What Your Vertex Sign Means, According To Astrology

Never heard of your vertex sign? You aren't alone!

What Your Vertex Sign Means, According To Astrology LightField Studios/Shutterstock.com

One symbol located in the natal chart you should know about when studying astrology is called the Vertex.

A Vertex is a controversial topic among astrologers generally considered a point of karmic or fated connection.

Some astrologers don’t bother interpreting the Vertex, while others swear by its usefulness.

What your Vertex sign means:

The meaning of your Vertex depends on the house, sign, and degree of where it is located in your natal chart.


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A Vertex isn’t a planet, asteroid, or any other celestial body; it is an abstract point in your astrological chart that intersects the ecliptic and prime vertical points on your natal chart.


This is incredibly important for relationships as we sometimes feel we have met someone we know is going to be important in our lives (whether that be a friend, partner, spouse, etc.).

Destiny, fate, encounters, karma, and wish-fulfillment are all words that are strongly related to Vertex and should give you a good sense as to what Vertex is all about.

When your Vertex is on the same planet or house as another person’s, it reveals attraction.

This attraction is not always romantic, though it can be; it simply means you will have good chemistry and be attracted to each other’s energy.

Some consider these people to be soulmates and while that is sometimes the case, it can also be anyone who is meant to be in your life (for one reason or another) at a specific time for a particular reason.


One way or another, encounters created from Vertex connections are set to alter your life no matter how long that person is in your life.

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How to find your Vertex.

To find your Vertex you will need to know your birthday, exact birth time, and city of birth.

There are plenty of free calculators you can use to figure out your Vertex sign but we will link some here!

Here is the meaning of each Vertex for all zodiac signs in astrology:

Vertex in Aries

A Vertex in Aries is about leadership and taking control.

Conquering your fears and taking decisive action is key as building your courage may show you new skills you didn’t know you had.


You will become more self-confident and aware of who you are through taking a stand and becoming more of a leader.

Vertex in Taurus

Taking responsibility for yourself and your own affairs is vital when you have a Vertex in Taurus.

Becoming more self-supporting and relying less on others will help increase your self-esteem.

Build your confidence in yourself as you slowly let go of your dependency on others.

Vertex in Gemini

Your ability to communicate is necessary and an important aspect of who you are if your Vertex is in Gemini.

Using logic and facts to create arguments and coming up with ideas and ways to express them will help you gain the confidence you need to speak up.


You are a natural talent as a spokesperson and it is important to nurture this side of yourself.

Vertex in Cancer

If your Vertex is in the zodiac sign of Cancer, you consistently have to deal with others’ emotions and nurture those around you.

You may be tempted to stifle your own emotions in order to process this and be what others need but, it is important to remain open and avoid the desire to temper your own emotions.

Vertex in Leo

You need to flourish as an individual and not get lost in a group when your Vertex is in Leo.

Not only will you become more aware of your own individuality and creativity, but you will also inspire and help others by embracing your unique self.


Vertex in Virgo

Your practical and critical eye will be needed to find flaws and bring order to chaotic situations.

Serving those around you and being useful is great for people with their Vertex in Virgo as you feel best when you know you have a purpose.

Vertex in Libra

Bringing people together and mediating conflict are important aspects of a Vertex in the zodiac sign of Libra.

The ability to stay impartial and not let your own feelings get in the way is the ideal way to create harmony around you and an environment that benefits everyone.

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Vertex in Scorpio

Dealing with complicated and messy situations is where a Scorpio sign thrives.


Dealing with death, healing, or business practices are common for this sign as you like to be useful and provide assistance to those in need.

Vertex in Sagittarius

It is important to look at the big picture instead of the smaller details for people born with a Sagittarius Vertex.

Getting to the truth of something and not getting distracted by trivial facts is important for this sign as learning and wisdom are key.


Vertex in Capricorn

Responsibility and leadership are huge for this sign; learning and respecting rules, duties, and obligations is an essential aspect.

Organization and patience are key skills you must develop as these are skills that people need of anyone with a Vertex in Capricorn.

Vertex in Aquarius

If you were born with your Vertex in Aquarius, being kind and patient with everyone and accepting those who are different from you are essential qualities.

Being tolerant of others' differences will help you remember that you are equal, not better, and will help keep your ego in check.

Vertex in Pisces

Compassion and empathy for others are important for the Vertex in Pisces zodiac sign.


Be that person who lets people know someone cares and is willing to listen.

This will help you grow and become more insightful as a person.

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