How Mercury Going Direct In November 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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If you've been noticing things feeling strange or problematic laterly, you may already be aware that Mercury turned retrograde on October 13, 2020.

Mercury turns direct on November 3 — yes, Election Day — ending the third and last retrograde of 2020. But how will that affect each of the zodiac signs, and, more specifically, your relationships?

Mercury retrograde phases, which occur three to four times a year, are famous for causing disturbances in communication and slowing us down, forcing us to think twice before making any big decisions.


This Mercury retrograde period began on October 13 in Scorpio, then slipped back into Libra, asking us to go deep and think about how balance is showing up in our lives.

As this trickster planet moves direct just after the rare Full Blue Harvest Moon on Halloween, it’s a good time to have difficult conversations and make tough choices. Trust that you learned all you were meant to and are ready to move forward.

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Here's what your zodiac sign can expect from the end of Mercury's retrograde motion. Be sure to read not only for your Sun sign, but for your Moon sign and Rising sign, too.

Mercury Direct Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign


Your ruling planet, Mars, is still retrograde in Aries for another week, but Mercury turning direct will make a big difference, Aries.

Really consider the feelings that have come to the surface in the past few weeks, which may not be easy to deal with but were necessary. Even if you don’t feel ready to act on them, it’s time to open up and start sharing what you learned. If you need to redo anything, now is the time to start acting.

More will happen in the coming weeks, especially as we begin Sagittarius season, a fellow fire sign. For now, stop talking yourself out of all the reasons why it won’t work.


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Taurus, the past few weeks brought about some sort of surprise or news to you that you’ve been struggling to understand.

The time you’ve spent doing this is good; you’re taking your time and going into it, just don’t think that you can get every aspect of those unexpected life events figured out. There are pieces of new paths that can’t be figured out unless you start walking down it.

Try not to procrastinate thinking there is some sort of perfection or readiness you can achieve before getting started, and instead just focus on something small you can do today.


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Scorpio energy is not something that Geminis are comfortable in — there's too much darkness, too much depth, and definitely not enough light.

But it’s good because it asks you to think about things you sometimes try to avoid. Even in these moments, you can keep breathing, reminding yourself that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable, especially if it’s leading you outside of yourself and that head you get too caught up in.

As Mercury turns direct, start to practice trust and open up to those who can help you on this new path. You don’t need to change everything overnight, but you do need to start trusting yourself to act on what you’re feeling.


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Cancer, it’s okay to say you don’t know.

It’s okay to appreciate and value the peace you’ve built for yourself. What’s not okay, though, is using that as a way to keep yourself from living, or keep people away out of a fear of being hurt.

These past few weeks were a dive into what scares you the most, especially about relationships and letting that guard down. But if it’s taught you anything, it’s that you not only can get through anything, you already have.

You are the one who creates that safe space, that feeling of home. This means that no matter where you are or what you’re going through, you can move through it and not have the rest of your world fall apart.


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Leo, you are one of the signs that learned the most during Mercury retrograde, especially about who you are and what you really want.

When we take off on this path of newness and learning, we usually find that what we thought we wanted, we don’t actually want anymore. We learn that the rules we operated by are no longer true, and we have to be brave enough to throw out everything to up level in our life.

You’re ready for this. You’re ready to be brave, to let go, and to say all you’ve been keeping inside the past few months. Trust your feelings and try not to argue with yourself, because you’ll never win.


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This is the time to embrace those messy feelings that you normally hate to deal with, Virgo.

Face the reality that not everything or everyone will fit neatly into your little boxes, but that it’s okay. As long as you know who you are, it doesn’t matter if you control all the pieces of your environment or not. Remembering this will help you come back to what is yours to carry and what isn’t.

Scorpio energy is helpful for you to see not only the truth, but also to realize there is value in being real. In realizing this, we heal ourselves, which is the true power of Virgo.

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Libra, with Mercury turning direct in your sign, it’s going to bring the focus to anything off-balance in your life — and in a big way.

This could be the different areas of your life, or even the level of reciprocal energy you’re receiving from those in your life. Everything came up for scrutiny during the past few weeks, so now the task is not to get overwhelmed with what you have to deal with. One thing at a time.

Start with how you’re feeling, with what’s most important, with your truth, and then let yourself make changes and move slowly. Don’t let yourself be afraid; this is what you wanted to happen.

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Even though you have skeletons you don’t want to deal with, now you have to, Scorpio.

It’s not any fun when you experience what you encourage others to do, but this is the path forward. You can’t get that happier life if you don’t take care of the things hanging over your head.

You spent a lot of time in your head, unsure of if you were going crazy or finally seeing things clearly. Now, you can trust that it’s the latter.

But part of this is believing that others can understand you. It’s not your job to make people understand you, just trust that those people are willing. Don’t decipher your magic for everyone; instead, let that be the barometer of whether they should be in your life at all.


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It’s not so bad finding out that you have this deep, amazing heart, Sagittarius. You stumbled into some major feelings in the past few weeks, which is good. But now, dig deeper.

No matter how hard you try to prevent the truth from coming out, it still will. So, instead of constantly being in recovery mode, just let it all hang out. Stop worrying about how everything sounds, or what others think, and just stick to what you know best: your truth.

You sometimes cling tightly to those support structures you think create your freedom, all the while it’s those very things that steal it from you. Don’t be afraid to let things go, to burn things down or to restart completely. You’ll be glad you did once your season begins.


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Don’t be afraid to be yourself or to create waves, Capricorn. You can’t control the world and you can’t ignore the truth, no matter how hard you try.

The past few weeks really revealed the truth of situations and people, but yourself, too. Don’t hide from the darkness that Scorpio brought out.


So what if you have a shadow side? We all do. So what if you’ve made mistakes? Have regrets? Good. You’ve learned something, so now do something with that knowledge.

This isn’t the time for wearing blinders and not seeing what’s really there, because it won’t work this time. As we head into the astrology of 2021, you’re going to really feel the pinch in any areas of your life where you’re resisting growth, so it's better to let go now than be dragged.

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Even you, the little rebel, stumbled into some truths the last few weeks — one of which may be that no matter how independent you are, you still crave someone to come home to — that’s okay.


Aquarius, embrace all sides of yourself. It’s not about having to prove a point to the world or keeping up that armor; instead, just be you. Let yourself change and, more than anything, if you don’t want others to box you into a corner, quit doing it to yourself.

You can be all things. You are all things. Breathe into that. Revel in that and then go create a life that feels good. You deserve it.

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It's fun taking a dip into the darkness, Pisces.

The past few weeks were interesting. You swam through some of your biggest fears and were able to talk about them this time instead of running from them. Well done! This is the mark of growth, so be proud of yourself.


It doesn’t mean everything will be easy from here on out, but it does mean you’ve climbed that particular mountain. Make sure you don’t forget this when the trigger arises again.

Give yourself credit for speaking your heart and the things you normally would be scared to say. Don’t be impatient now, just give everything and everyone time, and keep being true to you, saying what you need to say when it comes up, and keeping silent in those moments that call for it.

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