Venus Enters Sagittarius December 2020: Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope

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Relationships and romance take a turn for the better with Venus in Sagittarius, occurring on December 15th.

Venus is the planet that governs love, romance, relationships, finances, and all those aspects of life that make us feel good. While she is known for bringing changes to our relationships, she is also the planet that helps us make the choice to engage, leaving behind the struggles we get caught up in.

This planet spent the past month in Scorpio, asking us to dive deep, and reflect on our feelings, our emotions and the truth of what we want. But while each transit of Venus is necessary, and Scorpio is great at helping us realize our true feelings, it’s not great when it comes to acting on it.

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Here enters Venus in Sagittarius. 

What does Venus in Sagittarius mean?

Sometimes, Sagittarius is superficially seen as noncommittal and needing freedom; however, this sign usually will only spread their wings to fly once they feel a strong and stable relationship that gives them roots.

Sagittarius won’t sit there and pretend to be happy or keep doing something they no longer resonate with, but they want love like every other sign — it just needs to look different. Venus in Sagittarius takes the knowledge and truth learned during its Scorpio transit, and starts to make plans for the future.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, which means it’s more about acting than sitting around, wishing things would change. But Sagittarius doesn’t just act impulsively; they act for what inspires them and what means something.

Sagittarius is the philosopher of the Zodiac, so love isn’t just about moving forward into the future; it's also going to dive deep into why we need the person we love.

Your Zodiac Sign's Venus In Sagittarius Love Horoscope

This transit is in effect from December 15th, 2020 to January 8th, 2021 when Venus moves into the earth-bound sign of Capricorn.

While this transit always is a powerful one, it’s important to remember that this aspect will affect our romantic relationships.

We see our once-in-800-years transit between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, and then the final Cancer Moon on December 29th or 30th. This month is really all about the future  we just have to be brave enough to say what we feel and want.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries, you are the Fire sign that tends to act impulsively, but this whole year has been about slowing you down long enough to see what feelings are real and which are only passing.

How you make romantic decisions has changed this year. You’re less likely to make rash decisions to break up or begin a new relationship; instead, you're okay with waiting. This is huge for you, and marks an entirely new way of loving.

But the one thing you still need to make peace with is that you cannot make love logical. That is why trusting your heart is so important. These next few weeks will allow you to see what happens when you do, and how that one choice can change everything.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, you are one of the ruling signs of Venus, so even though this transit is in Sagittarius, you will still be strongly affected by it.

But the secret to the next few weeks is in the space between your sign and Sagittarius. You want everything to just feel good and be peaceful, while Sagittarius wants things to be based in truth and doesn’t mind going to war for what most matters.

Taurus is known for being grounded, sometimes a little too much in relationships, while Sagittarius can believe in big love no matter how many times their heart gets broken. This is your chance to go beyond your limits, go further than you think you should, and not just speak from your heart but be a fool for love.

A new cycle in love is beginning for all of us this month, but we have to take it. Don’t be the one left behind because you were too afraid to take a chance.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Venus in Sagittarius is a transit that challenges your way of loving, Gemini, because it asks you to be committed, loving your best, and making choices that align with that.

Gemini likes to explore all options. You like being able to think, reflect and consider different possibilities about love, partners and the choices you make for what you commit to. But you often change your mind or overthink to the point of not trusting yourself, even if you’d never tell anyone else that.

For you, the hardest thing in relationships is actually tuning into your heart and operating from that truth, instead of putting on a mask to keep yourself safe.

The next few weeks of this transit, in combination with other astrology aspects, asks you to get uncomfortable, leave behind the need to self-protect, and those storylines that kept you safe but not happy.

New beginnings in love are on the horizon, but first you will be asked to learn a lesson: just because love doesn’t look like you thought it would, that doesn’t mean it’s not love.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, this month is one you’re already feeling the importance of as we lead up to the final Full Moon in your sign around the New Year.

But in terms of love, the next few weeks are about you acknowledging the truth that came up in the past few weeks. Home and family are always your priority, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same as love and romance.

Sometimes, you try to convince yourself that you don’t need romance if you have a stable home, but even you can’t keep the truth at bay.

This month is about not letting what has happened before weigh heavily on any decisions you make for the future. And, of course, it's about realizing you can have it all if you choose to believe it.

You can have the family you desire and the passion you need. It comes down to whether you're brave enough to not just ask for it, but create it.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

As another Fire sign, Leo, you will also feel this transit strongly, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

The challenge in the next few weeks is within discovering the greater meaning in your romantic choices and feelings. You have no problem acting or choosing what feels good in life, but diving into and reflecting on the meaning of love is something you tend not to do.

You might argue that the meaning doesn’t always matter, but knowing why you’re doing something is as important as choosing what to do. This month is about a cycle beginning that asks you to look deeper into the reason why you choose certain relationships, and why you don’t.

It’s time to look at and be aware of whether the choices you’re making are part of your healing or your wounding, and stepping into the power that you get to decide if love is a fleeting affair or a lifelong adventure.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Even though you’re an Earth sign, Virgo, the next few weeks will feel good for you, even if they ask you to stretch beyond your normal comfort zone.

You like to figure out what is next. You enjoy planning and organizing how to make everything happen. While Venus is in Sagittarius, you’ll start planning for your romantic future, even if you aren’t currently in a relationship.

This looks like planning how to attract and start the relationship you dream of. The one thing that will challenge you is to plan for what you want, not necessarily what you think is possible.

It’s wonderful to be grounded in our romantic life, but sometimes we have to aim higher. We have to challenge ourselves in what we think we can get versus what we know we deserve. Plan for the best love, because while no one wants to settle, no one wants others to settle for them.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

With Venus in Sagittarius the next few weeks, Libra, you will be asked to balance out what you plan with what you purposely don’t.

Sometimes, it’s enough to plan for space, change, or the universe to surprise you. You don’t always need to plot every move, especially because, as you’ve learned, that is what leads to disappointment.

It’s okay to get to a certain point and then let go. To trust not just your intuition or the universe, but also those around you.

As one of the other ruling signs of Venus, this aspect will challenge that piece of how much control you have over balance in your relationships. Even if you give 100 percent, you can’t make up for your partner if they choose to only give 25 percent. And this can’t be planned for or controlled.

Get in the space to see this, because you have to go back to that trust, that place where you cannot believe the signs you're given, but the effort (or not) that your partner is putting into the connection.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

As a Scorpio, you need this time to balance yourself out, because sometimes you get too much in your head and forget that there is a whole world outside.

With Venus in Sagittarius, you can better make sense of all that came up for you around the New Moon in your sign last month. While you’ve been growing and changing right along with all the other signs, you’ve especially been drawn to the aspect of acting.

You have a lot of strengths, but quieting the noise in your head long enough to know when and how to act isn’t always one of them. Feeling like you do is a gift, but it’s not always those deep and sensitive emotions you find yourself diving into; rather, it's the darker ones like doubt and fear.

In a year when things have changed so dramatically, no one blames you for second-guessing yourself. But you can’t move ahead if you do.

This month will challenge you to believe the best is yet to come, and that things can turn out far better than you imagined. You just need to give life a chance to surprise you by believing it’s possible.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

This is your month, Sagittarius!

With the Lunar Eclipse New Moon in your sign and Mercury already hanging out with you, Venus just adds one more element to not just contend with, but to use to your advantage.

Because the eclipse axis was in your sign this year, you, more than other signs, are set up for big and dramatic changes. Nearing the end of the year but not the cycle, it means you’re called into action to make changes and take steps into your future, especially between the New Moon in your sign and the Full Moon in Cancer at the end of the month.

This isn’t because you’ll have everything figured out or exactly the way you want it, but that is what next year is for. Some plans need more than just a year to fully develop, but that doesn’t mean you have to end the year where you started.

Right now, romance is the biggest challenge — knowing what to change, how to change it and when. Don’t get caught in the trap of that "someday" because someday is here and ready for you.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, right Capricorn?

This is your mantra this month because it’s incredibly unlikely you’ll get to the end of the month with much of your old life still intact.

While it’s been falling apart or evolving, depending upon perspective, during the course of this year, we will see our rare alignment between Jupiter and Saturn move out of your sign and into the Air sign of Aquarius. This means it’s the end of an era in a lot of ways.

Because it’s your sign these planets are leaving in the next few weeks, things will be rougher for you. The only silver lining is if you’ve been doing your work, keeping your eyes open and letting old lovers leave, along with those outdated beliefs about what love is.

You might be okay, meaning you won’t fall apart as this final chapter of 2020 plays out. You have good things ahead of you, and you should plan for the amazing and the beautiful. Just remember you can’t do that if you’re still holding onto what is not meant for you.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You’ll be smiling this month, Aquarius, as you get an opportunity to stretch those beautiful wings.

With Jupiter and Saturn moving into your sign this month, along with the energy of Venus in Sagittarius, expect for things to change for the better. But it’s not just about a healthier, stronger love; it's about coming into a sense of true divine timing.

This is the feeling and realization that everything does happen as it’s meant to, and you will be able to see the underlying reasons for it. Even you, who is often known for being detached to those who don’t really know you, will be in your feelings, knowing it’s all part of creating that future you’re ready to step into.

This month is about you finally taking action on everything you’ve been observing and learning this year, knowing in your heart that even if it looks different than you imagined, this is the future you’ve been dreaming of, and now it’s ready for you.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Yours and Sagittarius' energy fit really well together because you’re two signs that always think of the future, Pisces. That includes the deeper or hidden meanings in life and love.

Sometimes, you can get too into your feelings, but with maturity you learn there is a certain depth you’re able to travel to and still not feel like you’re slipping beneath the surface of those heavier emotions.

Your heart is big and you feel everything, but sometimes you have a hard time believing that love doesn’t have to equally hurt. We have all had our hearts broken, and while you will love again, you have to believe it can work.

This month is about new chapters and beginnings in which you make peace with the heartbreak of your past so you can step into the love you desire. Come the Full Moon in Cancer at the end of the month, you can look around and realize that you don’t know what to dream anymore, because life has turned out so much better.

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