What Your Zodiac Ascendant Rising Sign Personality Traits Are, Per Astrology

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What Your Zodiac Ascendant Rising Sign Personality Traits Are, Per Astrology

What is a Rising Sign? It's a zodiac sign that is also called an Ascendant sign. When you were born, a certain zodiac sign was coming up on the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth.

Whatever sign that was for you, hides the reason you were born into this incarnation, per astrology. If that's not cosmic enough for you, it's also said to be a strong indicator of your physical characteristics and the vibe you send off when meeting new people, too.

To know what your rising sign placement is, you'll need to know the exact time of your birth. Some astrologers can help you to 'rectify' this time by looking at key factors that surrounded your birth if you don't know what that time is.

Your ascendant rising can reveal your early childhood theme, who you attract, who you wish to attract, even your work and family life, friendships can be represented here too.

The ascendant rising in your unique chart sets the stage for each of the following houses with the ascendant counting as the first house. Each house is an area of life, representative by themes. The zodiac sign in your natal chart that falls into each house is understood as the way you handle those house themes. It is really two overlapping systems working together.

The ascendant sign is a complex and vital aspect in your complete natal chart and your zodiac sign's personality traits. It's also a really fun placement to explore. Where this sign lies brings all the other horoscope chart placements into deeper play for broader understanding, placing the ascendant at the cusp of the first house in astrology.

Your ascendant is considered one of the three top natal horoscope chart placements, the Sun and Moon sign being the other two placements. Without these 3 at the very least, your Sun sign alone may not quite feel like home.

Your ascendant is believed to represent what you have chosen to be here for in your current life incarnation and for every ascendant, there is an alternative referred to as your descendant which is simply the sign that exists as the natural opposite sign to your zodiac ascendant sign.

Your descendant is said to be the sign you lived your former life and many astrologers believe that this is what we decide to come back to accomplish when we die and see our life played out.

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I have created a list to show you a an example of the chart placements. I used an Aries ascendant as the example. You can use a natal chart calculator for free online to discover which zodiac sign falls into your specific house by horoscope date, then you'll want to pop over to YouTube to learn more in-depth about each of your specific house placements.

Here is an overview of ascendants and their house placements and what zodiac sign is associated with which house:

  • First House — Aries/Mars 
  • Second House — Taurus/Venus
  • Third House — Gemini/Mercury 
  • Fourth House — Cancer/The Moon 
  • Fifth House — Leo/The Sun
  • Sixth House — Virgo/Mercury
  • Seventh House — Libra/Venus 
  • Eighth House — Scorpio/Mars, Pluto 
  • Ninth House — Sagittarius/Jupiter
  • Tenth House —Capricorn/Saturn
  • Eleventh House — Aquarius/Uranus
  • Twelfth House — Pisces/Neptune

Be aware if your chart contains an intercepted houses, which happens if you're born at extreme North or South latitude, such as mine does, It will certainly add yet more depth to your house placements if you want to explore say the Placidus chart system vs. the Equal house system. You can see your chart represented in the various systems at any free chart generator.

Here's what you were born to do, using your ascendant sign, per astrology.

Aries rising

Aries, you are the go-getters. The Ram is unforgettable! If your rising sign is Aries, then your natal chart ruling planet is Mars, the planet of war and passion! Aries rising lends a competitive bend to your personality and effects the other 11 houses as such.

As an Aries ascendant, you are here to take opportunities, wishing to experience a life from a more ambitious place. As an Aries rising you will have the drive to spare and people will be drawn to your dynamic nature. You will approach the area each house rules from the Aries energy.

Good Keywords for an Aries rising may be energetic, enthusiastic, pioneering, headstrong, impulsive and hot-headed.

Taurus rising

If Taurus is your rising sign then you are a lover of luxury and don't mind working for the good life. You will tend to love having beauty in the form of luxury around you. You will tend to be someone who has a strong presence and offers a lot of stability to those around you.

You may be lucky with acquiring money as Taurus is thought to attract money! Having family security and stability is especially important with a Taurus rising. You may be considered a shoulder for people in your life needing strength.

Keywords for a Taurus rising could be stable, calm, peaceful, stubborn, materialistic, and unyielding.

Gemini rising

If you find Gemini to be your ascendant than you have something to say, you're the communicator. It's thought you will be a witty quick thinker, always analyzing what's going on around you. Gemini ascendants have curious minds and are thought to be great multi-taskers. Gemini Rising people are considered intelligent with bright, dualistic minds. If Gemini is your ascendant you will approach the other house placements from the base point.

Keywords to keep in mind for a Rising Gemini may be witty, quick, curious, arrogant, superficial, and shrewd.

Cancer rising

If you have found Cancer to be your ascendant then its possible your family history holds a significant interest to you. You are sensitive and caring to those you care for and you may place a strong connection on your family legacy. Cancer rising placement lends itself to a sensitive nature with deep familial connections. They may tend to be somewhat "helicopter" parents etc. For a Cancer rising even if you are not close to your family, the family will still be something that has been a focus in some way. The Legacy of your ancestors will likely be meaningful.

Keywords for a Cancer Rising could be ones like maternal, paternal, caring, imaginative, cautious, insecure, and tenacious, to name just a few.

Leo rising

If you're a Leo rising, confidence is a theme for you, and you are fun-loving with an artistic bent, a person with a dignified aura!.

Leo ascendants tend to radiate self-assuredness. As a Leo rising you may be a little quiet, choosing to listen and wait for the perfect moment before speaking, using this quality to make the biggest impact on those around you. You likely have a strong presence that people notice without having even spoken yet. Leo rising people are seeking honest appreciation for what the accomplish.

Keywords that come to mind for a Leo rising include cheerful, powerful, sunny, vain, autocratic, and dominating.

Virgo rising

If Virgo is your ascendant rising, you are likely a detail oriented and a somewhat critical person. You're the organizer, taking what you know and creating a system of discipline. You may also be drawn to work that allows you to assist others in some way as for a Virgo rising tending others may be a focus. You may be focused on self-improvement in many areas of your physical self. Virgo is representative of structure and order, think, putting everything into its proper place.

Keywords that work for a Virgo rising would be dutiful, modest, analytical, nagging, perfectionist, and critical.

Libra rising

If Libra is your rising sign (my personal placement) then balance is the theme of your life. You're a harmonizer of life, seeking to create balanced flow. This is not to say your life will be naturally balanced as Libra's lesson is to create balance and order from chaos, hence as a Libra rising the universe will always give you places to create order.

If you're a Libra rising then you may also be drawn to the occult and the mysteries of life such as astrology, religion or even the search for alien life! Libra ascendants are known for their eye for design and beauty.

Keywords that fit for a Libra rising could be harmonious, fair, refined, dependent, fickle, and indecisive.

Scorpio rising

If you have checked your natal chart and found you are a Scorpio rising, you may be an intense, dynamic and dominating person. You're likened to a psychological scientist, delving into the mind. These are qualities frequently attributed to Scorpio ascendants. You may be a person that tends to seethe at times, taking longer to show your frustration in life but when you do it would be epic.

Depth and getting further into understanding the psyche will be a focus for you with this rising sign. You are likely a private but immersive person. Secrets related to your physical self may be a theme you can see in your life.

Keywords for a Scorpio rising could be acute, disciplined, penetrating, sarcastic, cynical, and rude

Sagittarius rising

If your ascendant rising is Sagittarius, you may find you have a philosophic nature. Leaning toward a belief in a structure higher than yourself that you can attune to. Yo look to understand the world from new perspectives and may find that you are quite good at getting others to see the truth in your values.

As a Sagittarius rising you may love excitement and maintaining a level of individuality that allows you to feel free may be a strong focus! People may notice you are a disciplined speaker. As a Sagittarius rising you may even be a great financial planner, investing your money and growing it may be a natural focus.

Keywords for a Sagittarius rising may be prophetic, happy, optimistic, harsh, high strung, and talkative.

Capricorn rising

If you are a Capricorn rising, then you may be a cautious person, taking your time when advancing in life. You may want to achieve great things and in a way that gives you the most solid foundation to build from. Capricorn rising are said to be good money managers, they also love to have nice things that they keep carefully for years!

You want security, building a life that can stand the test of time. You may be prone to fluctuations in the ego, however, Capricorn ascendants are considered rather eloquent speakers that people are interested in listening to! You are the intellectual humanitarian, building off stability.

Some Keywords for a Capricorn rising may be methodical, self controlled, solid, cold, stern, and calculating.

Aquarius rising

If Aquarius is your ascendant then you may really appreciate the world in its fullness, seeing it for all the gifts it has to offer! As an Aquarius rising you're thought to have a scientific, worldly mind. You may be inclined to work in a spiritual field such as a Preacher, Guru or healer of some sort. You may have a family that is interested in esoteric topics.

Aquarius rising is thought to have especially dynamic sibling relationships, for the good or bad. You embrace the world for the gift of uniqueness all bring. If you're an Aquarius rising then you are thought to contain visionary ideas for the future of humanity!

Keywords for an Aquarius rising could include reformer, group minded, original, unpredictable, cold, and blunt.

Pisces rising

As a Pisces ascendant, you may have a personality that's inclined to isolate yourself in some way from others. You may spend time immersed in dreams and daydreams. Imagination is likely to be a strong current in your life. Pisces are thought to come from dynamic and often strictly disciplined family backgrounds, you're childhood may have been intense in that way.

You're considered a behind scene person who has a deep connection to spirituality. As a Pisces ascendant rising, you are the dreamers that seem to have seen it all and now sit under the proverbial tree, deep in thought!

Keywords for a Pisces rising may b poetic, subtle, idealist, impressionable, drifter, and indifferent.

Amanda Ilene Sawyer is a writer and Mississippi native who is interested in science, anthropology, and spiritualism.