Pick A Tarot Card & Find Out What's In Store For Your Zodiac Sign's May 2020 Love Horoscope

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Pick A Tarot Card Reading & Find Out What's In Store For Your Zodiac Sign's May 2020 Love Horoscope

What is it about the month of May that makes it so special? Could it be that overwhelming, inescapable feeling of renewal? And isn't that just what we need right now?

The May 2020 love horoscope is here, and we are greeting it with arms wide open. We all need something to look forward to these days — we're looking for hope, for opportunity, for something to take us out of the darkness and into the light. We're looking for transformation, and we need to be refreshed on every level.

And a tarot card reading is just what the doctor ordered.

We're going to use another deck that I have lying around in my cauldron of greatness: the Goddess Tarot, a traditional deck that is both beautiful and insightful. So, let's let the sunshine in and manifest those better days right now.

Here's how to play: Pick a card, 1, 2 or 3. Empty your mind and allow yourself to go with the number that pulls you.

Once you decide that number is yours, the process begins. You were meant to pick that number, and the number you pick will determine the reading you'll get. 

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Everything is meant to be. Now, let's read! What's in store for you this month?

Tarot Card Reading #1

  • Queen of Pentacles
  • 6 of Staves, reversed
  • 4 of Staves, reversed
  • Ace of Staves
  • 9 of Cups

In this case, the Queen of Pentacles represents you, no matter what your gender is. You've come to a place in your life where you no longer wish to dilly-dally around, waiting for a miracle to come; you're proactive and ready to work.

That 6 of Staves is there to let you know, while work is hard to come by and the obstacles are many, it's not a thing you're about to let get in your way.

The 4 of Staves adds to that, giving you the hint that, yes, you can create what you want, but you must have patience.

The Ace of Staves comes in with proof, as your patience and hard work finally does come through. Expect a promotion and the support of your loved ones during this renewal season.

The 9 of Cups at the end shows it's all good in the hood, and no matter what you've gone through, all the ups and downs of the last few months, they are going to pay off for you, in both finance and in love. You are well loved, and it shows!

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Tarot Card Reading #2

  • 6 of Cups, reversed
  • 7 Movement, Rhiannon, reversed
  • 8 of Swords, reversed
  • 19, The Sun, Zorya
  • 15, Temptation, Nyai Loro Kidul, reversed

Right at the top, there's a warning for you: don't overindulge and go too nuts thinking that May means party season. It doesn't. Renewal, yes, but killing yourself with food and drink is not the way to celebrate this gorgeous new season.

The message here for you, which starts with the reversed 6 of Cups, and travels through the reversed "movement" card, results in the reversed 8 of Swords. These cards, when placed together, are clearly telling you to calm your engine. Yes, it's nice out, but that doesn't mean it's an opportunity for recklessness.

That 19, Sun card, "Zorya," is your absolute temptation — and, lo and behold, it's actually followed by the temptation card itself: #15, Nyai Loro Kidul, reversed. This means that you will be tempted to go back to the old "B.C." (before coronavirus) ways, and that is exactly what you need to avoid doing.

Yes, enjoy the weather, and, yes, have hope, but don't throw caution to the wind. Enjoy and feel positive about life and the future, but don't jeopardize it all on a whim.

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Tarot Card Reading #3

  • 0, Tara, Beginnings
  • 20, Gwenhwyfar, Judgment
  • 9 of Swords
  • Princess of Cups, reversed
  • Queen of Cups

This is the ultimate self-love reading, and if this is the one you chose, then expect May to treat you as well as you treat yourself.

The Tara card is exhilarating and filled with potential; these are the days where you shake off the bad dreams and open to hope and health.

The Judgment card comes in to remind you that, in order to practice self-love, you must make the right decisions for yourself.

And with the 9 of Swords so closely behind it, it's about knowing what works for you mentally, and what doesn't. That 9 is always representative of bad dreams and a troubled mental state; this is something you can work on and conquer.

It's been a hard road for everybody, but you are no longer satisfied to wait for "another day" to become the person you wish to be. Today is the day, and with the Princess of Cups, reversed, followed by the Queen of Cups standing straight, this is you shirking off your childhood ideas so you can allow yourself to mature into someone special.

Treat yourself to self-love and self-confidence. Release the desire to rebel; acting in a childish manner will not serve your purposes any longer. Emerge as the super being you know you have inside you.

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