10 Traits That Make Leo The King Of Zodiac Signs, According To Astrology

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10 Traits That Make Leo The King Of Zodiac Signs, According To Astrology
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Leo is the fifth zodiac sign. People born between the astrology horoscope dates of July 23 and August 22 are ruled by the Sun and the element of fire.

What are the positive and negative zodiac traits of the Leo horoscope sign?

Leo is associated with being passionate, confident and warm-hearted.

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With these strong strengths comes strong weaknesses such as stubborn, arrogant and self-centered which is why they are most compatible with people born with zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. You have to fight fire with fire.

There can be some truths to all Leo traits. Ruled by the Sun — the center of the solar system — Leos are often described as having magnetic personalities.

They love being the center of attention, which relates to them being connected to the most important source of energy for life on Earth — the Sun.

But does the Sun always shine when it relates to Leos? The lion is also known as the King of the jungle. Leos can have a lack of fear, can be overly controlling and too cocky, too, just like their mascot, the lion.

Although Leos can bring a warm light of life to the people surrounded by them, they can have negative attributes that can reflect them as a whole.

Here are 10 Leo traits that make this horoscope sign the zodiac king of astrology.

Leo zodiac signs have an aggressive personality.

When it comes to their personal or business goals if they have their eye on something there is no stopping them from getting it.

They set goals and do anything in their power to achieve them.

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Leo zodiac signs are energetic.

This fire sign has an enormous sense of bright energy surrounding them. Leos can have a positive outlook on life and with their energetic spirits, they tend to be spontaneous and cheerful, while charming others in a difficult situation.

Leos will light up a room and with this great trait, they can make others have a great time by being the life of any party.

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Leo zodiac signs are optimistic.

Leos can have a hopeful mindset. They will not dwell on the past but focus on the present and future. Despite what has happened in their past they look forward to changing the outcome of their future.

They will see the glass as half full and try their best to make do with any situation.

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Leo zodiac signs are loyal.

Once a Leo is locked in there is no escaping. If they are committed to something, they stick to it whether it is love, family or friendship, Leos are not quitters and are loyal to the ones who are loyal back.

With a heart of gold, they tend to love strong and stand by anyone close to them. They take loyalty seriously and will not cross you as long as you don't cross them.

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Leo zodiac signs are creative.

Leos can have a fresh and new way of thinking. They can be innovative and open to new ideas and experiences in life. They enjoy expressing themselves in creative space.

They can make other's change their perspective and take risks and face fears without any doubt or thought regarding it. They will do something different just because they are not afraid of the outcome.

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Leo zodiac signs can be nonchalant.

They can care but once their trust is broken or they are taken for granted they can become uninterested and unconcerned in a drop of a hat.

A Leo can be relaxed and calm when they are being tested once they are convinced you have betrayed them there is no way to get them to become attached again. They can easily detach themselves.

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Leos come across as self-centered.

Leos have egos that demand respect. Their pride comes from a source of integrity which causes them to be self-centered but with the warmth of their good hearts, this can be controlled.

They can pre-occupied with themselves and their tasks that they tend to rule others out until they get what they desire.

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Leo zodiac signs dominate.

This can be a negative trait if the influence on others is not a positive influence. The lion in the Leo seeks to be in control at all times.

They tend to be very powerful and commanding. They love to be the authority and are very influential to people surrounding them.

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Leo zodiac signs are determined.

Leos can be quickly irritated and eager. Once a Leo wants something there is no waiting, they will seek it and go right after it.

They cannot endure delays. They despise when others make mistakes because they believe that there is no room for it.

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Leo zodiac signs are uncompromising.

Stuck in their ways. It is very hard to influence them to do something or change. They have strong opinions and will never back down or become flexible when their decision is made.

Leos will refuse to compromise on decisions. They are unwilling to make concessions to others.

Like all signs, Leos have their positive and negative attributes but with the warmth of their gentle hearts, the beast of the lion can be tamed.

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