How The August 3rd Full Moon In Aquarius Brings Big Changes For Your Life This Month

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What The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd Means For The Next Chapter Of Our Lives.

The Full Moon in Aquarius will occur on August 3rd, and with it will bring a test to see just how much we have grown and if we’re actually ready for the next level of our life, or not.

What does a Full Moon mean?

Full moons are a time of fruition and highlighting any stresses between our work and family, or inner and outer lives. It can linger for up to two weeks after the lunation.

On August 3rd, reflect back to what was going on during the Aquarius New Moon in January 2020, as a chapter is coming to a close. However, while some may experience final endings around this time, there is also hope for beautiful new beginnings, too.

What does the Full Moon in Aquarius mean for our relationships, family life, and personal growth?

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First, let's discuss what the energy of this Full moon means.

We are coming off Eclipse Season and having Double New Moons in Cancer, so right now the air feels charged. We know change is coming. We know that we can’t put it off indefinitely, yet we still need to feel like we can stay afloat instead of being swept downstream.

While we have had Mercury and Venus turn direct, we’re still seeing a whole host of other planets working their way through retrograde, which means we’re being asked to pull a redo in many areas of our lives.

This is due to the Cancer energy that is dominating our year, and calling into question what defines home and family, and challenging us to create what feels good instead of what only looks good.

But this is the first month in quite a while where we’re seeing planets begin to move out of Cancer, even if we’re still under that bigger umbrella of energy until the end of December. This is great news because Cancer, while an important reflection tool, isn’t known for creating change in our lives.

We need fire or air energy for change, to be decisive, and to make the choices that will help usher in these new chapters for us.

Enter: Leo Season and the Full Moon in Aquarius. But more so than just the expansive passionate energy of these two signs is the fact that Mercury, Saturn and Uranus are all coming into alignment with a part of this event.

Mercury is the planet of communication, while Saturn governs time, karma, and lessons; Uranus represents sudden and unexpected change, all translating to some really heavy energy.

Plus, it brings a test from the Universe to see just how far we will go for what truly want, and even likely need.

Now comes the challenges with this Aquarius Full Moon.

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No reward is as sweet as the one that we had to earn, right? We say that it would be nice if life or our path was easier, but if it was, would we really appreciate making it through the challenges to get to that place of peace?

Many times, we need the thorns in life in order to appreciate how beautiful the roses truly are. So when we get there, we make the time to stop and smell them. This is all about knowing what we have, when we have it, so we’ll do everything to protect it.

An Aquariusn Full Moon in her own is beautiful. Its open, free, innovative, expansive, growth-orientated, perhaps independent, but only so she doesn’t let anyone tell her what’s right for her.

And while all that energy will be in play, we also have to understand what it means to have these other planets. Because they will make a big difference in how we process through the events that arise.

We know that this year is all about a review of home and family. Truthfully, the most difficult part of life is to look at it critically and make changes where necessary. Adding to that is the purpose of Full Moons, in general: to highlight the disparity between what we have and what we want so we can be challenged to take the steps and create that life and balance we need.

But this Full Moon has taken off her kid gloves and her gentleness, and thanks to Uranus and Saturn, we’re being given a crash course in sudden change and how to deal with it while still remaining true to ourselves.

Uranus in Taurus will likely bring some opportunity for unexpected changes around this time; however, they will all be for greater stability and growth, even if it doesn’t first seem like it.

But the trick is that Saturn will be there testing our patience, as well as giving us the choice to make those big changes or be in a place to deal with them once someone else already has.

We have to be mindful of staying flexible around this Full Moon so we can stay open to the new opportunities for growth and expansion  coming in. But we also need to put in work for those opportunities so we can take advantage of them.

But with Saturn, there’s this piece of recognizing that while things may change in an instant, it doesn’t mean we still won’t have to be patient while life sorts itself out.

What is the ultimate gift we're being given with this Full Moon?

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If we’re never made uncomfortable, we won’t ever change!

Think back to January of 2020, even though it seems like a lifetime ago. Now, consider what plans you made, how you thought your life would go at that point, and compare it to your current reality.

For most, if not all, of us, it’s different. It’s almost like we became different people this year, which is a gift as well. But now that we’re these new people, it’s about making sure we’re creating lives that are in alignment with who we are, not who we were.

The Aquarian energy will help free us from anything that bound us to these other lives. We will feel more independent, more rebellious and even innovative.

Together with the energy of Uranus, we will be thrown into circumstances that suggest sudden or unexpected changes are in progress, or soon will be.

And with Saturn, we’re going to be tested to make sure we walk our walk, say the hard things, speak up when we’re meant to, and not bury our heads in the sand. All to ignore the work we need to do if we want to create the lives we say we want.

But even this is a gift. It’s a gift to be pushed outside our comfort zone. It’s a gift to be challenged in such a way that we’re able to grow and actually put into action the self we knew we’ve become.

Luckily for us, even with Uranus here, Saturn will also bring in that sense of divine timing, helping us be patient for what we know is part of the path we’re meant to walk in this lifetime.

And Mercury will help us say what we need to say, without worrying about how it's taken by others. This might seem cold or even harsh, but if we’re censoring ourselves, we’re also never speaking our truth.

In this case, it’s the gift that is our test for this moon.

Will we rise to the challenge? Will we recognize that the time has to come to speak up? To act out? To make choices?

While we all have a choice in terms of the life we live, that means that sometimes we actually have to make one, no matter how difficult it is. Because our intentions are set by the choices we make.

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