How The New Moon In Aries Creates New Beginnings For Our Zodiac Signs & Relationships Over The Next Few Weeks, According To Astrology

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How The New Moon In Aries Creates New Beginnings For Our Zodiac Signs & Relationships Over The Next Few Weeks, According To Astrology
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No one wants to act at the wrong time, but as the new moon in Aries occurs on March 24th, it will feel like, no matter how difficult or challenging it may be, this is the moment our zodiac signs have been waiting for.

In astrology, new moons represent a time of beginnings, planting seeds, and initiating action towards something we’ve been mulling over and planning. This Aries new moon is the most potent in many ways because not only is it a fire sign, but it’s the start of a brand new astrological year.

There’s momentum, ambition and drive with the Aries new moon, which will only be magnified by other astrological influences occurring around this time.

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This Aries new moon goes back to the Aries full moon on October 13th, 2019, which means we may see new beginnings in areas of our lives that were affected at that time.

Think back to what was going on around the middle of October last year, specifically when it comes to anything you charged into or began. Now, reflect on what has happened in the six months since then. Does it still feel like you began what you were meant to? What have you learned about your desire and motivation since that time? How does that now affect the area or direction you want to move in?

Whether it’s because we’re revising plans or decisions we made around the time of the full moon in October, or we’re completely changing our direction, it’s likely we’re going to see theme of new beginnings, even in regard to what we thought was a done deal back then. This is because, like astrology, life is ever-evolving.

While we may think we’ve reached the summit of a particular mountain, life has a way of revealing an entire mountain range ahead of us that we couldn’t see until we reached that peak. Because in life, the more we grow, the more our perspective changes, and once that occurs we tend to make those physical adjustments so our lives feel like they are in alignment with our truth.

Aries is a fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac. This alone is already emphasizing the feeling of new beginnings and being motivated to make that happen.

The thing with Aries is that he’s known for his impulsivity, for possibly acting too quickly, and not thinking things through properly. But at this time of 2020 coming off an intense and thoughtful Mercury retrograde period, it’s unlikely that anyone is acting too quickly.

Because of the retrograde, many of us likely felt like we had to put off the inevitable, that we had to delay acting and wait on moving ahead because it didn’t feel like things were aligned to make that happen. This means that while Aries can sometimes make us act more rash than other signs, this time it’s finally opening the gate for us to start making the moves we have been planning since the start of the year.

But that likely has to do with us revising or redirecting something that occurred around October of last year. In the coming days prior to this new moon, it’s important to have some quiet personal reflection time — not just to consider the questions that connect back to the full moon in Aries, but also to consider where it feels you are called, and how this feeling differs from those previously.

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So much is different this year already in the energy, and it’s just a matter of recalibrating and assimilating into this new vibration and thought process. Part of where many of us may have struggled this year is that we can’t cope or utilize what has worked in past years. We can’t distract ourselves; we can’t ignore or place the responsibility onto someone else, and shutting down isn’t even working.

This is because the energetic frequency of 2020 is much higher than previous years. It's not just because of the numerology involved and the sense of beginning a new decade, but also seeing these big planets and asteroids make moves that they haven’t in many years, if not in our lifetime ever.

There is a sense of breaking free in all areas of our lives, which means while in the past we didn’t want to think about it, this time we have to consider where we feel trapped in our lives.

Where do we feel like we can’t spread our wings, and why? Where have we settled and talked ourselves into comfort rather than truth?

We can’t be afraid to break away from anything in life that doesn’t feel absolutely amazing and incredible. We have to take a risk and a chance to believe that this isn’t what life is supposed to be; this isn’t how we’re meant to live.

Aries is full of the gumption and courage we’ll need to make that first step. And assisting this moon is Saturn just having shifted into Aquarius, helping us see that freedom and independence is never something that has to be feared.

In truth, we only have to be scared of someone else defining what freedom means for us and settling for that.

We get to write the rules for this life. We get to decide what we accept and what we settle for. If we believe this is all there — this idea of working and sacrificing mediocrity — that is the life we will lead. But it doesn’t mean this is the one meant for you.

There will always be a reason to delay breaking away, because in the breaking we often inadvertently end up burning bridges behind us. No matter what the future holds, we can’t revert back to it, yet sometimes that’s also exactly what we need to fully give our hearts to the blossoming possibilities ahead of us.

In order to answer the question “what if?” we have to be in the place to accept the answers. This means we have to be committed to that path of not just breaking free, but giving ourselves over to whatever is next, even if it’s as simple as only knowing it won’t be anything like our pasts.

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