The Personality Traits Of The Aquarius Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

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The Personality Traits Of The Aquarius Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

This air sign is as unforgiving as they are unique.

Aquarius is an air sign, ruled by the planet Uranus. This cosmic force relates to disruption, mania, confusion, and unconventionality.

The Aquarius zodiac sign is known for their cool demeanor and their ability to see things in an entirely different light than most of us. They do not join the pack, nor are they followers of anything trendy or fashionable. They cannot be persuaded easily, which makes them stiff and cut off from society.

Aquarius needs solid facts and rarely joins the religious or group mentality. They are true individuals, though not always the most likable.

While every sign in astrology has a blend of both negative and positive personality traits, the Aquarius traits are quite different from other signs. Born between January 20th and February 18th, these traits include:

  • Individual, independent, loner
  • Obstinate, selfish, single-minded
  • Cold, callous, conniving
  • Calculated, well organized, fastidious
  • Analytical, objective, facts-based
  • Confused, snobbish, unmovable
  • Eccentric, detached, humanitarian
  • Easy going, lazy, approachable
  • Tech lovers, writers, science fiction lovers
  • Artists, musicians, creatives
  • Weird, different, particular
  • Edgy, clever, brilliant

But with all aspects of astrology, understanding a person means learning about how they act in daily life. And when it comes to the Aquarius personality, it pays to know about their careers, health, love compatibility, family life, and romance.

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How does Aquarius fall in love?

Aquarius gets along best with Libra and Gemini because those signs are most like them, which means they are all analytical and opinionated.

Aquarius falls in love and stays in love for a long time, until the one day, where they realize they are sick of love, of people, of life, of work. They are flippant in this department.

To love an Aquarius is risky, but you will more than likely not have their love for a lifetime.

What business/career/work is best for Aquarius?

If their work is creative and non-restrictive, then Aquarius will do well. They are leaders, thinkers and original idea-makers.

They have a revolutionary streak to them, so you'll find them in places of work where change is needed, and strong personalities are the only thing to make that change. They are devoted workers as long as they can remain independent.

Self-employment is the preferred choice for work situations.

How does the Aquarius zodiac sign raise a family?

They love the idea of family more than actually having one, though they do have families and working family lives. Aquarius isn't always the best parent, though their sense of independence might act as a good lesson for their children.

Aquarius loves to be alone, so they pull away from family life. But make no mistake: they will come through when needed. They do not leave their family in the lurch, though they do claim a lot of private space for themselves.

What health issues and ailments does Aquarius suffer from?

As it goes with the zodiac signs, the element that rules the signs often times determines the kind of health issues that may arise. And in Aquarius' case, being an air sign makes them vulnerable to conditions like asthma and other lung-related diseases.

Some call this sign the "airhead" of the zodiac, which, in health terms, suggests mental health issues. Aquarius does suffer from depression and anxiety more often than not, and they also tend to be hypochondriacs — always worried about their health.

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How creative is the Aquarius sign?

You'll find this sign hard at work with writing. They make the best writers, and the most creative thinkers. They adore science fiction and poetry, and usually find themselves as published professionals or as skilled hobbyists.

When Aquarius needs downtime to themselves, they choose writing as a form of meditation and relaxation. They are good at all kinds of wiring, from poetry to non-fiction to technical instruction manuals.

What kind of lover is Aquarius?

Monogamy isn't high on their list of doable things, so when you're sexually involved with an Aquarius, understand that they have probably had many lovers.

They are seducers who use their flair for poetry as a lure, and while that might sound corny and a bit old-fashioned, they know how to seduce with words. The sex itself is not as good as the seduction, but then again, is it ever?

How does Aquarius handle their finances and money?

As long as their work ethic is up to par, they are fairly good with financial gain. If they don't have to be chained to an office desk, they are free to acquire wealth — and they do.

They run with a burning passion for whatever it is that is their interest, and they strike while the iron is hot, in business. They do not stay at one job for long because it bores them silly, but they find new work instantly, and they know how to save money.

Never underestimate an Aquarian's ability to stock away a large sum of money for a rainy day.

How spiritual is Aquarius?

Most of the time, they think of spirituality as a version of science fiction, and so, with that in mind, they can very well throw themselves into the religion of choice. And that means "choice."

They do not follow what is given to them; they always reserve the right to choose what's best for them. This sign loves to contemplate the idea of a higher power, and mostly, they consider themselves to be spiritual atheists.

What is the Aquarius personality like in everyday life?

It's all about independence and independent thinking for Aquarius. They do not take suggestions, nor will they change for you or anyone else. Their daily lives are run on their rules only, and they build up intense resentment for anyone or anything that tries to steer them in a different direction than they want to be.

This is a hard-headed sign and their daily life is all about the "now" moment. They do not live in the future, nor do they have dreams of something better, someday. They accept their lot in life and they remain strong, no matter what comes their way.

What conflicts does Aquarius get involved in?

Fighting with an Aquarius is a truly exasperating position to be in. They are the first to ignore you and cancel you right out of existence. They are vicious when they turn on you, and will not spare your feelings for anything.

If an Aquarius wants to sleep with your partner, they will go out of their way to seduce them just to spite you. They are unkind and lacking in compassion when they decide their relationship with you is over. They are frustrating, stubborn, and they never forgive.

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