The Comprehensive Personality Traits Of The Aries Zodiac Sign — And What Every Aspect Of Their Life Is Like

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The Aries Zodiac Sign Personality Traits And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

The Aries zodiac sign, known as the Ram, is a cardinal sign in astrology, and takes the status of fire sign, an element shared with both Leo and Sagittarius. Aries rules the head (think: Ram, horns, hard-headedness) and is the first sign of the zodiac.

You might automatically assume that a zodiac sign so closely associated with the head might imply stubbornness or headstrong opinions — and you'd be right.

The Aries personality makes this sign the warrior, the pushy one, the over-thinker and the leader.

While there are, of course, famous Aries — Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr., Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson  these are the core personality traits you will still find in normal, everyday people:

  • Exciting, enthusiastic, involved
  • Self-sufficient, engaged, self-reliant
  • Adventurous, daring, risky
  • Honest, nervy, courageous
  • Fearless, reckless, hubristic
  • Trendy, fashionable, foresight
  • Headstrong, pushy, annoying
  • Selfish, self-obsessed, indulgent
  • Spiteful, vicious, instigating
  • Impatient, bored, desperate
  • Self-hating, body conscious, insecure
  • Impulsive, spendthrift, dangerous
  • Competitive, untrustworthy, bullying

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But what about the other aspects of an Aries' life? From health to love to everything in-between, the complexity of this sign knows no bounds.

What are Aries like in love?

They are powerfully driven by sex and often times find romantic partners who are just as passionate as they are. If the relationship feels like it's missing something, the Aries partner will fill in the missing pieces, or, at least, they will try to.

Aries is not one to concede to a failed romance, so they do go out of their way to please their partner in every way they possibly can. As they are extremely opinionated and headstrong, the Aries personality is unaccustomed to compromise and tends to stand a little too firmly on "their side of the tracks."

They do not compromise in love, and that can work both ways for them. They attract and repel at the same time.

What business/career/work is best for Aries?

If it excites them and the work presents newness and challenge, Aries is attracted to it, no matter what field it's in. Aries is good at what they do, but they need stimulation and momentum. You won't find happy Aries folks sitting around doing monotonous jobs.

Being that the Aries mind is all about innovation and new ideas, so you'll find that they shine best in medicine, entertainment and law enforcement. A long as the job presents a thrill, they will be content in the workplace. They are competent and reliable workers, and often end up in leadership roles.

How does the Aries zodiac sign raise a family?

Aries parents are strict and often present to their kids the idea that much of life is about fighting for what you want. The Aries family life is both creatively bolstered and oddly competitive within. All members of the family are expected to chip in, yet the Aries member will be known as the ultimate leader.

While family is important to the Aries personality, so is the idea of being successful out there in the world, and often times, the family will suffer for the ambitious desire of the Aries. A family of Aries people will be a family of great love, insane competition and much jealousy.

What health issues do Aries face?

No other sign has as many headaches as Aries. This is true. While Aries rules the head, these folks had no idea just how true this was going to be.

Headaches, muscle aches, and migraines are par for the course. Aries feel better after working out, and once they get their lazy bums out of bed and into the gym, you'll see a truly gleeful zodiac sign in action. They love to work out, but laziness and sloth overwhelm them.

How creative is an Aries personality?

The sky's the limit for Aries, creatively. Their personality demands constant newness, and there's nothing more curious or engaging than the creation of something that hasn't existed before.

You can find Aries in all manner of creative arts, most especially in the literary arts, music, cooking and visual arts. Their expression is honest and sometimes bold; they want to please whoever is enjoying their work, but they will hold it against you if you don't honor their creative process.

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What kind of lover is an Aries?

Aries loves sex just as much as the next person, and they are absolutely able to separate love from sex. Competition is intense for Aries when they are on the prowl, and they won't take no for an answer; they want to be wanted and they want the opportunity to let you know that they are, indeed, the best lovers on the planet.

You'll find sex clubs littered with Aries people who are looking for polyamorous couplings and kinky demonstrations. That hot person dressed in leather, with the whip? That's your Aries sex partner.

How do Aries handle their finances?

Here's where the Aries personality traits really start to shine: they know what they want, and they have just enough chutzpah to make it all happen. This clarity of vision is so helpful in terms of attracting abundance to themselves.

And though Aries is not the sign automatically associated with great wealth and wealth building, they will get the job done, and they will alway insist on top dollar for their efforts. They are deserving of great fortune as they work harder than anyone to create it.

But what about Aries spirituality?

Aries are believers and whatever they set their minds to, they take on to the fullest. Whether their belief includes religion or not, they are dedicated to the idea that there is more to life than life itself.

Naturally curious, Aries will question authority, asking all the big, important questions. They believe deeply in the invisible world, and while some become religious fanatics, others are content to lose themselves in the exploration of other worlds, cultures and belief systems.

How does the Aries personality act in day-to-day life?

No day is a dull day for Aries, as their sense of adventure can be found in even the smallest of actions. Going to the mailbox can trigger the imagination of an Aries into writing a novel based on that one, small moment.

Routine does please them and soothes their desire for control and order, so going to work is both easy and helpful for their sense of daily order. They enjoy full days from top to bottom, filled with everything a human being loves. 

They pour themselves into family life, career, sexual activities, fun, cooking — the works. Daily life for an Aries is a full spectrum of activities, all well planned and set up for maximum joy.

What kind of conflicts can you expect from Aries?

If you cross an Aries, you cross not only a human being, but a fully weaponized army of one. No Aries stands by without participating in a fight, and should you be the instigator of hostility in an Aries, expect that you won't live it down any time soon.

Aries are vicious fighters, who go for the throat and always hit below the belt. They are unfair but warlike, and once they say red, it's "war." If you are the enemy, you will be attacked, smeared, maligned, lied to and removed without notice. Aries may be fighters but their war is never fair.

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