How Mercury Moving Into Leo On August 4th Will Help You Speak Your Truth

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Our thoughts, conversations, and plans take a turn towards being more direct as Mercury shifts into Leo on August 4th, staying until the 19th.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that governs all aspects of communication, including our internal thought process, as well as the words that we speak to others. Normally, Mercury is a fast-moving planet; however, thanks to his retrograde last month, he has been a bit slower.

But now, as he begins to move back into his normal pattern, we will feel any blocks free up regarding speaking our truth.

What happens during the Mercury in Leo transit?

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Mercury is known as the winged messenger, and while his retrograde can have us dealing with all sorts of communication errors, it’s actually all part of the benefit of this planet.

Currently, we’re coming off an extremely long Cancer transit where Mercury explored the depths of his feelings from May 28th until August 4th, during which he did turn backwards, enabling us to gain more clarity in terms of what we thought we wanted, and what we now align with. This was especially in terms of Cancer’s themes of family, home, intimate relationships and self-love.

For a planet that normally moves signs every three weeks, to spend that long in one sign was difficult at times, especially for us; we were asked to dig deep and share all the things we normally didn’t talk about.

We won’t be able to breathe a sigh of relief immediately; however, there will be a marked difference in how motivated we feel to speak up and have those conversations we know are necessary.

At the time of this transit on August 4th, we’re also seeing the Full Moon in Aquarius, as well as aspects with both Uranus and Saturn. Together, many of these alignments represent a lighting bolt moment, in which something catalytically happens that changes our direction forever.

While Mercury in Leo doesn’t carry that energy solely by himself, he does play an important part in speaking truth, being committed to himself, and letting passion be the compass that guides him.

It’s important to recognize, however, that this Leo energy will be short lived, as he will move into Virgo on the 19th. So, while we may experience that lighting bolt moment, and will feel more driven to express ourselves and speak up, the most important thing is to seize the opportunities you have.

Don’t put off what you feel today because we feel what we do for a reason. And learning to listen to that is an important lesson.

What struggles will Mercury in Leo bring to our lives?

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Even though this is all great news, it doesn’t mean we won’t be without some hardships or challenges to move through.

First of all, we are just wrapping up a very long Cancer season in which emotions prevailed. Having Leo energy come in now will be beneficial, but it may be a harder transition than most, because we have to go from sitting with our feelings to acting on them, which isn’t always easy.

Adding to the mix is the Full Moon, which seems to be seismic in nature and will likely bring unexpected changes or opportunities into our life. While everything that happens is always for our soul's greater good, it doesn’t mean there won’t be some struggle around this time.

The reason this transit might feel more challenging than others to settle into, is what gets stirred up by the Full Moon occurring just a day before.

The energetic fallout from both events will feel thick to move through, presenting the areas in our life we need to clear out, and also the direction we’ve been asking for in our life for some time.

It’s a meeting of worlds in many ways, with Mercury in Leo right there helping us remain confident, self-assured, passionate and directed. However, in order to really embody this lion’s energy, we have to be ready to integrate the lessons of Cancer Season.

It’s recognizing that the gift of anything is often first disguised as the challenge, but the more we can lean into what comes up around this time, the more deeply we will be able to integrate it so we can get the most from it.

What success will we find from Mercury in Leo after the Full Moon passes?

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Even though it may be feeling edgy and uncertain as we begin Mercury in Leo’s transit, ultimately, we will feel a release once we’ve passed the time of the Full Moon and gained more footing in this new world.

This is Mercury’s first transit since the Eclipse Season officially ended last month, so even if we’ve been asking the hard questions and going deep while in Cancer, he still has a lot to say.

The great thing about Mercury in Leo is that he doesn’t censor himself with communication, which means we won’t either.

If we’ve been struggling with how to have an important conversation, this transit will allow us to feel courageous in expressing ourselves, no matter what we have to say. We will be speaking our truth and our hearts so, regardless of whether others like it or not, no one can actually tell us we’re wrong for feeling a certain way.

Mercury in Leo instills a confidence, a zest for life, playfulness and, yes, a little bit of drama. While we may have to make sure we’re not being overly extra in our self-expression, we can also rest assured that whatever we’re going to be saying, we will be heard loud and clear by those around us.

An interesting aspect to note is that while Mercury is moving into Leo, Venus (the planet of love) is moving into Cancer. This means we will have Mercury ready to have us speak from the heart confidently, while Venus has finally figured out some answers to pretty big questions in her post-retrograde phase.

Coming together, it means these two may just work really well, so we’re able to express not just what we feel, but what we want. Because as we learn more about our own truth, we realize that if we don’t believe in ourselves, if we don’t trust ourselves, then we speak with doubt.

And if it sounds like we doubt what we’re saying or what we’re asking for, then others will too.

So, this transit is about stepping fully into our power, knowing that the only way to get the life we want is to sound like we know we deserve it.

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