The Personality Traits Of The Scorpio Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

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The Personality Traits Of The Scorpio Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

Scorpio, a water sign, is ruled by Pluto, the planet known for transformation. It's the sign most associated with sensuality and mystery. Those born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are both intense and highly focused, though their favorable traits can sometimes veer a little too far to the dark side.

Their bravery can lead to hubris and bad decision-making, while their incredible focus and determination can make them into leaders. It's easy to believe in a Scorpio, but they are also supremely egomaniacal and their leadership can turn cultish if left unchecked.

While every zodiac sign has a mix of negative and positive personality traits, the Scorpio traits are unique to the other signs. Born between October 23 and November 21, these traits include:

  • Focused, determined, obsessive
  • Courageous, ambitious, edgy
  • Loyal, faithful, honorable
  • Organized, well-planned, orderly
  • Passionate, sensual, sexual
  • Jealous, domineering, overbearing
  • Controlling, pushy, insistent
  • Resentful, spiteful, aggressive
  • Secretive, dubious, mysterious
  • Snobbish, enraged, superiority-complex
  • Unforgiving, cold, guilt-giving
  • Relentless, badgering, powerful
  • Sadistic, mean, tricky

But the Scorpio personality is much more than just how they appear on the surface. In order to get to know this sign more in-depth, it's important to understand every aspect of their lives, including career, health, zodiac compatibility, money, and spirituality.

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What is Scorpio like when falling in love?

Scorpio falls in love and loses their mind. They are extremely dedicated to the their partners, though the dynamic tends to feel more like ownership than partnership after a while.

While they make lovely sexual partners, they are also possessive to a fault and are known to fly into rages when they feel duped or hurt by their partner. They partner with people who are strong enough to handle them, and that's a whole lot to handle. While they enjoy a sensual partnership, they are spiritual at heart.

What is the best business/career/work for Scorpio?

Scorpio likes success and works very hard to achieve it. They are great, dedicated workers. It's a point of pride with them to succeed. Fiercely competitive, Scorpio will tackle the hardest of tasks with the intention of being the best there is.

Supreme focus makes them hard to beat, and their analytical tendency takes them even a step further. They are problem-solvers as well as good workers. They love money and know that good, hard work is exactly what brings it in.

How does the Scorpio sign raise a family?

Scorpio leaps to the challenge when it comes to family. They love to care for and protect as it gives them a sense of purpose. They are loyal and devoted to their families, though they do tend to dominate those around them.

They are specialists in "tough love," and often times show their love as discipline, which may or may not go appreciated. They are dedicated to keeping order in the family, and will open their hearts and homes to those they love. Friends become family very easily with Scorpio. 

What health issues plague Scorpio most often?

Scorpio is ruled by the sex organs and, as it is, they will suffer down there from numerous ailments. They are very susceptible to urinary tract infections and skin diseases.

When you're as passionate as Scorpio, you're also stressed, and that kind of heavy stress leads to many other illnesses. They take well to a vegetarian diet, with lots of water and fresh juices. Fresh air and exercise do a Scorpio good!

How creative is the Scorpio zodiac sign?

They do have an artistic streak to them, and often find themselves in fashion design. Style is of utmost importance and they prefer to flaunt their creative whims in clothing, tattoos, and jewelry.

They make great, creative leaders who are naturally good at teaching others. They enjoy writing and reading. Highly imaginative, Scorpio makes for great authors because they are naturally good at inventive storytelling.

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What kind of lover is Scorpio?

This is their realm. Sex and sensuality is where they show their greatest interest. They are the lover that does anything, demands everything, and is somewhat good at all they participate in.

If you're looking for a sexual partner who will bring more than the missionary position to the bedroom, Scorpio will teach you a thing or two about what you've always wanted to be involved in. Ruled by the reproductive system, let's just say that Scorpio was born to get down.

How does Scorpio handle their finances?

Scorpio is a great saver. They always have money, and some of it is stashed away for a rainy day. They work hard for their money and they spend it freely. They are generous to those around them, and even lavish in their spendings when it comes to family.

Being a competitive worker gets them what they want. They have their eye on the prize all the time, and that prize is money, money and more money. They aren't lazy, they are focused and goal-oriented.

How spiritual is the Scorpio sign?

Mysterious Scorpio is into all kinds of spirituality, and if it's body-oriented, then it's even better. Yoga and meditation are magnetic practices for this sign — if it betters them physically, they will attempt anything at least once.

However, they do believe in the mind-body connection and allow themselves a healthy spiritual life. Being the sign of transformation, they delve deep into their studies to achieve personal liberation.

How does Scorpio act in everyday life?

Outside of walking around knowing the whole world thinks they're good in bed, they're fairly kind people who use their healthy ego for good. Unless, of course, they are the kind of stereotypical "sadistic Scorpio" — the one we've all heard of.

Yes, they can be cruel, but it's all for the purpose of experiencing high passion. In general, Scorpio is a workaholic with a passion for life and family. They love to travel and they adore parties, especially parties with a certain "theme" to them... like sex.

What conflicts does Scorpio often find themselves in?

Understand that any sign that is as passionate as Scorpio is also potential a maniac. If you lie to a Scorpio, they will shut you down so fast you won't know what hit you.

They have a zero tolerance policy for those who cross them; they will turn on you with vicious words and actions. They despise being interrupted, lied to, or corrected — it's not in their language. If you oppose a Scorpio, you will get stung.

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