What Makes An Aquarius Mad?

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What Makes An Aquarius Mad?

No one likes to walk around on eggshells trying to avoid making another person mad.

But having a bit of knowledge goes a long way.

You don't want to rock the boat when befriending a certain zodiac sign especially if it's a new boss, coworker or X significant other of a friend.

So, of course, it's natural to wonder what makes a person angry.

Born between the dates of January 20 and February 19, go-with-the-flow Aquarius doesn’t get mad easily, but like every human on the planet has its hot button.

What makes an Aquarius mad?

Unfairness. Things that seem to insult other people are all areas that upset an Aquarius.

For example, Harry Styles is an Aquarius, and when he made the cover of Vogue wearing a dress and Candace Owen attacked the decision by saying it was an attack on 'manly men'.

Maybe Harry was angry; maybe not, but in true Aquarian fashion (pun intended) Harry rebutted in his own way.

"Bring back real men". 

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Like Harry and other famous Aquarians including Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan, humanitarian topics are a hot button.

Despite their usual chill, light-hearted exterior, Aquarius does have a dark side that comes out when prompted.

Because Aquarius’ uniqueness and oddity can be off-putting to a lot of people, they are used to just flying solo.

Making an Aquarius mad probably won’t result in a blow out of mean words or flying objects, instead, they’ll just move on without whoever angered them. 

Because Aquarius is so independent, they’d rather cut out toxic people from their lives than waste their energy on staying mad.

However, Aquarius doesn’t tend to hold grudges, if you can come to an agreement or reconciliation, they’ll probably forgive you.

Nonetheless, it is best to not get Aquarius mad in the first place.

Read on to know what makes Aquarius mad, per astrology.

1. Judgemental people

Aquarius is a very unique zodiac sign creating very unique people who are born under it.

Their creativity causes them to think outside of the box and welcome new ideas and approaches to things.

People who are judgemental and shut down whatever they deem strange anger open-minded Aquarius.

Aquarius knows all too well what it’s like to be ostracized for thinking differently, and will not stand for that harsh criticism to be forced upon them or their loved ones.

If someone won’t accept differences, then Aquarius won’t accept that person into their life.

In short, Aquarius is intolerant of intolerance.

2. Injustice

Aquarius is known for being humanitarian.

Their air element makes Aquarius very social, and they like to explore new ideas, fixing things that do not work including societal systems.

Seeing injustice on a large or small scale angers Aquarius, and they will not sit idly by.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the one who brings life-giving water to the people, nourishing them.

Linking to this mythology, Aquarians are very nurturing people and therefore cannot stand the mistreatment of others.

Just like the hippie culture that came about during the new astrological age of Aquarius.

Why? Aquarians are all about peace and equity. 

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3. Restrictions

As an air sign, Aquarius thrives off of freedom.

They want to do as they please and have no one tell them how they should or should not act.

Stifling an Aquarius under restrictions will anger them and cause Aquarius to rebel against those stringent rules.

Aquarius refuses to be tied down to the status quo, and anyone who tries to will face the rare wrath of Aquarius.

Aquarius is a fixed sign meaning they are steady and determined in achieving their goals.

If their goal is to against an oppressor, they will do so.

4. Being brushed off

Aquarius’ uniqueness is often deemed “weird” by a lot of people.

Those people may be dismissive of Aquarius and their ideas because they find Aquarius to be odd or an outlier.

But Aquarius matters just as much as anyone else, and their out-there ideas can be important, even revolutionary.

Although Aquarius can often be seen as light and funny, they want to be taken seriously when something really matters to them.

Being brushed off just because they are not like anyone else will throw Aquarius into a rage motivating them to demand to be seen and heard.

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