How Neptune Retrograde Will Change Your Relationships & Love Life Until November 2020

Every day is a chance at a re-do.

How Neptune Retrograde In Pisces Will Change Your Relationships & Love Horoscope Until November 2020, According To Astrology wavebreakmedia / shutterstock

Neptune is just one more planet that's joining the gathering of planets retrograding, as she turns on June 22nd, lasting until November 28th. Neptune retrograde in Pisces brings greater truth and the chance to re-do anything that previously fell apart due to illusion or lies.

In astrology, Neptune is the planet that rules our subconscious; she is the bringer of dreams, and the guide into aspects of spirituality and mysticism. But Neptune is also famous for wearing rose-colored glasses so that even the worst of situations don’t look too bad while we’re under her optimistic and dreamy energy.


It’s not all bad, though, because while Neptune does also rule illusion and fantasy, it also represents unconditional love.

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Normally, when this planet is direct, we have to be wary of aspects involving this blue giant because we run the risk of seeing what our hearts want us to, rather than seeing the truth. As with anything, it’s neither bad nor good because we need to feel hopeful; it’s just a matter of also making sure we’re grounding ourselves in reality too.


However, when this planet turns retrograde, it actually enables us to see things more clearly. Because while retrogrades often get a bad name, they truly are for our benefit.

When Neptune slows down, we get the chance to see things as they are. Sometimes, this means that we can see that our own fears or insecurities are causing us to think the worst of a situation; at others, we can see that no matter how much we want something to be true, it doesn’t mean it is.

The energy from this retrograde will peak around the time of the Pisces Full Moon in September, so expect to have the chance to make physical changes in your life, along with the truth you're now seeing.

Neptune entered Pisces in 2012 and will remain there until 2025. As one of the further-reaching slow-moving planets, she spends more time in each zodiac sign.


During this particular period, she's at her strongest because Pisces is her ruling sign, which means it will end up being a powerful time for all of us.



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While this will affect those with their Sun or Neptune in Pisces, this retrograde will have us not only question what we believe in, but also be more willing to see the truth of ourselves and life.

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This dreamy planet works best in Neptune because then we’re able to feel what we don’t normally see. It’s not all bad to wear rose-colored glasses, to look for meaning, and to believe that there's a higher purpose in everything; it only becomes detrimental when it takes us away from ourselves or from the path we had signed up for in our soul contracts.


In Pisces, this planet wants to dream, love fully and unconditionally, and be in touch with spirit. There’s no coincidence that during Neptune in Pisces we’ve seen astrology become mainstream; in fact, you can’t really go anywhere now without hearing conversations about the moon or retrogrades!

But we’ve also been speaking more about unconditional love. Since 2012, it seems we’ve all stepped into Neptune’s world to not only look for meaning among the stars, but also to recognize that when we do, we learn to love differently.

Neptune in Pisces has us believing it’s all possible: great love, oneness, connectedness. It’s all possible, yet we still hold onto illusions that taint what we’re seeking. And this is the point of retrograde.

Once this watery romantic planet turns retrograde, it’s nothing but the truth, which is actually part of a greater theme we’re seeing this year.


Pluto, the lord of the underworld and the harbinger of secrets, turned retrograde himself, getting ready to expose anything and anyone that hasn’t been honest. Venus retrograde has made us more closely look at the choices and options that exist within our own lives.

Now, enter Neptune retrograde: the point at which we’re not only seeking the truth, but we’re ready for it!



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Most of the time it comes down to understanding that the person who was lying to us was, in fact, ourselves. But there's also a greater theme here of stepping up to believe in ourselves and to let go of the self-limiting beliefs.


Another benefit of this retrograde has to do with those areas of our lives that were based on illusion or straight-out lies. Once exposed, they will have a chance to be rebuilt with integrity and truth.

This may have occurred in romantic relationships, friendships, or even careers, and could have been the lies we were told by others or those we told ourselves.

Unlike other retrogrades where it’s simply about exposing the truth or choices in our life, there's something about re-doing, re-building, even an overall reset with this one. But to have that reset, we also must let go of the past, especially because what has happened before will only serve to ruin our future if we don’t let it go.

So, yes, we will have the rose-colored glasses removed. Yes, we’re going to see the truth of relationships with others and ourselves. We’re going to see if we were the block to happiness or love.


But we’re also asked to forgive and say yes to doing a complete and total overhaul if we're going to rebuild.



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This entire year is about restructuring our lives so that, come 2021, we can enjoy the freedom of living our own lives.

It doesn’t mean it will always be pretty or easy, but one step at a time, we’re being asked to dismantle what wasn’t working, so we can build what will — together.

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