Why Are Aquarius So Nice?

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Why Are Aquarius So Nice?

Aquarius is so nice. All the zodiac signs have special qualities, but Aquarius is known for being one of the kindest.

Born between the dates January 20 - February 18, Aquarius is a zodiac sign who helps others in times of trouble.

Why is Aquarius so nice?

Aquarius is associated with the eleventh astrology house which is about people and helping others.

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Aquarius enjoys humanitarian work and uses their intelligence to make a difference in the world.

One famous Aquarius who was so nice is President Abraham Lincoln.

He exhibited the purity of the Aquarius zodiac sign through his leadership while President of the United States in the passing of the 13th Amendment which led to the emancipation of slavery.

Other famous Aquarians who were kind and giving are Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb.

Another Aquarius who made history is Rosa Parks. She stood up for her rights and felt the brunt of all humanity when she was unjustly treated for refusing to be treated unfairly.

Charles Darwin was also an Aquarius who some may consider having been nice, he contributed scientific findings with the world when he didn't have to.

These Aquarian individuals went above and beyond what people in society would consider their civic duty.

In essence to say Aquarius is ‘nice’ is to simplify the fact that this zodiac sign is the humanitarian of astrology.

Aquarius can be shy or outgoing. But Aquarius is always a loyal and trusted friend.

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Lots of celebrities are nice Aquarius zodiac signs, too.

Aquarius is easily adaptable to changing situations, so they are easy to be around during difficult times.

Aquarius does not fear the unknown. Their kind nature is what you see, even when they feel confident solving a difficult problem.

An Aquarius’s positive outlook, this is part of the reason they are so nice to the people that surround them.

For example, Ashton Kutcher is another famous Aquarius zodiac sign who people would refer to as ‘nice’.

In fact, Hollywood Reporter covered a story sharing how Kutcher tweeted his phone number for a genuine connection with real people.

A pessimistic attitude tends to affect most people’s moods, but Aquarius doesn’t have this problem; they are just way too nice.

Look at Bob Marley, another famous Aquarius who was so easy-going. Every song he wrote expressed a strong mindset driven toward positive change.

Although no one can be happy 24/7, Aquarius does a good job maintaining their inner peace, and perhaps this is the secret to their niceness.

They restore power by placing emphasis on needed alone time.

Just ask Jennifer Aniston, who talks a lot about me-time.

Aniston is another famous Aquarius who is not only nice in real life, but she played a famous kind character on Friends, the most-watched sitcom ever.

By paying attention to their desires, Aquarius can clearly see the desires of others — lending a helping hand when necessary.

Aquarius feels best in a group setting, can you imagine America without John Hancock, an Aquarius? What would the Declaration of Independence be without his signature?

Because of these charitable and nice personality traits, Aquarius is comfortable with giving back to the community through acts of service.

Their Aquarius zodiac signs have a kind heart that is motivated by their progressive strength.

Unafraid to be who they truly are, Aquarius is admired for their originality and strive to better the world around them.

Aquarius is heavily concerned with equality for all.

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Generally speaking, Aquarius was made for protesting for equal rights (which is definitely needed right now). Just look at Frederick Douglas, he’s an Aquarius, too.

It is said that Aquarius doesn’t see any boundaries between people, Ellen Degeneres who has her Sun and Venus, the planet of love and beauty in the sign of Aquarius. Ellen has made so many people feel comfortable telling stories on her show.

She enjoys learning from others and uses her knowledge in positive ways.

Instead, they value every person for their own unique qualities, ask anyone what they think of Oprah, an Aquarius with three planets in this zodiac sign, the embodiment of acceptance.

Oprah is a great listener which reveals the nicer side to an Aquarius zodiac sign. Who doesn't love to be heard?

Aquarius zodiac signs are unselfish and willing to give a part of themselves to whoever may need it.

Oprah used her platform to support minority writers and also to serve those who are less fortunate.

Aquarius is so nice that they will never try to change someone, but rather fight for the world to accept them just as they've already done.

For them, it doesn’t matter who the person is, they will always show respect and appreciation.

Michael Jordan, a triple Aquarius, never tried to get even with the coach that told him he’d never play.

Instead, he improved his game and became one of the best basketball player who ever lived.

Their kindness is unlike any others.

While it might be hard to model the Aquarius mindset, we should all aim to act the same way.

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Since they consider their partner to be equal, Aquarius understands that everyone has their own set of needs.

They do not believe in possessing another and want to give independence to the people in their life, especially their partners.

Just look at Yoko Ono, an Aquarius who married John Lennon, leading to his break from the Beatles band.

She understood the value of giving a person the freedom to do things on their own timeline.

She didn't adhere to societal norms but instead looked to help in whatever way was needed depending on the situation at hand.

Aquarius is so nice. They help us put things into perspective.

They show us that the world isn’t as scary or mean as we might have perceived.

There is the enjoyment that comes from helping others.

We aren’t meant to be such selfish human beings, but rather enhance our world as a collective unit.

Aquarius does not feel that their value would ever be diminished by the value of others.

It’s okay to uplift each other — there’s enough to go around in a world that fosters equality.

By looking at the Aquarius mindset, we can see that there is great power in respecting others.

Each example of how nice Aquarius reminds us to first focus on our needs and then reach out to help with the needs of others.

Thank you, Aquarius, for being such a kind light in all our lives!

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