What Does An Aquarius Look Like?

Can zodiac signs really describe your physical features?

What Does An Aquarius Look Like? Allexxandar/Shutterstock.com

Learning what an Aquarius looks like with astrology can be fun.

Zodiac signs are great tools for learning more about ourselves and those closest to us.

From relationship compatibility to what Schitt’s Creek character you are, zodiac signs are effective at figuring us out.

Sure, most people think of your zodiac as describing your personality, but they can also be used to depict your physical appearance as well.


What does an Aquarius look like?

This zodiac sign is unique, so to bunch a group into one category will automatically be rejected by Aquarius zodiac signs.

However, astrology does reveal a few things that are in common among people born with the Sun in Aquarius.

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Aquarians may not be born looking the same way, but they start to develop certain similarities with time.

For example, when you meet someone who loves tattoo art and has a bunch of them, ask, "Hey, are you an Aquarius?".

Chances are the answer will be more yes, than no.

Aquarius zodiac signs also look like people who are otherwordly.

They break trends and don't fit the mold.

Look at Harry Styles? Who looks like him? No doppelgangers compare.

Shakira, Oprah Winfrey, and even Michael Jordan are one of a kind, and they are all Aquarius zodiac signs who look like originals.

Perhaps you have an Aquarius friend and want to compare and contrast to see if there are any similarities shared by your zodiac sign.


Maybe you yourself are an Aquarius and want to see if you match the mold of a typical Aquarius.

Whatever the reason, read on to learn more about the Aquarius sign and what this zodiac sign's key features are, according to astrology.

1. A unique look

Aquarius signs are difficult to summarize.

Their physical features can typically be described as androgynous.

They share both masculine and feminine traits fairly equally.

Aquarius signs tend to have slim bodies and dainty features (such as ears, noses, and mouths).

They usually have a droopy posture and a slight head droop.

They can typically be described as long.

Many of them are tall by nature and even those who are not naturally tall seem larger than they actually are.


Aquarius signs are likely to be both tall and short equally, but no matter their height they always appear long.

Male and female Aquarius signs are large-boned with broad shoulders and hips.

Despite their long appearance, their limbs tend to be in proportion to the rest of their body, if not slightly shorter.

Their bodies may be asymmetrical and have a slightly square or rectangular shape to them.

However, their bodies are generally described as strong.

2. Stunning eyes

Their eyes are the real winners and are typically seen as their best feature as they exude friendliness and welcome.

The eyes are often described as lively and full of excitement (they are the people you look at and feel like their eyes tell a story).


Aquarius signs are known for their kind eyes.

Though they can be any color, their eyes are often a blue or hazel color.

Their eyes also have a sort of tilt to them that is unique to the Aquarius sign.

3. Strong facial features

Their eyebrows also tend to be curved as opposed to straight.

They generally have square or rectangular heads with a high and well-defined forehead.

Sometimes there is no indent between where the top of the nose meets the forehead.

The forehead is one of the key features of the Aquarius sign.

This prominent and squared feature is a great indicator that someone is an Aquarius.

They also have straight noses with broad jawlines, emphasized cheekbones, and a mouth that always looks like it's smiling.


4. Pretty teeth

Aquarians have teeth that are average in size and quality.

5. Nice hair

As far as hair color goes, in general, Aquarius signs have sandy light brown hair that is not too thick but not too thin.

It is typically good quality and healthy.

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Aquarius signs have open and honest faces where every emotion and thought can be seen across it.

This makes them approachable and popular.

People are drawn to their easy-to-read and friendly faces.

6. Stylistic

As far as fashion goes, Aquarius signs are constantly changing their style.

They are the ones you’ll see with pink hair one month and green the next.

Aquarius signs constantly evolve and believe their style should update with them.


They are the fashion rebels and the ones who are pushing the limits and breaking the mold.

Aquarius signs hate doing what everyone else is are a game to try out any new look (as long as it's different).

In general, Aquarius signs have bold and eccentric looks and their physical appearances could be described as noble.

Their walk is easy-going and relaxed.

They are not the sign you will see rushing about from place to place.

Despite their relaxed gait, their movements will still appear quick to outsiders.

7. Approachable

Overall, Aquarius signs generally have a friendly look to them.

You will look at one and instantly feel at ease and comfortable in their presence with their friendly eyes and open faces.


Key features include a long body, friendly eyes, prominent foreheads, an eclectic style, and androgynous features.

They are the ones who will definitely catch your eye on the street.

If you see someone sporting a hair color you've never seen before or a new type of outfit, chances are they're an Aquarius.

All Aquarius signs are different, but these are the typical features you could generally find in an Aquarius.

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