4 Colors That Are Good Luck For Money

These colors bring in an abundance of wealth.

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What color is good luck for attracting money?

It's a great question, because one of the best ways to bring money into your life is by the colors you wear.

That's right — every color has its distinct energy and vibration that can attract different things such as love, money, health, and so much more.

Certain colors are good luck in attracting money.

So, which lucky color should you wear?

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Whether you know it or not, there are a lot of ways to manifest a life full of wealth and success.

Although it's true that money is the root of all evil, there is a need for it for almost everything we do. Our homes (rent, furniture), food, gas, clothes, bills — you name it, you can bet it has a price tag on it!

However, in my personal opinion, no one needs an excessive amount of money.

Think about it: what do celebrities, entrepreneurs, and self-made billionaires do with their money? They purchase unnecessarily giant homes that have 15 bedrooms and no children, and not to mention some people buy insanely expensive watches, necklaces, and clothes.


The point I'm trying to make is simple: When you are manifesting money to come into your life, you shouldn't be asking for an excessive amount. Be modest and realistic in your approach!

The first step in manifesting some Benjamins is simple: You sit down one day and think to yourself, "Man, the things I'd do for some cash right now..."

The next thing you need to do is start bringing things into your home and allowing them to do all of the work. You wouldn't have to lift a finger. How great is that?

Improving your luck with wealth will work with the power of feng shui. Whether you decide to incorporate these colors into your wardrobe or rock a new nail color, you will definitely feel the vibe of these colors. These colors when worn bring in an abundance of wealth.


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Here are 4 colors to wear that will help you to attract money:

1. Red

People who wear the color red usually do this to present themselves as confident and powerful. The color red is also associated with strength, and if you are manifesting money into your life, strength in these numbers will do the trick.

In China, it is believed that red is the color of abundance and wealth. That is probably why they have almost everything decorated in red.

You can decorate your room with red bedsheets, curtains, or pillows. And a special tip for women who love switching up their look, paint your nails red or throw on that scandalous red lipstick for your next date.


2. Yellow

Yellow is the color that truly brings out the creativity in everyone. It has a distinct positive energy and can instantly boost anyone's mood. This color will also attract a lot of opportunities and it will be an amazing way to see all of your manifestations come to life.

Yellow is a beautiful color. What better way to incorporate this into your life by throwing on a cute yellow summer dress or buying a yellow flower to add in your plant collection?

3. Orange

Being the child of yellow and red means two things: it is bringing a healthy balance between strength, and good energy.

This color will surely give you the confidence to take on some of the toughest challenges but, in the end, the reward will be so worth it. Orange is also said to bring prosperity into your life.


If you're new to the dating world and all of the marvelous dating apps, you should include a pop of orange in your profile picture. By doing this, not only are you manifesting a strong, yet gentle man, but you are welcoming in balanced energy.

4. Gold

Gold is the superior color when you are looking to bring in some extra dollars to your bank account. It is associated with life, light, and all things glamor.

Wearing this color or having it inside of your home will solve some of your issues with debt. I would suggest having gold objects to decorate your house and put your wallet right next to it. The wallet will absorb all of the gold energy and hopefully turn your dreams into a reality.


If you are undergoing financial issues, light up a gold candle and ask for guidance from your guardian angels. Answers will present themselves to you soon.

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