Neptune Direct: How The End Of Retrograde Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign Until June 2021

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Neptune is the watery planet that rules over our dreams and helps us see the truth, even if it’s hard.

Neptune first turned retrograde on June 22nd, and since then has been moving through 18-20 degrees of Pisces. On November 28th, we experience Neptune Direct in Pisces 2020, just one day before our Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.

What does Neptune Retrograde mean?

The Sabian symbol for 18 degrees Pisces is a gigantic tent, representing the desire to be with and align with like-minded people. This is the desire to find our tribe.

For 19 degrees, it’s a master instructing a pupil, representing a deep and profound lesson that brings directing and clarity. And for 20 degrees, which is the degree Neptune is turning direct in, it's a table set for an evening meal.

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This is the cumulative point of a long journey, one where we’re sitting and reaping the quiet rewards of company, nourishment, and good times.

While the Sabian symbols are always present in astrological events, in this case, there is no other way of viewing Neptune Retrograde that makes more sense.

The bottom line: This is a journey we’ve all been on since June.

What zodiac signs did Neptune Retrograde affect most?

Water signs especially felt this energy strongly — Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. But even if a zodiac sign doesn’t carry that same vibe, it doesn’t mean we get away from its effects.

Neptune is a slow-moving planet that turns retrograde every year for roughly five months. During this time, we are asked to see things more clearly, as a regularly moving Neptune tends to see things with rose-colored glasses.

What does Neptune Direct mean?

But Neptune Direct is the time where we see things for how they really are and begin the work to adjust.

The only thing to keep in mind is that when Neptune is retrograding, even though we can see the truth, hope is in short supply, which is a necessary ingredient for making plans and steps towards our future.

So, Neptune Direct is a time when hope returns, allowing us all to take that truth and spin it into gold.

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Neptune Direct Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign


Neptune Direct means you’re feeling ready to start acting on all those thoughts you’ve been having, Aries.

With Mars having turned direct in your sign a few weeks ago, you’ve just been biding time until you felt that divine call to act — and this is it.

Remember all that you’ve learned during the past five months, especially that no matter how hard you try, you can’t make something into what it isn’t.

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Once Neptune turns Direct, Taurus, you feel as if you can finally see the purpose in all the feelings you’ve been wading through, something that your normally lighthearted self doesn’t partially enjoy.

This is a time that joy returns. Yes, there is a lot on the horizon, but you can feel the benefit in all that you’ve been through. You’re more accepting of the unknown because of this.

Once you find your own stability, no one can knock you off-course.

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Gemini, take this chance to become a little softer. Say what you feel, not just what you think, and remember that life is here to enjoy.

You're deserving of love and romance, but this time has been about you realizing you have to live your life as if you know this. Neptune Direct is a chance for you to see all the ways you’ve been blocking your own happiness (and relationships), and is a chance to receive what is being offered to you.

Just remember: love rarely looks like you think it will, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t.

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Neptune Direct will provide you with a chance to act on the inspiration you’ve had during the past few months, Cancer.

Whether it’s a creative endeavor, new relationship, or life path, this is the time when you feel full and like anything is possible.

You’ve had to wade through some darkness and get rid of those things that weren't working, but now is the reward for the path you’ve taken to get here. Let yourself believe in the best and that is exactly what you will get.

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Once Neptune turns Direct, Leo, you and the other Fire signs will find it the time to act.

You’ve had some quiet and not-so-nice realizations over the past few months, and have needed that quiet solitude to settle into them. But now is the time for you to pick yourself up and accept the truth the universe has shown you.

Life (and love) can be even more amazing when it’s real and not just looking amazing. So, step into a new phase of your life where truth is the barometer for greatness.

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This was a really hard transit for you, Virgo. You saw what people’s intentions were, and how they didn’t or don’t always align to the words they say.

While there are some who have malicious intent, for most they plan what they hope they’ll be able to accomplish; sometimes that doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care.

Lean into what you were able to learn through this process, not about others, but why you chose the people and situations you have. Reflect on what it says about you. But be prepared to patch those holes in your heart and move on, because your chance is coming to believe in love once again.

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There is a balance to everything, isn’t there sweet Libra? Or, some would say calculating, wouldn’t they?

Don’t let what others say about this part of your journey bother you. Neptune Direct is letting you out of the gate to make sweeping changes or tell people exactly what is on your mind, and to trust that if you feel it, there is a reason for it.

This has been a time to quit second-guessing your own thoughts and believe in yourself. This is the secret to balance, Libra, because while we can have balance with another, we first have to find it within ourselves. You have, now act like it.

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It’s been a long strange trip hasn’t it, Scorpio? Neptune Direct is about to turn the light on in your subconscious once again.

It’s a time to see that not everything is dark and dismal, and that while we can traverse the depths of our emotional realms, we sometimes need the light turned on so we can find our way out.

Take everything you’ve learned — all the truths that were hard to take, all the feelings that felt overwhelming — and make something beautiful from it. You don’t have to live in the possibility of pain in order to feel safeguarded from getting hurt, because love doesn’t have to hurt.

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We’re not only just beginning Sagittarius Season, but you also have that Solar Eclipse in your sign coming up in just a few weeks.

Now is the time to start all those plans you’ve thinking of. You’ve spent the past five months making hard decisions and facing even more difficult truths, so now is not the time to back down but to rise up and do something with all you’ve learned.

The universe couldn’t create a better time for you to act, and while there is a lot of unknown, it doesn’t mean you don’t know how all this is going to play out. So, take that first step and begin creating those dreams that keep you up at night.

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As an Earth sign, Capricorn, you’ve been hit in a different way with this watery realm, and thanks to all the other astrology, you’re still grasping for straws.

Accept what is and let it go. You can’t change the past. You can’t force people to show up for you, or even to love you. And, honestly, why would you want to?

Everything is as it’s meant to be in this moment, but the universe wants to know: what are you going to do next? Life is changing in a big way for you.

Jupiter and Saturn are leaving your sign in a few weeks, and while Neptune is giving you a big dose of hope and optimism, just make sure it’s also based in reality and not what you wish was.

You've had the hardest time accepting the truth over the last few months because it means nothing will ever be the same again. And you’re right: it won’t. But that doesn’t mean the future isn’t waiting for you, because it is, so go.

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Aquarius, as a sign that will dominate a lot of the energy in 2021, you’ve used these past five months to really reflect on the walls and boundaries that aren’t healthy for you.

This means those relationships and even creative opportunities you’ve said no to because of fear of failure, even if you never revealed that. You have a lot of independence and creativity, and none of what has come wants to strip that away or trap you.

But you have to give it a chance. You have to see that you block what is good for you by being afraid of how it will change you. 

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Pisces, the hardest truth to accept is the one about yourself, right?

Neptune Direct is all about showing you how far you’ve come, and trusting that it’s safe to be vulnerable. It’s safe to be real, to show your heart and to trust.

You don’t have to keep those walls so high, and if you do, at least build in a gate and don’t forget to give someone the key.

You’ve had the chance over the past few months to see the truth of yourself and how your reality can be more beautiful than any illusion. You’ve learned that it’s safe to build your life on truth and that it’s always better to know now than find out later.

You’re ready for whatever this next chapter holds, because now you know it’s real.

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