How Mars Going Direct In November 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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It seems 2020 just keeps right on rolling, and with it getting more intense the closer we inch to the end of it. A big part of that is Mars retrograde in Aries, which ends on November 13th, turning direct.

In astrology, Mars is a planet that rules our ambition, drive, passions, and knowledge of self. This planet also governs over the divine masculine energy within us. Mars is a fire element, so it’s so no surprise that fellow fire sign, Aries, is its ruling sign.

Usually, this is a fast-moving planet, spending no more than 3 to 4 weeks in a zodiac sign during his rotation around the Sun, similar to Mercury and Venus. But unlike Mercury, Mars doesn’t go retrograde all that often.

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Mars usually turns retrograde for about nine weeks every two years. Adding to the rarity of this event, Mars is retrograde less than any other planet, about ten weeks every two-and-a-half years. In comparison, Mercury travels around the Sun in about 88 days, turning retrograde three to four times during that period.

Like anything we see in astrology, the more rare an event is, the more significant it will be.

The last we saw this planet turn retrograde was the end of June, lasting until the end of August, in 2018. During that time, Mars was in Aquarius and had a very different mission than he does now. But that doesn’t mean we still didn’t see issues or themes revisit us during the current retrograde.

While Mars tends to be a fast-moving planet, he entered his home sign of Aries on June 27th and will remain there until January 6th, 2021. This is almost six months in his home sign, where he feels the strongest, an almost unprecedented event... kind of like everything this year, right?

This means that, unlike many planets who quickly depart their retrograding sign once direct, Mars still has unfinished business to take care of. And so do we.

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This isn’t just about tempers flaring, Aries, though you may be feeling a little more passionate than normal. This is about you getting tired of not being you.

This retrograde has been about being yourself, but because you’re an Ariesm it’s hitting you even harder. Think about where you’re playing nice instead of being real, where you’re holding back from speaking your full mind, and be ready to make some big changes around the time of the Solar Eclipse in December.

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You slide under the radar more often than not because people don’t expect you to have a boiling point, but you know better, Taurus.

Just because you can be patient (or stubborn... which is it?) doesn’t mean you're incapable of reaching that point of no return. Well, if you spent the past nine weeks identifying what is most important to you and preparing to act, you will be ready for anything as Mars turns direct.

If not, start preparing now and remember you can’t be mad at anyone but yourself for not taking steps to create the life you want.

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In the past nine weeks, Gemini, you’ve had to confront the parts of yourself you're still at war with; the parts of yourself that hold you back; the parts that tell you nothing will ever go right or make you doubt you can achieve what you want.

Now is the time to lean in, to go all the way, to take a chance, and to believe that as long as you’re speaking your truth, others will, too.

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As a water sign, you generally don’t think too much about ambition and motivation, Cancer.

But this time around, Mars retrograde asked you what you care about. What is most important to you? Why aren’t you running directly towards it?

You’re still in the midst of the changes, but this time period marks the difference between the changes just happening to you and you creating the change. This is the part of your story where you take your power back, wonder why you ever gave it away in the first place, and then realize you can be both strong and soft.

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Let it roar truly and honestly, Leo!

The past nine weeks have taught you a lot about what is really important to you. What do you need to be you? What do you need from your life in order to feel like it’s meaningful and worthwhile?

Then, ask yourself that hard question: Are you waiting for someone else to give it to you, or are you giving it to yourself?

Remember that as much as it’s worthwhile to strive to be our best, perfection doesn’t exist. Don’t let yourself get caught up thinking life (or anyone in it) has to be or look a certain way. It’s okay to let life surprise you once in a while.

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It’s time for a vacation, Virgo. whether literal or just emotional.

Take a break from trying so hard to figure everything out, or from thinking if you step back the world will crumble. You’ve learned a lot about trust in the past nine weeks, especially in terms of trusting yourself and the decisions you make.

Let yourself assimilate to this new knowledge. Let yourself breathe. You don’t need to control anything or work so hard to keep all the balls in the air.

You're responsible for your own healing, not the whole world's. Remember this and the beauty that surrounds you every day. And don’t forget that if you do pause and someone or something leaves your life, they weren’t meant for you anyway.

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Libra, you’re feeling stronger than you have in a long time, and even more balanced.

Even though as an air sign you weren’t directly affected by Mars, you did have some planets hit your sign while he was traversing his retrograde shadows. This means you have dealt with something you put off, or a situation with someone.

We know Libras enjoy balance, but sometimes you sacrifice dealing with what you need to, in order to keep the peace. The past nine weeks were an important lesson in learning to speak up, not worrying how another will take it, and simply following your own barometer for what is right.

Let that lead you. There will be moments when you will be asked to practice this and rise to the challenge between the Solar Eclipse and Full Moon in Cancer in December. But you’ve got this.

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There’s a clear line in the sand now isn’t there, Scorpio?

It's a line between what you will accept and what you no longer can. This is rooted not just in your truth, but in your passions; in letting go of never having to talk yourself into anything.

You either feel it, or you don’t. You either feel drawn to pursue the magic of what interests you, or you don’t. Mars retrograde reminded you to not talk yourself into anything. When you do this, you lose a part of yourself that defines you.

If you only ever let yourself be moved by what moves you, you’ll know that in whatever you’re doing there is a truth; it’s this truth that will be the fuel to help propel you into the changes you’ll start to feel around the Full Cancer Moon in December.

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You’ve gotten really clear on who you are in the last nine weeks, Sagittarius, and what you need to be you, or the better version of you that you’re trying to become.

You’ve had your eyes opened to what or who has been holding you back, but you’ve also had the realization that might have been yourself. Your mind is so big and beautiful, but sometimes you steal your own joy by worrying about losing it or destroying it.

Just as you’ve gotten clearer on who you are, don’t forget to make sure you’re looking at life through your healing and not your wounding. From now until the Solar Eclipse in your sign on December 14th, you’re figuring out what all this means to you, because once that eclipse hits, it’s change time.

Don’t worry, though; you’re not just ready for it, you’ve created it.

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Sometimes we find that we’re not who we thought we were, Capricorn. This is true for you more than any other zodiac sign.

The last few months have brought you to your knees, asked you to rearrange what you thought was real, and to suspend your beliefs long enough for the truth to emerge. The old is crumbling and there is no reason to try to stop it.

Freedom is found in allowing your old identity to fall to the ground, because only in that can you step into the truth the next six weeks has in store for you.

Mars will leave Aries during your season. Make no mistake about it — this is meant to help you free yourself from what has held you back. Life doesn’t evolve if you don’t. Close your eyes because the moment has arrived.

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Aquarius, the greatest rebellion comes from no longer having to live in our wounds, and the expectations and beliefs that have held us back.

What you’ve learned is that you don’t need to scream from the distant mountains to make a splash in this world, but to focus on what is holding you back and that it’s okay to have roots.

We’re not free simply because we say we are; we're free because we’ve done the work to sever the ties with what constricts us. We’re free because we’re living in truth.

This whole year has been directing you back towards your home and personal life, because that is where the answers are. Look there and then watch how the outside world aligns.

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Your greatest asset is your ability to tune into your heart, Pisces.

You’ve had a chance to dive further into your truth than you ever have before. The difference is, you’re not using walls to protect yourself. You’re not using your old storylines of it never working out to keep you safe.

You’ve learned that while you can flow, you can still be determined. You can direct the wave, sweet Pisces. This is not only your truth, but your greatest strength.

Revel in this, trust this, and be prepared to utilize what you’ve learned as we dive into Eclipse Season. You’re ready to move beyond where you’ve been; you’re ready for that next step.

Just stay in your heart, breathe through any fear that comes up, and trust that if the universe brings you to it, it’s because it’s meant for you.

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