8 Ways Astrology Is Trying To Tell You That You've Met Your Soulmate

This is everything you need to know to identify your true soulmate.

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Soulmates and karmic mates are two types of people we encounter in romantic relationships. And while the latter is more abundant, karmic relationships do not last once they have solved the purpose for which the two people came together.

In astrology, we often look at zodiac compatibility between two signs.

When you think you've recognized all the signs you've met your soulmate, it can be so exciting, you even stop checking your horoscope for answers. But there are certain astrological traits that also indicate a significant love connection.


Soulmates are different. They are family to our soul, so we instantly form a deep bond with them, which defies the normal sequence of going from acquaintance to partner.

But what you may not know is that when you compare the birth charts of two soulmates, they almost always have certain aspects between their charts that immediately make the nature of their bond apparent to a skilled astrologer. 

Astrology indicators of soulmate zodiac sign compatibility

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1. You have connections between your nodes of the Moon.

The Moon represents our soul. And its nodes represent who we are and where we are going in this life.

So, when someone’s personal planets or luminaries (from Sun to Mars) touches either our South Node or the North Node of the Moon, we immediately get a gut feeling of "meant to be" or “destined to meet” in their presence.

2. You have connections between your Ascendant.

The Ascendant (AKA the rising sign) is called our personality’s mask in astrology because the traits of this zodiac sign are the most “visible” in our personality.

So, when people mistakenly think you are a Gemini even though you are a Capricorn, most of the time it is because you have a Gemini Ascendant.


That’s why, when someone’s personal planets, or their Sun or Moon (AKA the luminaries), touch your ascendant, you develop strong feelings for each other almost instantaneously because both of you exhibit the same personality traits (albeit, in slightly different ways).

3. Your charts form a grand trine.

Grand trines are very special in astrology — and rare. They are formed when three points in a chart or between two charts form an exact equilateral triangle.

So, when this aspect is found between the charts of two people, it is a strong indicator of a soulmate relationship, since grand trines bestow harmony and make it easier for two people to be on the same page.

4. You have planets falling in each other's 7th House.

The 7th House is the house of marriage and partnership.


That’s why when two people have planets and points falling in each other’s 7th house (or conjuncting the descendant), it is a strong indicator that the two of you are meant to be together.

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5. You have connections between your Sun and Moon signs.

You may not know this, but all married couples have connections between their Sun and Moon. It’s because the Sun represents our life path, and the Moon represents our home and soul.

When two people have connections between these luminaries, they immediately know that their paths in life go hand-in-hand, even if they do not understand what is drawing them to each other so strongly.


6. You have conjunctions with each other’s Vertex.

The vertex is also called the point of destiny because when someone’s personal planets, or Sun or Moon, touch your vertex, you immediately feel as if you were destined to meet them. 

Just remember: Karmic mates also share vertex connections. So, if this is the only connection between your charts, you probably are not soulmates.

7. You have Saturn connections.

Saturn gets a bad rep in astrology because of the fact that most people are too lazy to put in some honest hard work to achieve things in life.

In reality, Saturn is a tough taskmaster who will reward you only when you have worked hard enough to deserve it. Therefore, when two people have strong Saturn connections between their charts, they feel as if they have been glued together in a relationship where they are responsible for each other.


8. You have connections between your outer planets and personal planets.

Connections between outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), and personal planets and luminaries, always create a strong bond between two people. A bond that is destined to change your lives forever.

Uranus contacts bring out your eccentric and electric side and change your life by altering your beliefs. 

Neptune contacts create a dreamy and whimsical romance between two people. But it also makes the two of you want to escape reality. 


And Pluto contacts bring out a deep sexual obsession for each other that draws out past pains and transforms who you are through purging long-buried poisons in your psyche.

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses.