sign rules this part of your life. This week, Jupiter and Chiron connect here, helping you heal the limitations or restrictions you have felt internally involving abundance and receiving what you have always wanted. Use this opportunity to take care of any lingering doubts so that you can have that fresh start as the astrological year soon begins.  

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Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 7th 

The Full Moon shines bright this week in your sign of Virgo. For you, it was an interesting six months where relationships were the central focus as Jupiter danced in and out of Pisces.

It may have seemed that what you have always wanted was just within reach or that you were getting closer to your goal — only to find that you were right back at the starting line. Use the Full Moon this week to celebrate your growth and find excitement for what is ahead, even if you are starting to realize you must let go of some plans. 

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Luckiest day of the week: Saturday, March 11th 


Gemini energy rules all matters related to luck within your life. With Mars having spent a particularly rare seven months in this sign before he shifts to Cancer at the end of the month, you have had a lot of opportunities and choices that you had to make in your life.

This week the choices combine romance and travel or some new adventure and experience. With all the recent activity in this part of your life, it could be the adventure of simply loving, yet regardless of what it is, make sure you say yes.  

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Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 7th 

The Virgo Full Moon highlights themes surrounding your reputation and social circle. With Virgo energy present, it means that not only is their healing present, but you are being guided to look more at the details of who someone is or even multiple people if speaking of a group.


While this part of your life affects friends more than family, with Saturn moving through that fated degree of Aquarius, you could see a change in how you approach or are seen by family. Make sure to honor your work, and remember; it is all about growth.  

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Luckiest day of the week: Sunday, March 12th 

You are about to realize that you often heal from trauma. Jupiter and Chiron in Aries continue to activate themes around marriage, commitment, children, joy, and self-expression.

To receive all you have dreamed or wanted in these areas, you first need to heal the parts you felt were unworthy of love. You must get on board with knowing that you deserve the best of everything because that might be the last thing you need to click into place before you enter your new era.  


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Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 7th 

The Full Moon in Virgo casts lucky and abundant energy over your life this week. Things may have felt strained in your life, especially in your home and family, since February, but you should finally be able to enjoy more peace this week.


The Virgo Full Moon brings to fruition events that have been going on in your life since August 2022. Enjoy this healing energy, and remember that it takes as much effort to create peace as conflict.  

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Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 7th 

Saturn can pack quite a punch in certain zodiac signs. Saturn will provide that cosmic exhale this week as Saturn finally leaves your zodiac sign for Pisces.

This means that instead of all about the internal work to get rid of limitations in your life and taking leaps of faith for what matters most to you. It is softer, gentler and a reminder that good things always come to those who are patient — and do the work.  




Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 7th 

In the coming week, a brand-new era is beginning that will help to bring so many of your dreams to fruition. Saturn is known as the lord of time and karma and often can bring some hard lessons.

But you, Pisces, are anything but hard, meaning Saturn is kinder and gentler here. You will be encouraged to not give up on your dreams, to take a leap of faith and to confidently know whatever you create in your life now will withstand the test of time.  

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