3 Facts (And Common Misconceptions) About Aries You Should Know

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Aries Facts + 3 Common Myths And Misperceptions

Some of the things people say about the Aries zodiac sign is real. Maybe you've associated some truths to your own zodiac sign when hearing about yourself in astrology, but since you don't believe in pseudo-science, what anyone has to say about horoscopes is merely coincidental and not real.

Depending on your zodiac sign in astrology, there are going to be a lot of myths (and some facts) regarding your true personality.

Well, it’s time to confirm and debunk some of the common myths and affirm the facts regarding the Aries personality.

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A lot of people are into astrology, so it's natural to want to learn about the first zodiac sign. And when it comes to Aries traits, there's a lot to know.

Aries are passionate, honest, optimistic, motivated and courageous. Nothing stands in their way. Aries does everything the way they want to do it, never the way society, their families, or the world wants. Aries does this because they refuse to live any other way.

In case you have any doubt about the Aries horoscope and personality, these three facts and myths should set the record straight.

Fact 1. Aries are always honest.

Aries are probably the most honest out of all of the zodiac signs. Aries is so honest that their honestly tends to get to the point of brutality. Don’t ask an Aries their opinion unless you’re ready for some brutal truth.

While some consider the brutal honest nature of an Aries to be a downfall (the world seems weirdly obsessed with this “keep it to yourself” mentality), those close to this zodiac sign value their dedication to speaking and living honestly. Being so honest is a rarity that makes the Aries one of a kind and valued beyond others for this aspect of their personality.

Often, if an Aries is being quiet, it’s because their honest response wouldn’t be considered “nice”. But if you ask, you’ll hear it anyway.

Fact 2. This zodiac sign has a short fuse.

Aries' passionate nature has a downside in the way of an incredibly short fuse. More often than not, you can only poke at an Aries a few times before you’ll get yelled at (or, possibly smacked).

A short fuse and a confident nature also make the Aries unlikely to take any crap from anyone. If you’re treating them in a way they don’t feel they deserve, you’re going to hear about (like seriously, watch out. It might get heated).

Be sure to avoid hot-button topics with an Aries... unless you want to hear an aggravated earful.

Fact 3. They are always inspiring someone.

The Aries' ability to be optimistic, enthusiastic and determined despite any challenges they face make them a very inspiring zodiac sign. They tend to radiate confidence that other people want to mirror back at them.

They are always inspiring one person or another by their refusal to give up, no matter how hard the challenge. Sure, their brutal honest nature makes some people hate them a little, but even those people have a tendency to be inspired by them.

Aries loves positive energy so much that if you're negative, they will absolutely, positively show you the door. 

Now, while you have some understanding about the truth of the Aries personality, there are a few myths and rumors to put to rest.

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Myth 1. Aries are one of the rudest signs in astrology.

While Aries can come across as “rude” due to their brutally honest nature, valuing honesty over sugarcoating information to spare your feelings (and their aggressive nature doesn’t help), they can actually be thoughtful, passionate and considerate.

People who understand that honesty doesn’t equate to rude will get that Aries' commitment to honesty is actually the very thing that makes them so considerate. I mean, really? Isn’t lying a disservice? Isn’t that “rude” too? The whole logic behind an Aries being “rude” doesn’t even hold up.

Aries' tendency to be aggressive is never meant to be “rude” — you just have to take the perceived negative side to passion in stride.

Myth 2. They care more about winning than your feelings.

While this may be true in some cases (if they don’t like you then, yeah, probably), this is seldom the case. Aries' need to be first in everything is very strong, but this doesn’t mean they want to hurt your feelings. They just refuse to hold themselves back in order to spare feelings.

If you communicate that you feel embarrassed by them being better at something than you, you’re likely to get a nice response like “no worries. Not everyone is good at everything. I’m awful at such and such.” (That brutal honest nature can be a good thing... if you choose to see it).

Myth 3. An Aries has no self-control.

Aries' tendency to be short-tempered, impatient and impulsive often make them come across as having little to no self-control. This, however, is seldom the case.

On the contrary, Aries' determination, courage and confidence often make them masters of self-control. They’re not the ones complaining that they “need to lose weight” — they’re the ones doing something about it (assuming it even gets out of hand in the first place).

While Aries' passion and honesty may make them say things that a normal person would regret, this doesn’t display a lack of self-control, but rather their commitment to the truth.

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