Why Is Aquarius So Mysterious?

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Why Is Aquarius So Mysterious?

Born between the dates of January 21 and about February 20, Aquarians are unique zodiac signs.

But, why is Aquarius so mysterious?

You may have been told that you're unique by friends or people who meet you for the first time. If you're an Aquarius, here is a look into your secretive side.

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Aquarians are the Waterbearer in astrology, and in the tarot, their card is The Star. Aquarians are truth-seekers, and there's a reason why this zodiac sign wants people to work hard to find the truth. Just notice how an Aquarius is with others, and you can see their uniqueness in action.

Here are a few reasons why Aquarius is so mysterious, per astrology:

They tend to keep things real and honest. Others feel at ease with you around instead of feeling like they are being asked to be someone that they are not.

1. Aquarians keep to themselves.

Maybe out of being hurt before they keep their walls up with everyone. Some Aquarians seem mysterious because they have learned not to wear their heart on their sleeve.

Aquarians often keep people guessing. Either way, here is a deeper outlook into why you are harder to guess than a coded message.

But even an Aquarius needs to hear that it's okay to let your emotional side out.

Although it may seem like you let everyone step on you, it’s fine to break down once in a while. Keeping it all in can hurt you emotionally.

This will help others to help you cope correctly instead of you ignoring something important. It also will help you to connect with others in a different way, as life can be hard alone until you find someone who understands you on an emotional level.

2. Aquarius is independent.

Aquarius wants to make it on their own in every aspect of their life. They don’t want to rely on others’ sympathy as they want to prove they can do it.

This causes you to have a hard time asking others for help, even when you really need it. You feel like others will judge you and would rather do something else than make sure you’re okay, so being independent is the answer.

It’s okay to make mistakes if you're an Aquarius. Like mentioned before, it’s okay to admit defeat. No one will think less of you if you aren’t perfect.

That way, you can learn from your mistakes and move on. And it helps you to become stronger in the end.

3. Aquarius zodiac signs want to do things their way.

Aquarius has a unique way of thinking, which can be really good or bad depending on the situation. This may cause them to not want others to know what they are thinking as they might steal their ideas.

If you're an Aquarius do you keep to yourself and put up a front? That way, others can’t see what you’re really thinking when it comes to new ideas.

It can be fun keeping everyone on their toes, as there really isn’t a reason for everyone to know exactly what you’re thinking. But at times, it can be pretty lonely, so here are some ways to get away from the secret side. Let others help you out.

It might be easy to just do things on your own, cause sometimes you really don’t need help when you are both capable and free. But once in a while, let others help out.

They might be the better person to do the job, which will help you out next time you need assistance. It’s okay to admit defeat, as no one will see you as weak.

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4. Aquarians don’t want people thinking they are too weird.

Because of their unique way of thinking, they might do things others would see as odd. They get tired of others looking at them with a confused face or have been told they are embarrassing in public in previous situations.

So you figure why show your true nature when it's seen as different and weird? That way you won’t get hurt anymore by strangers or close ones.

If you're an Aquarius, stop worrying about how others think of you.

Society is always trying to get everyone to act and think the same. So why give in to that mentality?

Let others see how unique and special you are. Because there is only one you, who cares what others think.

5. Aquarians don’t want to befriend the wrong person.

Aquarius wants someone to be dedicated to them but has met potential “friends” that decided otherwise. This means having to keep one eye on the exit when encountering someone new.

You don’t want to be hurt by someone you consider close. So you just keep new people far and won’t try to get closer unless you see a reason to, and even then it’s not that frequent.

6. They don’t want others seeing their emotional side.

Aquarius wants to be seen as a rock in emotional situations. Meaning they want others to feel like they are the ones holding everyone together.

You might have broken down a few times in front of someone and it ended badly. So the walls are up and there is no way to get through them, to the point it can be hard for you to let them down.

If you're an Aquarius, it would be great to keep an open mind.

You don’t always turn ideas down, you like seeing things from a new perspective. But once someone contradicts your ideas, you immediately want to ignore it.

Try and let others give their two cents to the plan. Because it might actually help you out in the end.

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