What The June 5th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Means For Your Relationships This Month

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What The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius Means For Your Relationships & Love Horoscope

Passions intensify as we welcome in the start of Eclipse Season with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 5th. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, as it's known, will initiate a new cycle of awareness, leading to big changes in our lives in the months ahead.

Normally, for eclipses in astrology, each one begins a new six-month cycle, but because this year we're experiencing four lunar eclipses and two solar, it’s a little bit different.

The next lunar eclipse will be on July 5th, so while normally we have to wait six months to see our issues come to fruition, in this case, think of these eclipses like building blocks that add up to something much bigger than most of us can even imagine in this moment!

Why is the June 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so different?

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On any given year, we experience two lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses, roughly happening around the beginning/end of the year and the middle, creating two six-month cycles that we move through, helping us with our own journey. But this year is different (just in case we didn’t already figure that out!).

This year, we have four lunar eclipses. They aren’t total eclipses, which means the moon likely will not glow its famous red that these lunations are known for. However, they are going to come with heavy dose of reality.

Like all astrology transits, eclipses have one all their own dating back to the time when ancient civilizations, like the Mayans, built temples to honor them. Because the moon represents our inner self — including our emotions and our mental body — lunar eclipses tend to bring about change in these areas.

Lunar eclipses aren’t just change, though they are often dramatic. With this happening more behind the scenes, we can expect some big "ah-ha" moments as it relates to our thoughts and feelings.

But there’s more. Of course, there’s more!

We will see a solar eclipse at the end of June that's part of this cycle, as well as another lunar eclipse on July 4th, and another on November 29th, before concluding this particular cycle in December. The reason why patience is so key is because while this eclipse will affect our internal world, we will need to wait a bit longer before we can use that to create change in our external lives.

Maybe change or realizations will come slowly for some of us, but for others, thanks to Mars’s influence around the time of this moon, we will feel an urgency to act.

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While perhaps in any small way we can, our main focus right now should be on processing and feeling whatever came up for us. We can’t rush through it and we can’t bury it, but more than likely, just because we’re feeling this sudden awareness doesn’t mean we should try to rush ahead in action.

It likely won’t be easy to slow ourselves down, to trust the process and not feel like we have to act now. But it's crucial that we do.

Thanks to that influence of Mars, even though he will be in Pisces around this time, this planet brings that "fight or flight" energy. Either we will want to face what is holding us back, or we will be frustrated that we can’t so we lash out in anger.

The area this affects deeply is in our home, families, and relationships.

While Venus is in retrograde in Gemini during this time, already calling our focus to this area of our lives, a Full Moon (specifically, a lunar eclipse) generally draws our attention even to these areas of our lives.

For those who have already experienced breaking apart or straining in their romantic relationships, this lunation will cause the final straw to break, resulting in an ending that was a long time coming.

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Even though Mars is part of the equation here, it doesn’t mean we have to lash out in anger or go into fight mode. Sometimes, we have to realize that at the end of relationships, there's no longer anything to be mad about. Instead, we have to allow ourselves to mourn the lives we thought we would live.

Ultimately, we are in control of ourselves and the words we speak. While it’s perfectly in tune with this moon to allow the inevitable ending in certain relationships, we don’t have to do it with a sharp tongue and cold heart.

Now for the good news about this Full Moon! 

We know this moon runs the risk of us going off on our partner and running for the hills. But there's so much more positivity around this moon than just endings and pints of ice cream.

Eclipses are amazing because they help us become aware of the truth that already exists. 

Thanks to the combination of energy from Full Moons, alongside Venus retrograde, we will not only have big epiphanies, but feeling the love, too.

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The biggest issue is that who we may be feeling the love for, may not currently be the person who thinks they’re in a relationship with us. But that will be handled shortly anyway.

So, beyond that obvious glitch, this moon — because of the passionate nature of Sagittarius — will intensify any feelings of love that have already taken seed. Because it's being fueled by a fire sign, and with Mars in Pisces ready to speak his hearts desires, it's also a great time for big reveals.

Usually, full moons can be times of great excitement and even long nights, since many of us can’t sleep under the brightness of the moon. Together with the philosophical influence of Sagittarius, we could find pleasure in staying up all night talking about life and dreams.

While Sagittarius often unfairly gets blamed for being noncommittal, it’s just that it needs to remain free. This means that any connections entered into around this time will likely be more non-traditional.

Between sudden realizations, breakups, and all-night conversations, this moon has quite the possibility to truly change our entire lives — if not, at the very least, for the next six months. All we have to do is decide which it will be.

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