What Makes Aquarius Zodiac Signs So Weird

If you're weird, you just might be Aquarius.

What Makes Aquarius Zodiac Signs So Weird getty

All zodiac signs have something quirky about them, and some are so much more strange than another.

If you've ever met an Aquarius zodiac sign, you might walk away feeling like you'll never meet anyone like that again.

Why are Aquarius zodiac signs so weird?

This zodiac sign is a free spirit and their element is air. Air signs are the free spirits of the astrological world.

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The element air is very adaptable to its surroundings. Air is not stuck in a single form, like other elements. They are virtually unpredictable.

Aquarius’ lack of predictability makes them a free spirit. They come off as weird, because of their free spirit.

Even though they are strange, Aquarius are extremely outgoing and sociable.

You assume that extroverts are great at expressing their emotions, but that’s not always true.

Surprisingly Aquarius struggles to express emotion. This further confuses others about this sign.

Their characteristics seem to contradict one another. For example, Aquarius is very intellectual.


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They allow intellect to rule their lives but might just surprise you by relying on their creativity instead. Aquarius does not try to fit into the status quo.

They just want the freedom to be unapologetically themselves. Aquarius’ individuality is one of the main reasons why people think they are strange.

Wherever you go against the norm, people tend to think you're weird.

Things or people that are different always seem weird. The lack of familiarity makes people uncomfortable.

Here’s the thing though, we are all unique in our way. That makes us all weirdos, not just Aquarius.


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Being weird is something that we should embrace, instead of ridiculing them.

Being weird says you have the confidence to be different. Aquarius is a perfect example of a zodiac sign, that marches to the beat of their own drum.

They are not ashamed to show it either.

Every zodiac sign has strange distinct characteristics that make them special in comparison to other signs.

These qualities make them seem weird. They are not weird, we are just unaccustomed to how they are acting.

Here's why Aquarius zodiac signs are so weird, per astrology:

1. Aquarius comes off as emotionally distant.

Aquarius are social butterflies. Yet they are not ones to share their emotions.


Aquarius would rather engage in surface-level conversations. These conversations are very engaging, because of the Aquarius’’ charm.

They do not mind getting to know people and hearing all about their life stories but are slow to share their own.

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2. Aquarius are creative.

Aquarian individuals embrace their originality. They recognize that their creativity allows them to see and do things differently.

Instead of trying to tame their imagination, they allow it to run wild.

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3. Aquarius have an air of mystery.

Since Aquarians struggle with vulnerability, they hardly allow people to get too close to them.


They prefer to observe and learn about others while keeping what they share to a minimum.

This makes others around Aquarius wonder who they really are. Many people see Aquarians, but very few actually know them.

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5. Aquarius are free spirits.

They are not concerned about trying to fit in. Their main concern is making sure their life is filled with good vibes.

Aquarius wants the freedom to be who they are and to surround themselves around only those who make them happy.

If a person or passion no longer adds to an Aquarius’ life they will no longer make room for it, to protect their spirit.

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